Just 6 years ago, I was MORE than exhausted…I was tired to my bones. At the time, I was pregnant with our 3rd baby, Solo, and I was working between 50 and 60 hours per week.

We were living 6 people deep in our 1 bathroom, 1200 sq foot house (with a great dane and two cats).

I was opening up my first business, Massage Strong, during the day and staying up late into the night with my nose in business books. I was surviving on hopes, dreams, and Grant Cardone. 🤣

My brain was always in survival mode. Always wondering if we would have enough money to pay our bills.

I remember a very specific time that year when I had decided I’d had enough. We were moving money around so we could pay a bill for the 1,000th time, and it was my breaking point.

I remember thinking, “We will NOT live this paycheck-to-paycheck life anymore. I am officially done.”

At that time, I made a very strategic decision: I paused my business books for a short time.

The business books that taught me back-end business things like staffing and managing and ads, and chose instead to specifically spend my time learning about sales.

I decided, “I don’t need to focus on this back-end stuff unless I have customers lining up outside my door begging to get in.”

It was then that I realized sales and customers were the building blocks of any business.

Without customers, you don’t need need to know how to staff. Without customers, you don’t need a beautiful website. Until you have a strong flow of clients, you don’t have a business.

We can learn website building, staffing, and back-end stuff all we want…and even have 1mil Insta followers…but it doesn’t mean anything if we can’t sell.

Selling is the foundation of business.

It feels safer to stay in the back end of the business, but it’s not what’s needed if real growth is desired.

To say that my lifestyle and stress have changed now would be an understatement. And, to say that my living quarters have changed would be an understatement.

We now have time and financial freedom, and I am thankful every day for turning that ship around inside my mind. Choosing to refocus my efforts.

Invest in yourself.

Learn how to sell.

It works.

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