There are a hell of a lot of coaches out there in your niche.

Some of them will continue creating content everyday and make zero to lilttle traction and get covered up in the noise of the industry. Meanwhile, others will create the same amount of content and have that FIRE. That magnetic expertise energy. It feels almost like they kicked the door in to the coaching industry, elbowed everyone out of the way, and said,”Hey, listen to what I have to say!”

So, what makes some coaches have the *it* factor, while others fade into the background?

This is where I come in. I know what it takes to have that “it” factor. I know what it takes to walk into the coaching industry and make 6 and 7 figures. And what it takes to be considered an expert. And I have taken these strategies and crafted it into a masterclass just for you.

Let me introduce you to Bold Authority.

This 2 day Live event is for coaches who want hellacious demand, hellacious results, and hellacious wealth.

I will teach you the exact strategies I use to stand out in this LOUD and saturated coaching industry.

When you talk, people will listen.

You will be asked to guest on podcasts.

You will be seen as the expert in your field.

You will become waitlisted.

Join right now and save your seat. I plan for this class to be maxed out.

January 23 & 24.

Replays will be available for those signed up before the 24th.

Bonus: I will make a special announcement to my LIVE attendees on day 2. It is the biggest announcement since the release of my Three More course.

Join Now.

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