I used to procrastinate…A LOT.

In fact, I was really good at procrastinating. Like Emmy-award winning procrastinator. No one could beat me.

I would tell myself that another time is better. Like, when I am more inspired or when I am feeling amazing. Or maybe when my kids aren’t home. I’d say, ‘THAT is when I will do the things on my to-do list and THAT is when I will be productive.”

But, my friends…something I have realized in the last few years is this:  the anxiety of NOT doing the things I need to do is so much more powerful, in-my-face, yucky feeling and mood-debilitating…. than the actual time and energy it takes to do the things.

I would spend hours, maybe days, maybe even weeks thinking about things I need to do.

  • Change my email server
  • Re-film that ad video
  • re-write that landing page
  • change out all the photos on my website to newer ones
  • learn that new software

It always felt like a heavyweight just floating around in my brain, constantly reminding me of what I am not doing. I build the task up as if it’s going to take FOREVER to get done, only to surprise myself that the actual task at hand took 10 minutes once i finally sat down to do it.  Then I’d get up from my desk, surprised that I took so long to get it done, and 100 pounds of weight removed from my chest.

Here is the trick I use: I ask a simple question to myself. I say, “Becca…what if this task is actually easy?”
This opens my brain to the possibility that maybe I am dramatizing the amount of energy and skill each task will require.

This year, I have started really focusing my energy on removing the anxieties from my life by keeping my to-do list smaller. And I do this purely by believing and reminding myself that sitting in the ‘haven’t done yet’ is so much more painful than doing the actual things. Now, when things make their way to my to-do list, I cross them off and achieve them as fast as I can. And my anxiety has gone WAY DOWN.

I invite you to do the same. Stop letting that to-do list pile up. Become the cross-off queen or king that you know you are. It feels good. It makes you more money. It serves your clients and changes their lives.

Happy Monday, my friends.

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