The Hell Yes Entrepreneur with Becca Pike | CEO Energy with Nathan, Jeri, and BethWe have just returned from our kick-off party for the Thirty More mastermind. This was a weekend of eating, drinking, getting to know each other, and a ton of business mentorship. We went through the complex process of strategizing the year ahead, discussing everything we need to do and the fluff we need to cut out, and I’ve got three of my mastermind members on this week’s show to go deep into all of it.

Nathan Stivers is an online strength coach and gym owner based in Lexington, Kentucky. His mission is to provide fire in the darkness and guide his clients toward a stronger, leaner, and healthier version of themselves.

Jeri Roberts is a Registered Massage Therapist and owner of The TMJ Clinic in Owen Sound. She helps individuals reduce jaw pain and headaches with intra-oral massage.

Beth Kronenberg, a holistic health coach and culinary medicine chef, is the owner of Kitchen Shift. She works with clients using her 8 pillars of health to shift their habits and mindset to achieve a life they never imagined possible.

Whatever your experience is with masterminds, I guarantee that it wasn’t like this. Tune in this week to get all the wisdom, the a-ha moments, and funny stories from the first few days of Thirty More at our live event in Austin, Texas.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How the group of us at the opening weekend of the mastermind became instant friends.
  • How this live event lit a fire under one returning masterminder and two newbies for the six months ahead.
  • What made Nathan, Jeri, and Beth decide to go all in and invest in their business.
  • The work we did on the masterminders’ messaging, so they never have to DM or cold call ever again.
  • Why we don’t just accept anyone into this mastermind and who we love working with.
  • How Nathan, Jeri, and Beth got their spouses on board with them signing up for Thirty More.
  • Why the diversity of entrepreneurs we have in Thirty More provides unique insights and perspectives for everyone in there.

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Guys, I am on an Austin Texas high. My mastermind and I just returned three days ago from Austin, Texas for the kickoff party to our six month mastermind. This is just the weekend to kick it off. This is a weekend of eating and drinking and getting to know each other, but a lot of business mentorship. I have crafted a weekend that goes through the complex strategies of state and story mindset all the way down to how we are going to strategize our year, exactly what we need to do, exactly what we need to not do, the fluff that we need to cut out.

Guys, this past weekend was phenomenal. It was our best event yet. It was the most powerful event. I could not wait to get three of my members on this microphone. I asked two newbies, one returning to get on this microphone with me and just chat about this weekend. So this is gonna be a really, really fun episode.

If you are interested in joining a mastermind or you’re like I don’t even know what a mastermind is, or you know exactly what a mastermind it is. You’ve been a part of a mastermind before. This episode is for you. Guys, we are going to drop a lot of really good wisdom in here, a lot of aha-moments, a lot of funny stories that happened while we were in Austin. You do not want to miss this.

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I talk about how to price, how to sell people their results, how to use incentives to buy. Guys, how do you get people to buy now instead of later? You incentivize them. I teach you exactly how to do this. I talk about how I coach versus how other people coach. I talk about the back end and the paperwork and the admin side. If you are a coach, it would be absolutely crazy not to buy this.

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Now to our episode today, I’m going to welcome you to Jeri, who is a massage therapist, Beth who is a wellness and health coaching coach who also owns a brick and mortar called Kitchen Shift. Nathan is a gym owner and fitness coach. Let’s hear what they have to say about Austin, Texas. This is episode number 89. I am your host Becca Pike, and it is time for your weekly dose of Hell Yes Coaching. Let’s go.

Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

Becca: Hello, guys, how are we doing today?

Nathan: I’m doing well.

Jeri: Good morning. Fabulous.

Becca: I am so excited to have all three of you here. Will you all just take a quick second jump in and tell us who you are and what you do?

Beth: Hi, I’m Beth Kronenberg. I am the owner of Kitchen Shift. I’m a nutrition coach and culinary medicine chef. I lead programs to help people optimize their health.

Becca: Love it.

Jeri: All right. I’m Jeri Roberts, and I am the owner of the TMJ Clinic. I’m a massage therapist based in Ontario, Canada, and I help people get out of jaw pain and reduce their headaches with massage.

Becca: Love it.

Nathan: My name is Nathan Stivers. I own a gym in Lexington, Kentucky, and I do online coaching as well where we help people lose weight and get stronger without jacking themselves up in the process.

Becca: I love it. I love it, guys. So we just got back from Austin, Texas for our Thirty More kickoff party. I don’t know about you guys, but I literally had the best time ever. I am partial to this group already. This was like the most fun live event. It was the quickest that the camaraderie and the community happened. I watched you guys literally on the first night become friends, like instant friendship.

So I want to just have a conversation about that and what it looks like. There are a lot of people in the community that have never been a part of a mastermind. I thought it was interesting on the last night that we were there. Nathan, you actually said to me, you said, “You know, Becca, I thought that I was buying business information. I was, but I had no idea I was gonna have such a brotherhood and sisterhood and a community already just from the get-go.”

So what got you to make this investment in the first place? At some point, you hit a threshold where you decided okay, this is it. I’m going in. I’m going to invest in my business, and I’m going for it. What got you to that decision?

Beth: For me, I continue to build different lines of my business. So various programs, various products, and was growing frustrated with the fact that I was not taking off with any of them. Then seeing people in the industry financially killing it and knowing confidently that I bring more passion, I bring more grind. It was like what am I doing wrong here?

Becca, your content between watching you on Instagram listening to a podcast or two, it started to really resonate. I’m like okay, I need some direction. I have my craft down, but I’ve got to understand how to work this business like a business. I need to learn how to be a CEO. So for me, that was just – After I got on the phone with you, it was like I’m doing this. I’m doing this.

Becca: I love to hear that too Beth because you do have an audience. You have a brand. Like you’re strong in the community. You should be making a lot of money, and we’re going to make sure that that happens. So I’m excited that you’re here, and I love that that was your answer. How about you Jeri?

Jeri: I’ll just kind of piggyback off of what Beth said. So initially when I joined the last round, same thing. Like I am good at what I do, and I know that I have a valuable service. I just didn’t know how to scale it. I’m sure you can attest to it as a massage therapist formally that you don’t learn that in school. So it’s like I learned the skill, but I didn’t learn how to build. So that’s initially.

Then going into the second round. Like I mean, after experiencing the first round, it was not only the content, the knowledge, the confidence that I built through that, but like breaking through like all of my mind shift stuff. Then just like the brother hood. Well, we didn’t have brothers at that point. But the sisterhood that I developed with the girls. Like, I think you had a post on social talking about like your business besties, and that’s exactly what they are. Like you can’t get that anywhere else.

Becca: Do you feel like a more settled energy coming into your second round? How does it feel different coming into your second than your first?

Jeri: It is 100% more settled. Like when I first started the last round, it was like that chihuahua energy you talked about. Like, I need to learn all the things. I need to… Initially I kind of was like I need to make sure that I make my investment back like really quickly. I know that’s silly in hindsight, but just developing that CEO mindset through that first round, and then coming into the second round, it’s just way more chill. I just have a completely different mindset. It’s awesome.

Becca: Yeah, I love it. You’ve been such a joy to watch. I’ve watched you change so dramatically just in the first six months. I can’t even fathom where you’re going to be in the next six months. I can’t wait.

Jeri: It’s going to be good.

Becca: How about you Nathan?

Nathan: I was your just classical technician. Like I was really great at the work. I can keep people strong, keep them safe, help them lose weight. I can do all that stuff extremely well. For some reason, I thought that would be enough. I waited nine years. Men are incredibly stubborn, and we will wait incredibly long times to seek out help. But finally last year, I got a little bit of help, and it was awesome.

But I kind of saw some things I wasn’t too pleased with. so honestly, one of the things that draw me to you was just the kind of the non-sleazy have people come to you versus like this cold calling and constant DMing. like just not about that. So I just love the fact that you can draw people to you by exuding that your messaging and stuff, like you talk about. I try to find people that have already done what I’m trying to do. the fact that you’ve done it twice and created to seven figure businesses is just here’s my money. Sign me up.

Becca: Yeah. That’s awesome. I’m so glad you’re here. you guys, yes. I just want to scream it from the rooftops. Like selling does not have to be sleazy. So many people — I mean we have such these bad ideas about it. I mean it’s like the 1990s selling where you just sit in an office with your briefcase, and you just cold call people nonstop.

it’s like we have far exceeded that from an evolutionary standpoint in selling and in companies and in business. Like, if you’re still using that method, I mean it might work for you. It might be within your industry. I don’t know, but it’s just not the way for me. It doesn’t feel good to just intrude into other people’s space and their phone and their emails just asking them for something.

That is why we worked so hard just in Austin on our messaging. I spent hours with you guys just on how to put your message out there so that people are coming to you, and you never have to DM another person again. You never have to cold call another person again. Because if you are willing to stand up and show up and be an expert in your field and know how to put that out there and when to put that out there, people will be coming to you. It won’t even be a thought of having to do the 90s cold calling.

Beth: I want to add on that because that really, like Nathan, I feel that deeply. Like the used car salesman tactic just turns me off. I was talking to my husband last night about this very thing because there are people that are sleazy that are killing it. It’s frustrating for us like people have character and like we’re really passionate about our product to like we can get caught up on that.

One of the things I told him, because he was asking a little bit about the mastermind. I said the cool thing about it is we had to apply. Like this was a selected group. It’s not like Becca just takes anybody’s money. so I was speaking to the fact that like I had high caliber like high character people in the room with me. that’s why those connections happen so quickly because you just didn’t have fluff, for lack of a better word.

Becca: It’s so true. I’ve been on my own journey with who to allow into the Thirty More mastermind. Like I’ve had rounds in the past where I didn’t screen as hard as I should. Like, I think about my first round especially. But it’s just so hard. Guys, I mean surely you know I’m a human. It’s so hard for someone to be like here’s $12,000 and for me to say no. Right? But now I’m getting really good. I’m like nope, nope, get out of here. You’re not our vibe.

You gotta be, I don’t know, mature in the way that you receive coaching. Any type of like feeling like you’re owed, I have a lot of people that come in. They’re like I’m gonna give you $12,000, but it has to work. It cannot not work. I’m like get out. You know? Because that type of energy is just not CEO energy. so I’m really glad you said that.

I’m glad you brought up your husband. I love stories of spouses coming around. So I don’t think any of you had spouses that like downright said no, or maybe you guys have stories of other people in Thirty More, but did any of your all’s three spouses. Like were they apprehensive and then came around to it as you’ve gone back from Austin and talked to them about it? Has anything changed in the conversation between you and your partners?

Nathan: I would say initially there’s always going to be a little bit of hesitation because they’re not like in it all the time. Like my wife started working with me towards the very end of last year. so she’s kind of gotten more of a bead on like what’s going on and where we’re at and stuff, but there’s a certain level of just trust initially. Like I trust you to make the best decision for the business and our family and us and everything.

so, I always take it as a huge honor when she trusts me with that role. then my job is to, especially coming back now she is just like no that was a good decision because she can just tell. Like I wake up, I know it’s only been three days, but it’s like I wake up and I’m like here’s my mission. Here’s my plan. She’s like oh my god, it’s so sexy. Like it’s so sexy to see you on like a man on a mission.

Our marriage is better this past six months because we’re a team, and I’m kind of driving. She is right there with me, and she understands what’s going on. But yeah, initially there’s a certain level of trust. Then over this next six months, I’m gonna prove to her that this investment was good so that by the time we reinvest, there’s just no question for her for another round.

Becca: She’s ready. Yeah.

Nathan: Yeah.

Becca: No, I love that. Beth, before you answer on your spouse as well, I am so freaking impressed. Guys, when you all are listening to this podcast episode, it’s gonna be three weeks from the real time that we’re recording it. We’re recording it three or four days after our return from Austin. I have never seen the fire that has come out of you guys. Our Facebook, exclusive Facebook Thirty More page, is just five, six, seven posts a day of everybody celebrating.

Beth has already gotten new clients. Joseph has been working out every single day. We have some sort of like health wave happening inside of the Thirty More group. I think it’s probably because I draw in a lot of weight lifters and health coaches and stuff. But even the non-health coaches are starting to be like oh, I think I’m interested in in working out. I think Ashley signed up for a gym. Then I think Whitney said that she has been starting to work out. Then you, Nathan. You were already got back from Austin and are redoing your floor plan for your gym.

Nathan: Yeah, we started renovating the front room yeah, like day after.

Becca: It’s been four days. you guys are already just commenting on Facebook about all the shit you’ve gotten done. Joseph hired an assistant. He’s been needing an assistant for like a year. It is just so inspiring. We all drank the Kool Aid. We all did.

Jeri: No doubt.

Becca: Yes. All right.

Jeri: It’s not even a full week into it.

Beth: I know. Right?

Becca: I know. I know. I love it. I absolutely can’t wait to see how it all pans out for the next six months. to think like after all of that, we haven’t even started the six month calls. We haven’t even started. Like our six months is still in front of us.

Nathan: I miss everybody. I can’t wait until Thursday.

Beth: I know, same.

Becca: I know. Also, you Lexingtonians will love this. I’ve started last round basically throwing together a dinner and saying hey anybody out of town. This is just one time. So sometime in about two or three months from now, we will have a big dinner. last time, we had several out of towners fly in just for this dinner, and we just threw down and ate and got together and brought the community back. Then before you know it, it’ll be time to go to the next event. So fun.

Beth: So cool.

Becca: All right, Beth, what were you gonna say?

Beth: Yes. Okay, so my husband and I, it’s a case study of opposites attract. he is a very risk averse human. He’s an anesthesiologist. So that’s his job is to mitigate disaster. So when I brought this up to him, it was an immediate no. But like any good marriage, you have boundaries. so I was like well, he’s not telling me no, but like I know he does not approve of this. I picked my battles. I was like I’m doing this.

so it was like an avoidance. It was like the elephant in the room. We didn’t talk about it. Like even I was flying out for Austin on Thursday. I brought up to him on Monday with like fear in my voice. I was like remember I’m flying out Thursday. Like I was scared to like bring it up.

Anyhow, I get down there. he was very curious. then by the second day, like when I talked to him that night, I think he could just like hear the energy, like hear some of these shifts starting. then like the texts started coming in like every two hours. Like check in with me on your next break. I want to hear what’s going on.

then like to your point Becca, it’s just so wild. Like since I’ve been home, I’m bringing a whole new level, what I am calling CEO energy. Like I’m leaving this whole chihuahua energy and I’m like coming into like even just household stuff just so much more calm and focused.

he quite literally like came up to me last night and like gave me this big hug. he’s like I’m loving this new you. I was like what? He’s like no, I’m just so – He goes, “I’m genuinely happy for you because I can see this like calm energy in you, and you’re just focused.” it was like really cool to just see this like conversion, but I’m feeling it too.

Like I’m just feeling – I had a big meeting cancel on Monday that I think had mastermind not happened, it would have truly sabotaged my entire day. But coming off the mastermind, it was like I could completely reframe, refocus, harness that CEO energy. My receivables have been insane like the last three days. I know this is not a coincidence. So it’s just it’s been really cool. even, again, like how this bleeds into your personal life and creates alignment is really great.

Becca: Yeah 100%. This is why I want to have this such an important conversation because so many people come to me, and they say I want to be in Thirty More. My spouse doesn’t approve. this is where the road ends. I’m like listen, nobody’s spouse approves at first. This is a huge ask. Like here’s your spouse. They haven’t been listening to the podcast. They haven’t been watching. They’re not in Three More. They don’t know anything of what’s happening.

You’re the one that has drank the Kool Aid. You’re the one that listens to the episodes every week. So you’ve already gone through all of the decision making process in your mind over the course of the last six months. So by the time you want to come into Thirty More, your spouse is just hearing about it for the first time probably. you’re like here’s this thing. I want to spend $25,000 on it to go fly across the country and listen to this woman speak about business. He or she are gonna be like no, that doesn’t make any sense.

that’s totally fine, but some of my most successful students started out with some friction about it, but they stood their ground about it. if you guys haven’t listened to the episode, where I’m talking to my audience here, if you guys haven’t listened to my episode about what to do when your spouse doesn’t approve, it’s not to keep it a secret. It’s not to lie. It’s not to fight with them. I give a whole step by step protocol on how you can help them see what you want, how you can ask for grace instead of permission. Like there’s this whole process you can go through.

But some of my most successful students had a lot of friction at home at first and then later, it’s their spouse that’s even more bought in. Their spouse is the one that’s like you have to keep going. I have seen such a difference in you. I have watched you change. I love who you are. Like you better go back to Austin, Texas and get this figured out. Right? So that’s just so cool. How about you, Jeri? Do you ever have any resistance or no?

Jeri: The first round, there was some resistance. He fully supported me. Like he believes in my business and that sort of thing, but I mean, it’s a sizable investment. So he was like what? But he’s like Beth’s husband like risk averse. He doesn’t want to see me get hurt.

I remember I think it was our one to one consult before I even signed up. Sometimes you just need to make the decision. Like male energy wants to protect, and they don’t want to see you get hurt. my husband said like that’s exactly what it is. I don’t want to see you fail. I want to protect you. as soon as I made the decision, like this is what I’m doing, I want your support he was totally on board with it.

now going into the second round, he does see a change, especially in the fact that like before I would always consult with him, like always second guess my decisions. now he can see that I’m, like you say, the CEO energy. I’m deciding things for myself. I’m making hard decisions, and he sees that change. So he knows that it’s been a worthwhile investment for me.

Becca: Yeah, I love that asking for support instead of permission. Not in a way like oh fuck that. I don’t need permission from my husband. It’s not that. It’s more like when you’re asking permission or when you’re asking what they think.

Our husbands are built and designed to protect us. So of course they’re going to do whatever it takes to protect us. Versus if they see that we have already made the decision that this is something we really want to do and it is going to make us happy to do it, then they’re going to be much more likely to grant us the support than the “permission” they will want to protect us from. So yeah, I love hearing that. Yeah, you agree? As a husband?

Nathan: Oh yeah. That’s 100% true.

Becca: I love it. Okay, so let’s go back to Austin. We went over a lot of things. We went over a lot of material. the way that I structured the weekend was state, clarity, and strategy. I told you guys how we can’t just go straight to the strategy. We can’t go straight into how do I build my business?

Because if your mindset isn’t right, if you’re not in the right headspace, if you’re not feeling strong then the strategy doesn’t matter. if you’re not clear on your messaging and you’re not clear on who you help and exactly what that looks like and the strategy doesn’t matter. So we spent a morning getting into state. We spent that afternoon getting clarity. then we spent the third day fully immersed in strategy, right?

So as you guys went through this, I laugh because Beth said that she was crying in the first hour. It was so emotional and getting ourselves into state. It was not just your plain old exercises. I mean we were going deep into who we have become “coincidences” that have happened in our lives to position us to be in the place that we’re at today. It was really emotional.

then the clarity aspect of it, there were so many aha-moments there. So many people saying oh, I realized that my messaging has been very confusing, or my messaging has been very lack full or my messaging has been very tippy toey, or my messaging has been too messagey. I need to slim it down and make it more simple.

then of course, the strategy, that was my very favorite day because that is when we get to go in and say what exactly needs to happen. What do we need to do here? What does it look like? What is the next three years going to look like? How can we work our way back? So I just want to give you guys the floor for a few minutes and just tell us like what really stuck with you. What aha moments did you have? Any sort of actionable takeaways, or any sort of mindset takeaways.

Jeri: This is actually one of my favorite parts of the weekend because on the way home, I was kind of reflecting over what we had gone through in Austin. I had that breakthrough moment, not necessarily with my messaging for my brand. But I know we talked a lot about hiring an RMT. I’ve been trying for the last six months.

Reflecting back on my state and just getting around the clarity around my messaging on how I was trying to hire an RMT. I realized that was totally impacting my strategy. it was like wow, okay. This is why it’s probably not happening. So that was like a huge aha. I have now since shifted my mindset. I feel like I’m in the right headspace. I’m going for it.

Becca: Yeah. Well, Jeri, it’s interesting being a coach because you love your clients so much. I’ve watched you go through so much. every now and then, as a coach, you have to give some what I call hard coaching. You have to say something that might hurt the feelings of the other person. I felt like I had to do that to you.

You handled it with such grace, and you turned it around into such an actionable situation for yourself, which is, you said, I’ve been working hard to get a new massage therapist on my team. you’ve never had a massage therapist on your team, right? But you have had people come in and work for you whenever you were on maternity leave, but you’ve never hired an actual committed employee.

I’ve been watching you try for six months with zero people interviewing. No candidates, right? When you were talking about it, I said to you, in Austin, I said something’s wrong. Like this isn’t a problem of not being able to get a new RMT. Something’s up. Like what are you afraid of? What is actually happening in your mind that is keeping you from going all in on finding this?

I think I said something along the lines of like I just don’t believe that there’s not enough RMTs. That’s not what’s happening. Tell me what is happening. Right? that’s when your wheels started turning. I got to watch that conversation evolve within yourself.

Jeri: Yeah, it was pretty crazy. It was pretty crazy. So like even that it in itself, getting that cleared up over the weekend, that was worth the investment for me.

Becca: I love that. What was it that Kim said? I think we had started like an hour – We were maybe one hour into the weekend. Kim was like there’s my tuition. That was worth it. The $12,000. She was like I’m done. I’m done.

Jeri: I feel like everybody had that.

Becca: I love it. All right. How about you Nathan?

Nathan: I would say the first day, like the state and the story stuff and the clarity, like just simply figuring out like why am I the way I am? Why am I so passionate about helping these people? Where’s this coming from? Like getting clarity on exactly what drives me and figuring out where I’m going and where all that comes from was incredibly helpful.

it was once I figured all that stuff out, it was almost like the strategies just fell in place. Like I’m very grateful for all the strategy work, but I feel like I could have left and just come back on fire but the fact that I actually got actionable items after that was just icing on the cake. Because I feel like now that I know who I’m trying to help and why I’m trying to help them, it was game over.

Becca: Oh man. I love that. It’s funny that you say that because I don’t know if you’ve heard me say this, but I’m constantly repeating to my clients. If your state and your story are in the right place, you don’t need strategy. No one’s asking for strategy. No one in the like super motivated, know exactly what they’re doing type of mindset is asking how do I do it? They’re all just out there doing it because their state and their story are so strong. They’re just trying anything. Right?

So it’s always a red flag when I have a student that’s very like how driven. Like how do I do it? How does this work? How do other people do it? It’s immediate red flag there’s a state and a story problem here because there just wouldn’t be this mini hows, how questions, for someone that’s in the right mindset. So I love that you just reiterated that. How about you Beth?

Beth: Yeah. So the state piece was definitely an emotional piece for me, but it was really good to sort of tether out the emotion to the business piece. I shared this on Instagram. My daughter was really sick about 18 months ago. We spent a lot of time in the hospital. She has epilepsy. She had this awful flare, had been put on the wrong medication. Long story short, we spent 13 nights inpatient up at a Cleveland Clinic.

I remember coming out of that thinking I’ve got to shut my business down. I can’t do this. I thought about it, but I still, and this is what I wrote about in our journal that morning. There wasn’t one day I still didn’t get out of bed at six a.m. there wasn’t one day I didn’t show up to work out and take care of myself and take care of my family and still put some attention into my business.

I’ve had other things happen in my life that kind of led me to be that strong, but I recognized my superpower. I think that was what that exercise really like brought forth to me is we all have this unique superpower. so how are we going to bring that to our clients and our business? my superpower is just the grit. Also like honing in on self-care, which is not selfish. Really like being grounded in who you are, what you need to do to take care of yourself, so you can show up for the people you love.

then it was like this aha-moment. I’m like this is why I’m a good coach. You know, I can teach people how to hone into that. So it was a really emotional journey for me, but it was also like it kind of flipped like this doesn’t have to be emotional. Like this is your superpower. it’s like now time to channel that into your business and your program so that you can change lives.

Becca: I love that. I feel like we are all so much grittier than we give ourselves credit for it. Because we’ve all been put in situations where we’ve had to be, where we had to be scrappy. We had to be gritty. We had a timeline. We had a financial situation. We had a kid sick. We had something that just massively and quickly up leveled our ability.

what if we could tap into that just a little more? Maybe not all the time, maybe not running ourselves ragged, but what if we just tapped into it a little bit more? What if we didn’t wait for life to give us circumstances that forced us to uplevel, we just chose to uplevel? We just called it. We called it to us, right? So I love hearing that because we all have another level that we can shift into, but we just don’t ask ourselves to.

We put up with whatever we allow into our life, right? Like we choose what we allow all of the time. So if our business is at a certain financial place, it is because we have allowed it to be there. Right? Could you imagine a multi, multi-billionaire, his or her business dropping down to the financial level that ours is at? They wouldn’t allow it. It would be complete panic, right? They would figure out how to get it back to where it’s healthy for them. It’s all about perspective, right?

So if you chose, if you guys chose, that you wanted a million dollar business this year, and you just wouldn’t allow anything else. You wouldn’t allow anything else to happen. Like you are going to go and figure it out. You’re gonna have the grit. You’re going to wake up early. You’re going to stay up late.

You’re going to choose to have the conversations. You’re going to choose to have the boundaries. You’re going to choose to change things. We only have to deal with what we allow in our life. so I love the idea of just being able to shift into different gears at all times and reminding myself that that’s available to me. I don’t have to stay in this gear. I can just shift it.

So a lot of masterminds are based on one industry. You’ve got like a coaching mastermind. You’ve got a massage therapist mastermind. There are photography masterminds, right. There are esthetics practice masterminds. Yet in Thirty More, we have coaches, we have photographers, we have massage therapists, we have aesthetics, we have writers, we have everything under the sun, right? We’ve got elementary school or private school owners. So were you turned on by this or turned off by this when you first came in? What do you think about that now?

Nathan: It was irrelevant to me at first. Like I was just either way. then once I get in there, I was like oh this is good. Because these people have a much different background, a much different thought on how much you can charge and how to solve this problem and that problem. Like in my industry, there are standards that are set that for some reason just based on standard practices and costs are rooted.

so I had various conversations with people that if they were in my industry, I would not have had those conversations or thought about those solutions. You know initially, I didn’t view anybody in that room is competition. I mean if I did, if they were in my industry, and I did, that would be a problem on my own part because they’re not really competition. But them being in different industries was like no, we’re all just trying to help people. Like we’re not in direct competition. But even if we were, it would have changed immediately. So.

Becca: Yeah. Isn’t it crazy how different cultures of industries breed these invisible rules? This is how much you’re allowed to charge, invisible box. This is how you’re allowed to charge it, invisible box. Right? Then everybody in the industry just kind of follows these invisible guidelines. they’re just like what? Where? When?

Like it really breaks open your brain to be in a room with a photographer and a private school owner and a coach and a massage therapist to be like wait, you mean your culture doesn’t have that? Like I’m gonna adopt that. Or your culture does have this. I’m gonna adopt that. it’s just so beautiful to watch.

yes, I agree. I have been in masterminds where everyone is the same thing. Right? Everyone is a business coach. what ended up happening was people weren’t very willing at all to share their secrets. in fact, it was frowned upon to ask for help. I mean seriously, it was frowned upon to ask someone. They called it crowd surfing. So if you got into your mastermind, and you said hey guys, what software do you use for this? You would get tagged. It would be like your crowd surfing. You need to figure that out on your own.

I remember just thinking well then why the fuck am I in a mastermind? Like what exactly is happening here? I think it was bred from the fact that everyone was in the same industry, and nobody wanted to give away any of their secrets. I remember always being the one that’s like this is the software I use. This is what I do. This is how I did it thinking for the love of God, I’m gonna come in here and change the culture. Like somebody’s gonna have to change it.

So I really love that you said that. I have been very surprised at how many people have enjoyed that there are different industries because if I’m going to be completely honest and completely vulnerable with you guys, I was coached and told I needed to choose a niche and an industry to coach and stick to that, and that I was leaving a lot of money on the table by not doing that.

I kept resisting it. I kept thinking no, I don’t want to. Like I know too much about brick and mortar and I know too much about coaching to do that to myself and to do that to the people that are going to work with me in the future. it has been a little bit of a worry in the last few years that other people wouldn’t get it. so the more that I continue to hear these Three More students and these Thirty More students say wow, I didn’t know I needed this whole cultural and industry combining in one room, the more that I’m so stoked.

Nathan: Can I say something on that?

Becca: Yeah.

Nathan: So I think to your point like everybody being in a different industry is kind of good, but it’s also we’re all serving people. So they’re all service based business. so like service is service. so the customer and their experience with you being one of the most important things kind of is, like that’s the niche. It’s service based businesses. It’s not products. It’s not this. It’s not this. It’s we’re all serving people.

Hearing how other industries serve their clients. Like there are things that other industries do that gyms don’t do that I’m going to start doing because it’s better for my customer. that’s the lifeblood of my business.

Becca: Yes, I love that. I remember thinking people would ask me how did your coaching business grow so quickly? I remember thinking oh, I just built it like it was a massage business. like nobody’s building a coaching business like a massage business. I just did. no one knew what that meant, except for me. But like it’s because of the culture that you’re just bringing into a whole new industry that’s never seen it before. It’s very innovative.

Beth: Branding and messaging is universal, like regardless of brick and mortar or online. then the other piece to that that I was thinking about because I’ve had resistance. I’ll flip back and forth where I can defend brick and mortar and say I’d like a personal interaction. Screw online. Well, COVID changed that. I can dig my heels in and think I’m right. Becca, you’ve said this. Do you want to be right? Or do you want to grow a business and make money? So at some point, you have to just open the mind that like it’s not this or that. It can be and. I can do both.

Becca: Yeah, I love it. Absolutely. you can yeah do a hybrid, right? The majority of Thirty More is going to be completely online. But because it’s a hybrid, because you guys got to have that foundational like friendship building in the very beginning and because we’re gonna go to dinner in a couple months, like it’s already there. Like your friendship is there. It is planted. The seeds are growing. Now we get to meet on Zoom and continue it. So yeah. Figure out how to make it a hybrid.

Nathan: If we had not done that live event, I would have just shown up to the calls and like taken notes. But now I have what was it 17, 16, 15 other people that I know they care if I do what I say I’m going to do, and I know that they care if I succeed or not. it’s because they know me on a human level. Like they care about my family and how we’re doing and vice versa. The human element as we march into this virtual age is going to be huge. the fact that you’ve distilled that and brought it is excellent.

Becca: Thank you. How did it feel to you guys to stand up and actually make commitments to your peers and to yourself? Was that like oh shit, I’d better do this?

Beth: Yep.

Nathan: Yep.

Jeri: 100%

Nathan: It was oddly comfortable though. Like I was like well, of course, we would do this. We’ve known each other forever. Of course we would say our commitments out loud because why wouldn’t we?

Becca: Guys, I cannot explain this enough. Jeri is the only one that might have an inkling of understanding on this. But what you do in this six months will not matter nearly as much, if at all, as it will when you’re at the next live event. When you’re at the next live event…

Here’s the way I look at it. I remember I used to do bodybuilding competitions, and I would get on stage. while I was on stage, I remember thinking for the last 18 weeks that I’ve been cutting and training and building and all of that, none of my excuses were good enough for this stage.

Now, here I am. I wish I could go back, and I could erase every mistake. I wish I could go back, and I can just make it the most perfect 18 weeks ever. I wish I would have not had any of the cheat days. Because now that I’m on stage, I would do anything to win, but I couldn’t see it when I was in the 18 weeks. I wasn’t on stage. I wasn’t there yet. So the excuses were a little bit easier.

at the next event, it’s gonna feel like you’re on stage talking about what you did for the last six months. You’re gonna be able to talk about whether or not you had growth. You’re gonna be able to talk about whether or not it worked out for you. Like all of your excuses are going to rise up, especially when we’re doing the 300 Club awards. you could have gotten the 300 Club Award, but you’re $10,000 shy because of one little hiccup or whatever. The next live event is such a tell all for how you feel about your accomplishments during this six months. Does that make sense?

Beth: Totally.

Becca: Okay, so here’s my final question. then I’m gonna let you guys go back to your day. But you can use this time to wrap up any thoughts about the live event. But what would you say to anyone that is listening that wants to come into Thirty More, doesn’t know if it’s right for them, don’t know if their spouse is gonna be okay with it. They just aren’t really sure. They’ve never invested anything like this before, not even close. They would have to take out credit cards. Like all the fears, you can imagine. Would you have any words of wisdom? Would you say anything in particular to them?

Beth: Here’s my advice. it just came to me. It would be two parts. One, it would be research and investigate Becca’s product. See if what she’s saying, listen to her podcast, watch her content on IG. See, if you find yourself nodding.

then I would find a quiet moment. I have been journaling for the last year. It’s been really powerful. Find a quiet moment, and ask yourself some of the tough questions. Can I build this business to the next level on my own? Can I do it by using Reddit forums? Or do I need to find likeminded people with an expert and do this with some help? That was really the tough conversation I had with myself where it was like okay, I’m resourceful, but I really don’t know that I can do this myself.

Becca: Yeah, I love that. I always ask people. I’m like if you could do it yourself, and you’ve been doing it yourself, why isn’t it where you want it to be? Right? Like could I do this myself? Probably. Would I have a harder time. It’d be less fun. I’d experience burnout. I have no one to talk to. I have no one to celebrate with. I have no one to ask questions to. I could build my business that way. But why would I want to? That sounds terrible.

Beth: 100%.

Becca: Yeah.

Nathan: That’s the exact question that I ask my clients when we started is a lot of them if they have reservations about investing in a coach, it’s like well, I can just do this on my own. It’s like yes, you’re right, but maybe not in this lifetime. Maybe not. Like maybe you’ll run out of time because you’re trying to figure it out on your own, and you’re trying to go it alone. we are relational beings. We need other people to hold us to our intentions and expect excellence out of one another.

like you were saying, the leader sets the standard and everybody else rises up. That pressure is good for you. you’re not going to get that alone. You cannot hold yourself… I mean we can’t even hold ourselves to our own standards. Like we constantly overestimate how much willpower we have. I think to go it alone is incredibly lonely road and you may never get there.

Becca: Yeah, I just think about it from a time perspective. Like there were some things that you guys learned in Austin in 30 seconds that may have taken five years for you to figure out. Not because you’re down, not because of anything other than someone sifted through years and years of information and decided what was important, got rid of the rest, delivered it to you very quickly, delivered it to you in a fun setting, delivered it to you with a champagne on a platter, and said goodbye, right?

Like who wouldn’t want that versus if – I’m the same way. Like I have mentors. I’ve had mentors. I love my mentors. It was the fastest way for me to figure shit out. If I had just tried to read books and apply it, it just would have taken forever.

Jeri: I would recommend for anyone that’s kind of on the fence, I’ll speak to two pieces. The first piece being the investment piece. I struggled a bit with the finances with my background of money and all of my money stories. I remember it was our conversation. We did a lot of coaching going into this next round. I remember you saying being scared of investing is kind of like being scared of swimming. You can talk about it all day long, but you’re not going to get over your fear of swimming until you get in the pool. That clicked for me.

as soon as you said that I’m like yeah, okay. That makes sense. it’s funny because I think about investing last round, which was $12,000, which scared the shit out of me. then going into this next round, it was double that because I not only invested in the mastermind, but also one on one coaching.

now I look back at $12,000, and I’m like for me that felt like nothing – Like not nothing. That’s not what I mean, but it didn’t feel scary. So like I’ve essentially doubled what I’m investing in. it’s not nearly as scary as it was. So seeing that getting over the fear by doing, I know that I’ll be investing in my business like this forever going forward. So that was huge for me.

Becca: The number one way to get past your own money stories with your clients. So let’s say that Nathan wants to provide a $10,000 package. He’s never done it before. seems scary, right? Or Beth wants to provide a $10,000 package. She wants someone to buy it. Seems like she’s afraid that she is taking advantage of her clients or whatever. Your money stories about investing on your client’s behalf will be completely healed as you do it first, right?

So when people are like I am terrified of my prices, I don’t think anyone’s gonna buy them. It’s because you haven’t done it. Right? So like for me, I don’t have any thoughts about the $12,000. If someone’s like that is way too expensive, I’m like I’m completely healed. Like I have invested literally $100,000 to be in a mastermind for a year. Like I just can’t get in the pool with you. I can’t swim in that belief because I’m out of it.

So it really keeps my integrity up. I don’t get in that headspace of worried if it’s too much. I’ve already done it. I’m good, right? The more that I invest, the more that I feel comfortable asking others to invest. Not only are they buying my brain, they’re renting my mentor’s brain. All the things that have trickled down, all the books that we’ve ever read, all the times, all the failures, right?

So this is just me business coaching you guys now at this point, but like as you invest more in your business, you will inherently get more return because the person you become is capable of requesting the money that you desire because you’re going to be more comfortable with investments in general. Does that makes sense?

Nathan: I would never ask my clients to do something I wasn’t willing to do. Like I would never prescribe them a nutritional intervention that I was just like let’s see if they can do it. So I ask people to invest in themselves all day long, but over the last six months, year or so as I’ve began to invest in myself business wise, I’ve paid tons of money for nutritional and exercise information and not thought twice about it, but the business stuff was always very scary to like invest in. But now that I’ve done that, it’s just like everybody should do this. I don’t know why anybody wouldn’t do this.

Becca: Yeah. It’s kind of like Joseph. I’m very open with Joseph and with you guys in front of Joseph about his friction for investing in Thirty More, but literally the minute he paid his invoice I watched his social media change. I watched his messaging completely change. He went from kind of tippy toeing about investing with him to literally like you should invest with me. This is where you need to click, and this is what the money you need to send so that we can get this going. Right? I watched him immediately change. It was phenomenal.

Beth: Last thing I’ll say, this is a funny story. I was sitting at lunch with Sarah and Kim. it’s outside. We’re in Austin like in the sunshine. It was just really, really nice weather when were down there too. I had this like total cheesy moment. I’m like I’m so happy. It just like came out. Kim goes, “This is your first mastermind, isn’t it?” I said yeah. She goes, “Welcome.” She goes, “Some women get addicted to buying purses. You’re gonna get addicted to masterminds.”

It made me laugh, but I was also like you know what? When we look at just like where are we spending our money? Like do we want to spend it on experiences? This is more than just business development. This is self-development for me? Or do I want to have a bunch of shit that’s collecting dust in my closet? I mean I really when it’s at the end of the day, you can kind of look at it that black and white. Like this was life changing. Nothing short.

Becca: Yeah, I agree. It’s like you can spend $25,000 on a car, I guess, or you can spend $25,000 on literally changing who you are and how your spouse interacts with you and how your children interact with you and how you interact with life, how you interact with your calendar, how you interact with your customers, how you sleep at night, how you feel in your body. I’ll take masterminds all day. All right, guys, so let’s go around. I’m just going to ask you how can my audience find you? Who would find you? Like who exactly would come to you? Who do you help?

Nathan: The easiest place to find me is on Instagram. It’s where most of my stuff goes. It’s @StiversStrength. Basically, I am a big meathead who’s trying to help the underdog in the world. I’m trying to help the person who has low confidence, frail, weak, whatever. We have older folks that are trying not to hurt themselves and get strong and stay out of the nursing home. We have people trying to lose weight that have body image, body composition issues.

We have people that for whatever reason getting stronger, be it a younger guy or female with low confidence, getting stronger helps improve how you feel about yourself so that you can get more out of life. so we’re trying to find those people that have understood that they could benefit from getting stronger and feeling better and being more resilient.

Becca: All right, so that is @StiversStrength.

Nathan: Yes.

Becca: Do you only work with people in Lexington, Kentucky? Or can people all over the world contact you?

Nathan: No, we just started doing online coaching this past year. So it’s as close to personal training as we can possibly make it. The only difference is you get feedback on your exercises after the fact rather than in person. So it’s just almost as good from a technical standpoint, but the support and the lifestyle coaching is better.

Becca: Love it. Thank you. Jeri, how about you?

Jeri: You can find me at, which is my website. the reason why I send people there is I have a ton of amazing blog posts on how to get yourself out of TMJ pain, all different kinds of information. So that’s a good resource for those that don’t know what to do. They’re suffering from headaches and all of that sort of thing.

On my website, you can sign up for my mailing list if you want to be emailed directly. I will also be creating self-care videos for stretches, strengthening, that sort of thing. I’m in the in the works of doing that now. when it’s uploaded and ready, you will be notified.

Becca: How about yours Beth?

Beth: Yes, you can find me at Instagram @KitchenShift, which has sort of dual meaning. I like to work with clients to empower them to work their shift in the kitchen. So I believe in the power of whole goods and also making subtle shifts to your daily life, creating really good habits and mindset shifts in order to optimize health.

Becca: Awesome, I love it. Well thank you guys so much for being on here. Thank you for coming to Austin. Thank you for trusting in Hell Yes Coaching. I’m so happy to have you guys for the next six months, and I’ll see you all tomorrow for our very first phone call.

Beth: Yay, fabulous.

Becca: Bye.

Hey guys, this podcast is the blood sweat and tears of a lot of different people. The planning and the preparation of each episode is extensive. My team and I are really proud to bring you this free and abundant content each week, and we hope that you’re loving it. If you are, the very best thank you that we can receive from you is a review and a share.

When you share this episode with a friend or leave us a five star review, it is like pouring a little bit of magic into our podcasting bucket. It is what gets our work recognized. It’s what gives us energy and keeps us going, truly. Not one share nor review goes without recognition from our team. As always, we fucking love you here at Hell Yes Coaching. Have a beautiful day.

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