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Your goals feel so far away because you think you need hundreds or THOUSANDS of people to follow your work and love you before you have really “made it.”

Fortunately, you are overestimating what is needed to succeed. The goal isn’t 10,000 half-ass followers. The goal is 50 faithful, loyal followers.

Narrow your scope.

Slow down and hyperfocus on the people who are trusting you with their time.

The people who read your posts. The people who are genuinely interested in what you offer.

Over-deliver to those 50 people. Make them fall in love with you every day. Fall in love with them every day. Make them want to tell all their friends about you.

This will pay off in dividends far greater than 10,000 people who only know your Instagram handle.

A loyal and dedicated small tribe is the answer to increasing your sales.

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Increase Sales by Building a Loyal Tribe

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