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A new episode of my podcast dropped this week (listen here) where I interviewed some of the members of my current Thirty More Mastermind.

We discussed the ins and outs of being in a mastermind, what to expect, what to do to prepare, and so much more.

My team drafted this to highlight some of our favorite quotes from the episode and give you a sneak peek into what is possible in your business when you surround yourself with other brilliant minds and a strong business coach.

Please enjoy the following quotes, and I can’t wait to see you inside the application window, May 1 – May 5. We have a lot of people on the waitlist, so please do not hesitate…apply as soon as the doors open.


Roundtable Chats with Thirty More:

What was the biggest shift for you since you started Thirty More?

“Biggest shift for me – learning to trust my decision making, trying to move into that CEO mindset, making decisions, knowing that spinning in indecision doesn’t serve me and it’s okay to make mistakes.” – Lynsi

“Biggest shift for me – getting out of my own way, shifting my ordering process, hiring individuals, mindset shift to grow into my CEOness.” – Susie

“Biggest shift – clarity on how to articulate what I do – getting so clear on what I offer, who I serve, and what my program is. It has completely changed the way I market, the way I offer, the way I sell, the way I coach, the way I goal set, and the way that I run my business completely. So the clarity for me on who I am, what I teach, who I serve has solidified my business like crazy.” – Rebecca

“If I can have 10 brains helping me think through my business problems and successes that’s going to be better than my one brain.” – Susie

If you could go back three months to when you started Thirty More, what would you tell yourself?

“If I can go back three months, I would tell myself to just go ahead and take the leap, to have faith in Becca and your peers, be vulnerable in this group because you’re going to learn so much. Just know that it’s going to be worth every penny.” – Lynsi

“If I can go back three months, I would tell myself to trust the process and be willing to listen and truly analyze certain habits or routines that may need to be changed because Becca does have our best interests at heart.” – David

“If I can go back three months, I would tell myself to give myself a little grace if I don’t meet my goals 100%, keep the energy high and give myself grace if it doesn’t work out exactly how you thought it would.” – Susie

Tell me your thoughts about the weekly coaching calls:

“On the weekly calls, always seeing what you’re coaching on, whether it’s me or someone else, I’m always seeing how that applies to my business and how I can improve.” – David

“You somehow get stuff that you didn’t even know you needed, I learn something every week.” – Lynsi

How did you know you were ready for Thirty More?

“Well I can continue doing my business the way I’m doing it now and it’s fine or I can reach my goal 10x faster and get things moving with Thirty More.” – Rebecca

“I would tell myself – think of how far you could get if you started right now and how much further you could be. Your future self will thank you for it.” – Lynsi

Being in the group is a $12,000 investment – How were you able to wrap your mind around the cost?

“$12,000 was a big commitment, but I knew I could 10x it if I joined. Pay it and go all in!” – Rebecca

“It wasn’t an easy decision for me, but I could keep reading books and watching YouTube videos and take the slow and steady route or I could fast track it and join the mastermind. Sometimes it’s better to put money towards something that is going to speed things along at a much faster and effective pace” – David

Celebrations inside our community:

“Celebrating my first win of the year over here!! We just passed $10k in sales for January! This is only our 2nd – 5-figure month. So I’m super stoked.” – Susie

“GUYS! Highest sales month ever just hit!!” – Susi

“Just had my first $7k day where my team created that and I didn’t take a single consult!” – Tyler

“In the last few months, we’ve doubled to quadrupled income for that month from the previous year.” – Lynsi

“Since starting Thirty More, I’ve got clear on my offer and coaching container. I’m confident in my niche and am growing my unique content for coaching. I’ve done 2 presentations in 2 weeks and been to a networking event (last night) showing up as a coach for the first time – it was awesome! Always working on my selling skills.” – Jo

“I feel like a lot of pieces are beginning to fall into place and am keeping my foot on the pedal to continue with the momentum.” – David

We hope you enjoyed a snapshot of our conversation. Be sure to join the waitlist for Thirty More here.

We can’t wait to serve you,

The Hell Yes Coaching Team

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