How to have your most successful Black Friday in your brick-and-mortar business:

1) Discounted gift cards are everything…especially if you RARELY discount your services.
Be sure to sell both online and in person.
(The more obvious & inviting your in-person display is, the more you will sell…because science.)

2) Have a 3-tiered price offering.

Some people will want to spend very little, others will purchase a year’s worth of services. Most will fall in the middle. The last thing you want is to have a customer who WANTS to spend more, but can’t because you didn’t set up the option on your website.

3) Market the absolute fucking hell out of your Black Friday for 2 weeks leading up to it. This is what you built your email list and social media for.

Countdowns, daily reminders, and HYPE. Lean all the way in and talk often about the emotion the gift receiver will feel when receiving this gift.

4) Market it towards the gift BUYER. If you sell services for females, your marketing would greatly benefit by speaking to husbands, sons, daughters, etc. Making it SUPER clear: “This is what your mom wants for Christmas.”

5) Make purchasing easy. If they have to make an appointment with you in person in order to purchase, they will likely switch to a company that allows them to print in their home. It’s a busy time for everyone. Add ease to your processes.

6) Many of your raving fans will stock up on your discounted gift cards for themselves to use throughout the year but will feel embarrassed. Be sure you speak to these folks in your marketing by giving bold permission to do so. “This is a great time for you to stock up for the year! No shame.”

7) If you’re doing well on Black Friday, don’t be afraid to extend it to Cyber Monday! Hype up how well it’s going. People want to buy what other people are buying.

8) Give a faraway expiration date. Don’t be a Grinch.

According to CBS news, 47% of giftcards go completely unused. This is a great time to bring in a large cash flow cushion that often never turns into service. Every year, my brick and mortar massage business sells tens of thousands of dollars of UNUSED gift cards.

Have FUN with this season. It is the time of GIVING. Enjoy the holidays and all the lives you’re impacting by choosing to be a small business owner.

And remember: launching and marketing Black Friday is a skill. You will become more powerful and efficient each year. So stay patient and curious. You got this.

Love, Becca

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