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It’s about your clients, not you.


You can post your ass off on social media, but your copy won’t land unless you understand HOW to speak to your audience efficiently.

How many times did you post on social media about your services this week? …and how many of them fell flat? So flat that the only person to comment was your mama and her 15 heart emojis??

Let me guess, you spent an hour creating a long, beautiful story about your experience and your coaching.

You have the cutest little Canva creation, feeling certain it will speak to your client’s SOULS and they will come out of the woodwork and want to sign up.

Except for one thing….they don’t. And you’re left thinking, “Now what?”

What if I told you that attracting your audience on social media is actually super simple and can feel clear to you.

Here are five thoughts to put in your pocket, my friends:

1) Anyone and everyone has the ability and the means and the resources RIGHT NOW to influence more clients and make more money with their words, including you.

2) On average, it requires people seeing your offer a minimum of 16 times before they buy. This is the process of building trust and rapport. If it takes them 16 times of seeing your offer (and let’s say that because of algorithms and the amount of time they spend on social media… they only see a quarter of the things you post)… then please realize that you have to post 64 times ON THE SAME PLATFORM before one client has seen it 16 times in a row. Whatttt? Let us all trust the compounding effect.

3) Clarity is the Queen of COPY. Dumb it down, dumb it down, dumb it down. Simplicity is your friend.

4) Get rid of the coach speak, coaches! No more “find your power.” No more words like ‘life-changing,’ or ‘take back control.’ This is a cop-out to not spend energy articulating deeper details. Speak to your audience like they are the normal humans that they are. Even you, woo-woo coaches! Non-coaches, speak to your audience like they are ten years old. If you’re a CPA, do not assume they know what a 1031 exchange is, or what capital gains implications may come from a transaction. EXPLAIN it to them.

5) Stop talking about how excited *you* are and how *you* can’t wait to help them. This is called writing from emotion versus writing from value, which is what you want. Copy isn’t about you. It’s always about *your client.* Everything in your copy should reflect what they are going to get from you.

Because reminder: It’s all about them. Everything. Your copy, your service, and the reason you do what you do.

And you must know this above all else: There is so much learning to be had. You will mess up. You will write inefficient shit. You will write posts that no one likes. This is normal in beginning the art of copy, but now it is time to reach out and ask for help.

If this makes sense, then contact us for a free consult and make the choice to hire a business coach to start writing great copy once and for all.

You got this,


PS- In our group-coaching sessions at THREE MORE, we teach you how to put yourself ‘out there’ on social media without all the worries and concerns of annoying people or feeling sleaze-balls. What if I told you there is actually a way to show up and take up A LOT of space on your friends’ news feeds because you actually believe that your clients WANT to hear every single word you have to say?

Join Now.

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