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Exclusive business mastermind group where entrepreneurs become CEOs.

Increase RevenueDouble Your Revenue

WorkloadCut Your Workload in Half

Own your business, instead of letting your business own you.


You feel stuck because growing to the next level seems like more work for you.


You don’t have as much time as you’d like to spend with family, go to the gym or travel.


You’re not willing to hire because you don’t want to let go of control or have to manage people.


You’re making money but not enjoying any of it.


You thought being your own boss would be better than this.

Gain more control of your time, so you can continue to grow your business – without the hustle.

Introducing Gold

Introducing 30 More

You’ve built a successful business – now it’s time to get out of its way so it can keep growing.

Thirty More equips you to stop being the service provider and start being CEO, giving you the time and financial freedom you need to prioritize higher-level thinking and reach beyond 6-figures.

This is a 6-month business mastermind group including weekly coaching calls, an advanced itinerary of business growth including elite and successful guest speakers, and a deep community of colleagues.

What you are selling does not matter, the roadblocks and path to growth are the same for every industry. We have CPAs, coaches, real estate agents, physical therapists and more people seeing incredible results after joining our Thirty More Mastermind. Let’s do this.

“Becca has given us so much more than just coaching. She’s given us our inner power that we never knew we had. So, we end up attributing our successes to not the coaching but to our own efforts. Rather than recognizing the person who gave us that power to succeed in the first place. I never would have hired a marketing team had it not been for Becca’s coaching. I never would have had so much educational content on my feed had it not been for learning her writing strategy. I never would have doubled my revenue had she not told me it was possible. While we have implemented the process and we have done the work, Becca has made it possible.”

– Ashlee Brown

Thirty More is built specifically around problems entrepreneurs face as they transition into CEO.

In this business mastermind group, you will:


Have the opportunity to participate in an in-person, destination meeting to kick off the 6 month session.


Be surrounded by high-level thinking colleagues and friends in an intimate community designed for massive growth.


 Be coached directly by Becca Pike 


 Expand and grow your business without unnecessary hustle and stress


 Train and delegate staff so you can gain back time freedom. 


Learn from high-level coaches and business people as monthly guest speakers.


Form a deeper understanding of how a company is run from the top, not as the sole-service provider.


Scale your business beyond 6-figures.

Thirty More Business Mastermind Group Details

THIRTY MORE 2023 – Session 1 runs from January – June 

THIRTY MORE 2023 – Session 2 runs from July – December

Did you love your first experience with Thirty More? Enroll for the next session and continue growing with the tribe!

Stay tuned for enrollment dates.

The Investment:

$1,000 Deposit upon submitting your application. If you are accepted into THIRTY MORE it will be applied to your remaining balance, otherwise, it will be returned to you within 5-7 business days. The full $25,000 must be paid within 24 hours of your acceptance.

Becca Pike, founder of business mastermind group Thirty More

You’ve busted your tail to get where you are, now you deserve to get out of the weeds and start focusing on higher-level thinking to scale your business to it’s first 1M year.

All successful business owners have a ceiling – a set point when you feel like you can’t take on any more clients due to lack of time or resources. When you hit this ceiling, you’re close to burnout, and you’re close to losing your quality and reputation. I was there, but the business knowledge I absorbed showed me there are numerous ways to take on more clients without burnout.

Following the business knowledge, my three businesses — two brick-and-mortar and one online — are bringing in multiple millions of dollars a year. And, I am working only 15 hours a week.

I followed a very specific process and packaged it intoThirty More, and the results are in: 100% of Thirty More members have doubled their revenue while simultaneously reducing their own workload.

Becca Pike, Founder and CEO of HYC

Hear what some of our group members have to say:


“There is a different energy about Becca which is what made me reach out for a Thirty More spot. I’ve six X’d my income from last year and we’re only halfway through the mastermind.”


“In the last couple of months, we’ve had massive sales growth. Cracked $20k in 40 days which is like 6x faster than last year. If I can have 10 brains helping me think through my business problems and successes, that’s going to be better than my one brain.”


“In the last few months, we’ve doubled to quadrupled income for that month from the previous year. The only regret I have is that I didn’t do it sooner because I could only imagine where I would be right now. Becca gave me all the guidance, all the support.”


“$12,000 was a big commitment, but I knew I could 10x it if I joined.”


“The biggest shift for me is my focus. I am way more focused on my business now and am able to really choose the right jobs for me.”


“Just ran our numbers for December and saw our most clients ever in 1 month!”


“I am celebrating that this year’s January revenue is double what last year’s January revenue was! It may not pan out, but we’re actually on track for our biggest month of all time.”


“This entire mastermind has let me understand that my business and my home life is a marathon, not a sprint.”


“Just the kick-off weekend in Chicago alone was worth the entire ticket price of the 6 month mastermind. Being in the room with all of the women that were in the room was phenomenal. Just the energy…it opened my mind to what is possible for myself. I just looked at my numbers…my revenue is up 400% since last year, before I joined Thirty More Mastermind.”


“It was just so amazing meeting everyone in person. I feel like there’s something to experiencing people’s energy and seeing the wide range of not just industry, but also personality types.”


“The value of the coaching that we receive from Becca and the accountability and the inspiration from the other women in the group; I find that it makes me want to level up in a different way that I never had before. I’ve never been so at ease in a business learning environment. You’re getting the content and learning valuable lessons, but it was very chill, very relaxed. I’ve never had that before, and it was amazing.”


“After seeing the results of the knowledge we gained last time, it was a no-brainer to do another round of Thirty More and continue to scale our business.”

Beth K.

“This is just the beginning for me. Because of Thirty More, I now deeply believe I am going to be a millionaire. Two years ago, I made 108k, my highest earning year, but that was the year that I was TIED to the shop…. I am not only NOT tied physically to my shop, but THIS YEAR, I haven’t missed any of my daughter’s games and I am present on a whole new level with my family. I am no longer the soldier of my business, I am now the commander…and I am going to make more money than all the other years.”


“This is the most no-BS group. We do have lots of fun and are always shooting the breeze, but when it comes to our business and goals, and dreams, we take no prisoners. I have sold more in these first four months of Thirty More than I did in my first two years total, and I have done 100k more than I did in this same period last year. Could I have done this myself? Probably. But it would have taken another three years. I chose to expedite the process. This group is not just random theories on how to be better. It is actual tangible and specific advice personalized to me.”

Lynsi Perraut

“I can’t put into words what this woman means to me. My business income quadrupled in 2021. While that is a statistic to be proud of, the real magic is how she changed my life in so many other ways. I’m fairly certain that I’d still be working seven days a week had I not followed her advice. She gave me confidence – to make decisions, to trust myself, and to take the leap. Becca Pike, I’m so thankful for you. Your coaching, the laughs, your realness.” –

Getting started is simple.

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Step 1:


You’ve built a successful business – now it’s time to get out of its way so it can keep growing. Apply for our exclusive and intimate 6-month business mastermind group that includes weekly coaching calls, an advanced itinerary of business growth including elite guest speakers, and a deep community of other successful entrepreneurs.

Rewire Limiting Beliefs Strategy Planning Hell Yes Coaching v2

Step 2:

Get Accepted and Be Equipped & Inspired

Learn our proven strategy for  delegation, staffing,  marketing, reporting revenue, growth planning and more. Leave with a clear path forward.

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Step 3:

Grow the Hell out of your business

Move from being the entrepreneur to the CEO, with the time and financial freedom you need to prioritize high-level thinking and reach beyond 6-figures.



In our 6-month business mastermind group, you will be coached directly by Becca Pike, Founder and CEO of Hell Yes Coaching. She will share business knowledge and actionable steps for expanding your business without the hustle.


You will be surrounded by high-level thinking colleagues and friends in an intimate community designed for encouragement, accountability, and massive business growth.


Financial ROI is a must, and we take that very seriously. To date, all of our graduates have earned their investment back within the first 45 days. Not to mention their massive gains in time management, leadership skills, and confidence as they transition from working IN their business to working ON their business.

Wondering if You’re a Good Fit for Thirty More?

Find out:

Is your business your full-time gig?


Have you created a minimum of $50,000 in the last 12 months through your business?


Are you ready to gain your time back so you prioritize higher-level thinking and increase your revenue?

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