If you are ready to create your first six-figure year, your next business investment is our course Three More.

When you sign up, you will get instant access to our video vault. In these videos, I teach you exactly what I did to create a highly successful brick-and-mortar company as well as a booming online company.

Both were successful in their first years. It was not luck. It was a process, and I am now offering that process to you.

In this class, you will become a master at organically attracting clients (three at a time to be exact) you will know what to say during a consult or a conversation about your business so that people WANT what you’re selling when you speak to them.

You will know what to do when your client feels timid about investing in your service. They might want what you sell but feel on the fence about investing. This is normal and to become successful, you must know how to gently and confidently handle these situations without being pushy. But with their best interest at heart.

In Three More, you will learn new ways to think about money, sales, and growing your audience so they are lining up to buy from you. This is not gross and sleazy sales tactics. This is learning to inspire through quality service.

And, best of all, you will have a community of other Three More members, all reaching for the same business growth where you can ask questions, make friends, and lean on each other.

Our members say the community is the best part.

And, if the community and video vault doesn’t already make you feel like you won the business coaching lottery, we also have weekly live coaching calls.

Every Tuesday at 1:30 EST, you will receive LIVE coaching in our community via Zoom so that you ALWAYS stay in line with your goals.

Guys – between the video vault, the community, and the live coaching…this program is fail-proof.

We are so confident that you will love Three More, that we have a risk-free guarantee.

If it doesn’t work for you, we will send your money back. No questions asked. But, at the time of this post, there hasn’t been a single person that has wanted their $ back.

Not one.

Decide to grow your business RIGHT NOW. Click here.


Your business coach, Becca

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It’s fail-proof.

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It’s fail-proof.

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