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Thinking that we have to have the ‘perfect’ niche, a perfected content calendar, or JUST the right saturation in our market in order to be successful is only putting unneeded and unproductive pressure on ourselves with the illusion that one of the options is ‘right’ and will make us more successful than the other… without any evidence.

As if our success is out of our control and lives in the land of the perfect idea. As if the success of our idea lands on whether this industry is oversaturated or not. None of these are true.

The success of your company does not lie in the circumstances outside of you. *YOU* are the reason something is successful or not successful. You are the only common denominator with ANY business you open.

Let’s look at two competing businesses in the same town. A hardware store.

One is successful and one is going under. They have the same market and audience, the same industry, and the same access to resources. What’s the difference? Why is one thriving and one is going under? The leader.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, guys. Let’s say that you’re selling X. If you put your efforts towards selling X, and you hire a coach to learn how to sell X, and you build a team around selling X, and you start believing you can sell X, and you choose to go all-in on X…..then…you will be successful. You can replace X with ANYTHING. X can be hotdogs, spatulas, massages, coaching packages, cars, couches, or accounting services, it doesn’t matter.

The product/service is just a placeholder to reflect you and your drive and your resourcefulness.

You’ve got this. It’s going to be messy. There is no ‘right’ answer.

Just be sure to stay on the same question. How can I improve this business?




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In Your Business…YOU Control YOUR Success

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In Your Business…YOU Control YOUR Success

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