Success leaves clues.

And after coaching hundreds of business owners at this point, the data is strong.

Here are three ways I can tell if a new client of mine is about to become hella successful:

1) They understand my free content isn’t going to get them to the finish line and they didn’t wait to be convinced to join a paid program. This shows resourcefulness and self responsibility. When a client is tippy toeing with their decision and waiting to be convinced, their success will also wait to be convinced.

2) They lean ALL THE WAY IN. As soon as they join, they are attending the calls, asking questions, and have mentally committed. When a  client comes in and again, tippy toes with their commitment, so does their success.

3) They’re not obsessing about the money they spent to join. They’ve made peace with the investment and are looking ahead to the future with trust in themselves and aren’t obsessing over making sure every ‘dollar counts’ in real time.

The most successful people in the world make decisions quickly and take full responsibility of themselves. They make investments and then CHOOSE to make those investments worth while by showing up full throttle.

The biz owners who have the hardest time with success take too long to pull the trigger because they’re debilitated by whether it will be a ‘good’ investment. They often have a hard time investing their money and are filled with sotries that keeping them safe.

Everyday we get to choose who we want to be.

Who do you choose today?

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