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Do your goals scare you?

Friendly Reminder:

Having fear and nervousness about our deadlines and our goals for ourselves is actually a GOOD thing.

Fear is what helps us get READY.

Fear is what keeps us from getting eaten by the lion.

It makes us heightened. Stronger. Faster. Clearer.

Sometimes it makes us have to poop. (had to say it.)

It is easy to think this is not a productive way of looking at our goals/deadlines in life, but this nervousness plays an important role in successfully hitting our goals.

When we set goals and have zero nervousness and zero mind drama about them…what this shows me is a lack of good ol’ fashioned skin-in-the-game. A lack of a connection to the outcome. It shows me the voice in my head that is saying, ‘Good job creating a goal, but you’ll be fine if you don’t actually reach it. It’s okay to let life happen and things come up.’ This voice is a little bitch and I do my best to ignore her.

Ya’ll, when I set big goals, do you know how I can tell that I am going to reach them? I know based on how TERRIFIED I am of them. Sometimes, my goals elicit ALL. THE. DRAMA. and require me to get coached much more frequently when chasing a specific deadline.

Many people create goals then start negotiating with themselves. (I am the queen of this, although becoming increasingly more able to squash it with practice.) This is a common practice because our brain doesn’t like fear. It likes to stay safe. Stay hidden in the bushes from the lion. Why would we jump out in front of the lion? Your brain is letting you off the hook so you can stay safe and small.

When I am ALL IN and COMMITTED AF, I have so much drama about these deadlines because I make them NON-NEGOTIABLE.

There is no cop-out.

Even when I am scared.

Even on days I don’t “feel like it.”

Even when others give me push back.

Even when a pandemic hits.

Even when my bank account is low.

Even when my bank account is high.

Even when my workday is cut short because my kids need their mom.

Even when. Even when. Even when.

Show up for yourself. Show up for yourself the way you show up for others. Go Big. Get Nervous. Lean into the fear. Sometimes the ‘right’ path is the pukiest-feeling path. I am pretty sure that’s a real quote, from a poet or something.

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