One of the things I ignored for so long was emailing my mailing list.

As I built both Massage Strong and Hell Yes Coaching, most of my marketing came from word of mouth, referrals, and in-person meetups and interactions. And it really felt like it was working great…I mean hell, we were growing substantially every year. So, to be honest, I just didn’t want to put much time into my emailing list. (My shitty thought process was: if it’s working great how it is, why try to fix it?)

Until this past year or so, what I didn’t realize was that even my BEST and most successful months and quarters were only about 20% of what was possible for me if I could learn marketing through email.

When I slowed down enough to begin learning the world of email marketing and proper copywriting techniques, my fans became fann-ier….my rapport building skills became rapport-ier…and my bank account started adding zeros I hadn’t seen before.

Learning to create compelling copy is what makes people feel seen. It is what gets people talking. When you move people with your verbiage, your audience will begin forwarding your emails to their mothers and sisters and brothers.

Here are some things to consider with email marketing:

  • Email lists don’t have as strong of algorithms as social media. No more waiting for JUST the right time of day to post in hopes enough people are scrolling their Facebooks to happen upon your copy. That shit is for the birds.

  • It has been shown that email is 40x more effective at building a business than social media. WHAT.

  •  It has also been shown that people LIKE receiving emails from brands they love.

  • It reaches only for-sure interested audiences. (Those that aren’t interested unsubscribe and this is a GOOD thing. I promise. Celebrate those unsubscribes. Focus on the subscribers. Amen.)

  • In a society who tries to use social media so much to sell their products, we must realize it’s still the wild wild west of marketing. Emailing allows actual targeting unlike social media.

  •  It allows collecting feedback and surveys.

  •  There is no character limits. Trying to change the world in 160 characters drives me to drink.

  • It has ensured delivery. No more crossing your fingers and toes in hopes the right person sees it. Your email is going to enter their inbox one way or another.
  • It fosters long-term relationships. (Consistency is key for this!)
  • Email marketing allows you to see what your audience is most responsive to so you can recreate and play to that. Customization, my friends!

  • It supports variety. You can use it to send a newsletter or coupons. For instance, everyone who reads this gets a coupon for 1 free session with me. Just kidding. That was a joke. I don’t run discounts. But I illustrated my point well, am I  right or am I right?

  • Email lists build credibility and reputation.

In today’s Hell Yes Entrepreneur episode, I sit down with Scarlett Cochran and discuss email list building. Tune in HERE to check out the episode for tips, tricks, and storytelling.

When you get great at writing copy, consistent in sending your emails and growing your audience, then you have begun mastering email building. Humor and light-heartedness doesn’t hurt either. Be a human. Say silly things. Cuss. Even when your great uncle tells you that your mouth is sending you straight to hell. (Sorry Uncle George. Love you.)

You got this.  You’re only a few steps away from the next version of success you want to embody. Keep going.

Have a great rest of your week, my friends!


PS- Inside Three More, you will get access to a bonus video called COPY, where I discuss exactly how I think about copy in a way that allows me to never run out of ideas and value to offer my emailing list and social media accounts. Members rave about this video and state that it has helped them remove all the stress from writing to their audience. Join the other hundreds of people inside the community today and begin perfecting how you organically market your service and grow your business. Click HERE for more info.

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