Growing your business sounds exhausting. More customers, more responsibility, and managing people sounds like a panic attack waiting to happen.
I hear it ALL the time.

“I don’t want to grow my business because I don’t want to be even busier than I already am.”

Here is the problem with that thought: You’re only looking at what growth would be if you kept running your business the way you’ve been running it.

Like a cracked-out, headless chicken.

You’re not looking at what’s possible if you’re willing to bring in a third party to show you how to run it like a stoic lion.

In Thirty More, you are taught how to think like a Mature CEO. How to create boundaries that bring you MORE time, not less time.

Coming into this mastermind will be a weight off your shoulders, not a weight added.

You will begin handing off the $10/hour tasks and only focusing on the tasks that bring you massive growth. The tasks of a CEO. I will show you how to simplify everything.

You will begin deeply understanding that your cracked-out chicken energy is the reason you haven’t grown more, *NOT* the reason your company is still alive.

You will inevitably realize that this whole time you’ve made it a lot harder than it needs to be.

And I hear you: “But Becca, your program is $12,000. That’s so much money!” and my counter to you is this: How much is this stress worth? What is the price of this anxiety? What if it could all go away? What if you could start focusing on your kids and life again? What is the cost of that?

Enrollment is open right now for our January class.

100% of this past round’s graduates clock significantly fewer hours than they did this time last year and 100% of them doubled their revenue while doing so.


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