Wealth can be Normal. Let’s Normalize Wealth.

What each of us thinks is “normal” in terms of the amount of money we make, have, and spend is our own thought that we created.

This is likely passed down from our parents, our media, or our college roommate, Tina, who had never had enough money for lunch and was constantly eating our fridge food.

Our normalcy “barometer” is also the number one thing hindering us from creating money and the number one thing that decides what we allow into our lives. This is why we must normalize wealth in our minds, first.

It makes so much sense when we look outside the scope of money to what is normalized in our society.

A couple of examples of things we refuse, as this generation’s society, to normalize:

Spousal abuse
Child abandonment
Animal cruelty

Things our society decided to normalize:

Consistent broke-ness
(Just to name a few.)

What I want you to notice, is that thankfully, what you decide is normal is up to you. Your normalities can change easily with a change in mindset and what you allow to be acceptable in your life.

When it comes to money, ask yourself these questions:

*What is a normal amount of money for me to have in my bank account?
*What is a normal amount of money for someone of my demographic to make?
*What is a normal amount of money to spend every month?
*What’s a normal job and what does it normally pay?

Then, I want you to ask yourself where you learned these answers. Who taught you?

Spoiler alert: someone else decided these were normal for you. The good news is that you get to change what is normal for yourself.

What a person thinks is ‘normal’ when it comes to annual income is relative person to person. What is normal to have in your bank account is different than what is normal for Jeff Bezos to have in his account. What may have been normal for you when you were 18 is not the same as what is normal now. The difference? A change in mindset.

Normalize your future wealth.

Normalize larger sums of money in your bank account.

Pretend it’s already there, feel it, see it, and make it feel comfortable.

If it’s not comfortable, repeat the process 1,000 more times.

Normalize surrounding yourself with high earners. Normalize investing money into knowledge and growth. Normalize the un-comfort zone. Normalize larger sums of money than what you are used to seeing.

And for the love of all things Holy, stop normalizing broke-ness in Entrepreneurial America.



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