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So, you thought it’d be better than this.

Business owning promised time and money freedom. And that shit hasn’t happened.

You spend your days all-out operating your business and putting out all the fires. It never ends.

This isn’t what you imagined years ago when you were BEAMING with the possibilities of being a business owner. This feels more like you’re the most mistreated employee ever.

I hear you. I found myself in this place too. It wasn’t until I mastered how to work myself away from being a full-time operator in my business to the actual owner. It took hitting an actual rock bottom. And I promise, you want to change before you hit this point.

You see an owner should not be doing $15/hour tasks: Answering phones, posting on social media, cleaning the bathrooms, and responding to all the Instagram messages.

The owner should be brainstorming the business’s next move. They should be in the meetings making big decisions. There should be a buffer between them and the day-to-day menial tasks.

The owner’s job is short bursts of hard thinking and decision making. Not long hours of labor.

In my Mastermind, Thirty More, you will learn the art of delegating, training, and managing people. You will understand the importance of admin day. You will finally deeply understand why running yourself ragged makes you a weak entrepreneur and why days off/family time/hobbies make you a boss-ass CEO.

And when you can gain THIS….That’s when your business takes off!

When your company actually gets the CEO it’s been needing, your numbers will have no ceiling.

And you, my friend, will stop being the laborer.

Today we are enrolling for the Thirty More class of January 2022.

Enrollment is only open for 5 days and spots are limited. In order to be accepted, you must be a full-time business owner, have a revenue minimum of $50,000 per year, and be accepted through the application process against other applicants.

We are looking for someone who is ready for change, willing to learn, and excited to be a helpful teammate to the other members. This is a high-quality room and our standards for acceptance are high. But so are your standards for success.

Enroll now.

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