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‘Entitled,’ ‘Spoiled,’ ‘Ridiculous.’ : The Labels I was Given Yesterday.

Self-Sabotage: Stop F***ing with Your Future

Self-sabotage. We hear this term a lot when it comes to relationships, finances, diet. But, have we dug deeper and asked ourselves why this is something we do, what the hell it means and who has fallen victim to this? Let’s look at some real life examples: Annie...
‘Entitled,’ ‘Spoiled,’ ‘Ridiculous.’ : The Labels I was Given Yesterday.

A letter to my husband. Another year goes by.

Today, baby, you turn 32. I like to think that you are reading back on this in 15 years when our kids have grown and we have a quiet, empty house. That seems so far fetched and out of reach, but I know it is right around the corner of this crazy life. Our world is...
‘Entitled,’ ‘Spoiled,’ ‘Ridiculous.’ : The Labels I was Given Yesterday.

Rock-Bottom Can Be A Beautiful Place

I remember crying in my car not that long ago. I was sitting in the parking lot of my workplace pumping breast milk for my newborn who is now 4. I was crying because I was so ANGRY. Not like “kind of ticked-having-a-bad-day” but straight Hulk-pissed-hear-me-roar. I...