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For most, business starts out fun. The stakes are low, there’s no pressure to perform, no one’s career is on the line, and we just get to throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks. No one expects anything, and it’s…freeing.

However, as our business grows there are days that feel like someone is literally removing the air directly from our lungs.

  • The marketing company wants us to perform more…and better.
  • Our company employs people that are counting on us so they can keep putting food on the table.
  • There are deadlines and expectations…blogs, podcasts, and program revamps.
  • Money has been invested, and a LOT of it.
  • There is staff that needs to be let go. Staff that needs to be added. It’s all up to you.

The pressure is real. We begin feeling overwhelmed, stressed…or even worst….numb. We start worrying about the all-mighty…


Dun. Dun. Dun.

First, this feeling is common and normal, and an old friend of mine, but it’s not serving you (nor me). It’s 100% up to us to get ourselves out of this headspace.

Here is what works for me now:

1. Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. Underneath all the deadlines, there’s a real reason why you’re passionate about this industry. A core value. Get back to that.

2. Become aware of how pressure directly removes fun. If you’re not having fun anymore, you have stopped your authenticity and uniqueness… Make a joke. Laugh. Eat lunch with your staff. Chill. Your company will thrive when you do.

3. Remember that it’s all relative. You may feel way more pressure right now because your company is 3x bigger than it used to be. But, today is going to look really nice and comfy when your company is 3x bigger than it is today. Remember that perspective is 90% the answer, always.

4. Ask for help. Delegate.

5. Tell your coach the truth. Don’t pretend it’s all great. Open up. Your coach will help you see what you’re not seeing.

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Burnout Sucks. Here Is How To Avoid It.

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Burnout Sucks. Here Is How To Avoid It.

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