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All entrepreneurs and business owners have, what we call, a ceiling.

This is the set point in which you can’t take more clients due to lack of time or equipment or resources.

A coach can only coach about 25 people per week.

A massage therapist can only physically massage about 5 people a day.

Elon can only shoot so many people to Jupiter.

When you hit your ceiling, you’re playing with fire. You’re playing with burnout.

You’re playing with losing your quality reputation because when leaders are at their ceiling, or near it, they begin making choices out of stress.

There are numerous ways to raise your ceiling so more customers can come to you by incorporating what I call Ceiling Raising Assets.

But, my friends, the worst time to try to raise your ceiling is when you’re exhausted because you’re at your own ceiling.

If your books are 60% full, it’s already time to begin choosing your path to raising the bar.

Because you will use that other leftover 40% brainpower and time to properly hire, train, manage your ceiling-raising assets.

In my 6-month business mastermind, Thirty More, I teach you about ceiling-raising assets and when exactly to use them, and how to know you’re ready..

For some businesses, it’s hiring more staff. For some, it is buying more equipment. For some, it’s simply hiring an assistant to buy more ‘time.’

In Thirty More you won’t have to guess about any of it.

You will know how to hire, train and manage your time and your ceiling.

This is what we teach and you will become a master in this.

You will have more time, more breathing room, and your revenue will reflect higher numbers than you’ve seen.

Application for the January 2022 class open on November 16th and the window is only open for 5 days.

You are invited to apply.

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