The coaching industry is the damn wild, wild, west ya’ll.

First, it is completely unregulated. So we have folks that don’t know their asses from their elbows out here charging for advice…mkay.

Simultaneously, we have people who are complete genius experts in their field, that could charge fuck-you prices for their brain, but they can’t get a strong and steady demand of clients to save their life because their genius is in their work, not in marketing.

And that’s a shame.

Because we need the AWESOME coaches to make big waves.

We need the coaches with the wisdom and expertise that are willing to make audacious ripples with zero apology. We need the life changers. And we need those life changers to know how to market.

So. they. Can. Change. Lives.

So this one goes out to you coaches out there that KNOW you can help people. You know you should have MORE clients. You know you could change lives….but your copy and content isn’t necessarily pulling in the fuck-you money.

 I got you.

You see the only difference in the coaches who blend into the background versus the coaches who STAND OUT and gobble up all the attention is subtle. It is simply the WAY they say the things they want to say.

Some coaches stay safe. They stay broad. They stay bland. They please everyone in their audience. They want to be liked by everyone. They took marketing classes from your mom. Their results are mediocre. 

Then there are the 1%. The Bold Authorities. The ones that understand TODAY’s marketing.The ones seen as experts. As authorities. When they speak, people listen.

This is the 1% gobbling up 90% of the clients.

And I have a lot to say on the difference between the two.

I am officially inviting all coaches to my masterclass, Bold Authority, this Monday (today) and Tuesday at 12pm EST. This class is $22 and you will walk away knowing exactly what is missing in your marketing. You will learn what us 1% folks do to grab the attention, hold the attention, and make an impression on people so strong they go from stranger to client without a consult. without a convo. THey just KNOW we are the one for them. Sound delicious? Let’s do it.

This masterclass will change everything.

We already have over 130 registrants. You must save your seat.


See you inside.

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