A mistake I often see in my business coaching clients as well as in my early days is OVERCOMPLICATING THINGS.

– Believing that you need to have all of the gadgets, tools, and apps.
– Believing that you need to be an absolute expert.
– Basically believing that you have to be, do, or have things other than a quality service or product that helps people.

Guys in order to become successful, you need two things. Are you ready?

You need:
1) A product or service
2) To tell people about it. Like, a lot.

You guys will hear me say this a thousand times, and I am sure you’ve heard it a thousand times before. You do not need an amazing website. You don’t need business cards. You don’t need the perfect profile on your LinkedIn. You don’t need an Instagram following. You don’t need 847 Canvas that all match with a theme of colors. You do not need any of that shit that I see people being so obsessed with before they even have sold their services.

Sell your services first.

Nothing else matters or is needed until you have clients under your belt.

Stop trying to build a house before you have the land.

If you’re obsessing over every detail of your website…you’re just procrastinating. You’re wasting time when you could be doing your service or getting your product into other people’s hands.

But here’s the question, why are you spending so much time on your website? Or doing all the back-end shit that doesn’t really matter in the beginning?

There’s a reason.

If you want to gain a lot of traction then you’ve got to figure out the underlying reason you’re procrastinating.

My guess is you’re either scared of failure. Scared of success. Spinning in confusion (which ultimately is just a subcategory of fear of failure or success).

Of all the super successful companies that I know personally, we all have one thing in common. We spent our early days HUSTLING our business without the fancy stuff. We didn’t go into business with a website or a virtual assistant, or a perfected program.

We just started offering a service to anyone and everyone without apology for how it looked on the outside.


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