ATTENTION: Your Goals Are HARDER Than You Think. - Hell Yes Coaching

It’s a Mountain, not a Hill.

If you have not reached your business goals, then you’ve underestimated the work it requires to reach that goal.

You wanted more clients, more money, more sales, more processes in place, and more organization. Yet, you only moved the needle in your business slightly and find yourself unimpressed.

Let’s just blame the pandemic.

Just kidding, stop that.

You viewed your goal as an uphill battle you have to climb, when really it wasn’t a hill at all. It was a fucking giant mountain, and you packed no mountain climbing gear, no food, and no water. You came to the mountain unprepared.

If you didn’t reach your money goal, then your expectations for the time and energy required for your success were way too low for the actual big-ass task at hand.

Here is a quick snapshot of some of the energy and money spent in my business in 2020, which provided me with my first multiple six-figure year in the coaching industry:

  • ~423 social media posts about business/coaching
  • Wrote and sent 75 emails
  • Performed over 90 one-hour consults
  • Went to two three-day business-learning conferences ($14,000)
  • Spent $49,500 on getting myself personally coached by business coaches
  • Logged ~575 hours of coaching people
  • Spent $31,000 on a new website, campaigns, ads, and total rebranding. (What up @oneteam)
  • Built, edited, and created 2 coaching curriculums
  • Hosted 2 speaking events
  • Guest appeared on 5 podcasts

Of course, people don’t know these details when they tell me how surprised they are at how QUICKLY and unexpectedly my success has come.

Wanna know the truth though? This is exactly why people hire a coach.

Because going through ALL of this, is so much better and easier when someone else does it before you.

Learning from a coach is the FASTEST and least expensive way to have more clients and make more money. Your coach will not only give you a better estimate of the time and effort required to hit a goal, but will also hold you accountable for sticking to the blueprint created.

You can do this. Dream Bigger.

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ATTENTION: Your Goals Are HARDER Than You Think.

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ATTENTION: Your Goals Are HARDER Than You Think.

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