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The Hell Yes Entrepreneur Podcast | 5 Lessons Learned as the Head Coach of Three More with John RichardsonIf you’re in the Hell Yes community, you’ll know John Richardson well. But in case you’re not familiar with him, John is our head coach and lead facilitator of Three More. John has been by my side in business for the last three years, he’s seen the evolution of this company firsthand, and it’s about time I passed the mic over to the man who has helped me do so much.

John has been a coach for 15 years, coaching collegiate sports, CrossFit, mindset, and discipline. I first asked him to come on board when I was only eight months deep into Hell Yes Coaching, and he’s been integral to the work you see today. John’s contribution has been absolutely priceless, the members inside Three More rave about him all the time, and you get to hear from him today.

Join John as he takes over the podcast to share five things he’s learned as the head coach and lead facilitator of Three More. He’s offering his top business-building tips, from the power of starting scrappy, to how to turn a side hustle into a sustainable full-time gig, and so much more. 

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why John and I work so well together as a team. 
  • A brief history of the Three More program.
  • Where John sees people going astray trying to build their businesses. 
  • The power of starting your business small and scrappy.
  • Why a side hustle can sustain and enhance your life if you commit to it.
  • A 6-step exercise for when you feel stuck in inaction.
  • How we created Three More, and what it looks like on the inside from a coach’s perspective.

Listen to the Full Episode:

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  • Road Trip – movie

Full Episode Transcript:

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Guys, I met John Richardson five years ago. He was a coach at my CrossFit gym when I first started going into my local box. He and his wife, Andrea, were like ripped. Muscles on muscles. When I say ripped, I mean ripped.

But what I loved most about John was his ability to lead people in the CrossFit class. I specifically sought out his classes, and I would go to those because when he was teaching, he was just so good at what he did. He was so magnetic, and he was so leading, right? Like when he got in front of the class, he turned into this a plus community rallying coach. He knew exactly when to push, exactly when to encourage, and exactly when to back off because he knew that you were dying.

Over the years, I got to know him and Andrea and their two little girls, Reese and Rory, and a relationship formed between our families. You see, John was really good at coaching CrossFit. I knew that he was going to be really good at coaching. Coaching-coaching, life coaching, right? Because he was really good at business too. I saw something in him, and I really wanted it to be a part of the Hell Yes community.

A lot of people don’t know this, especially all of you guys that have just found this podcast in the last year or so. But John has been through all of it. Okay. I asked him to come on board when I was only like eight months deep. I asked him to come on board with me here at Hell Yes to help me coach. He is now the lead facilitator inside of Three More.

But before Three More, he did even more than that, right? Like he and I spent a lot of time brainstorming, questioning, making decisions for our community, coaching each other. John has seen me in my worst, right. I have also coached John, right? Because it can be so uncomfortable for us to grow so quickly, put ourselves out there so much, right? Like we are constantly evolving this business and changing it. But through it all, John has been by my side. I don’t think he gets enough recognition.

When you walk into the Three More community, the members inside there, they get it. They know. They know that John is absolutely priceless. They talk about it all the time. His advice, his timing, his knowing when to push and knowing when to pull back. It comes so naturally to him.

In a lot of ways he brings light to the things that I don’t. He has qualities that I don’t and vice versa. This is why we work together so well. For my fire, he brings ice. For my motivation, he brings strategy. For my 1000 miles per minute, he brings calm. This is why we play off each other so well. Everyone inside our community gets this full circle experience of having two mentors.

I love this episode so much because I’m about to hand over this mic to John. I asked him to write down five things he has learned from coaching the Three More community in the last 18 months. He’s gonna read that to you guys today. The thing I love most about this episode is hearing John talk about how scrappy we started Three More.

You guys act like things have to be perfected before they can launch. Some of you do, right? This is something that we coach on constantly like start scrappy, start small, start with what you have, start with what you’ve got. It doesn’t need to be perfect.

This is such a testament to how we started Three More. It hasn’t always looked the way that it does. There didn’t even used to be videos. There wasn’t even a software for like communication, right? Like all of that is new, relatively. Everything was just like sent over on email and Facebook and Google Drive. John and I had none of the bells and whistles, but we knew exactly what we wanted to teach, and we knew that we were really good at it. That’s it. So I just love hearing him reminisce on that in this writing.

This episode is so important guys for two reasons. Number one, to give the mic over to the man that has helped me do so much, shine some light on him, shine some gratitude, introduce you guys to the person that everyone is raving about inside of Three More. The second reason is that the content in this episode is just fucking great. So there are so many nuggets. There’s so much truth, so much about how we created Three More, and what it looks like on the inside from a coach’s perspective.

All right guys, I’m gonna let him take the mic. Before I go, please remember the price of Three More is increasing from $1,500 to $3,000 on August 1. Listen to the end of this episode, find out exactly how to contact John. You can reach out to him. He will hop on a call with you and help you decide if Three More is right for you. He is so easy to talk to, and he is not here to just sell you on this program no matter what. Okay.

His job and his role, we have communicated with each other very clearly, is not to just sell you in. It is to help you make the best decision for you. It is a safe place for you to sit down with someone who has an expertise in business, an expertise in coaching, someone who knows when to push and know when to pull back and do what is right for you. So call him, email him. He will give you all of that information at the end. This is episode number 61. I am your host Becca Pike, and it is time for your weekly dose of Hell Yes Coaching. Let’s go.

Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

John: Welcome to this episode of The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast. I’m your guest host, John Richardson. First, I want to say what an honor it is to host this episode. I’m so thankful to my good friend and host of the entrepreneur podcast, Becca Pike, for this opportunity to be on the podcast and the opportunity to work with so many awesome entrepreneurs through Hell Yes Coaching. I’m so thankful for everything that Hell Yes Coaching has brought me and my family. It’s just an honor to be here with you guys today.

I’ve been with Hell Yes Coaching almost three years now and the head coach for the last two years. I’ve seen firsthand the evolution of this company. We’ve done a lot of awesome things, and we’ve helped a lot of awesome people. I’ve met so many people that have just truly changed my life. It’s been a real privilege. I thank God every day for the opportunity to do this for a living.

Among the things that I have seen grow at Hell Yes Coaching, beyond my own ability to coach and Becca’s ability to lead and grow a business, is our Three More program and community. The topic for this podcast today is the top five things I’ve learned as the head coach and lead facilitator of Three More. This is the compilation of observations, coaching stories, user reflections, and my own learned lessons from the last year and a half of Three More. That’s right. One and a half years of Three More.

But how did we get here? Before I dive into the lessons, here is a brief history of the Three More program. A program which now has over 100 paid participants, over 70 weeks of coaching calls, and a lifetime of lessons to be learned.

The first Three More call was held on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving in 2020. I remember it well because I was visiting my parents in West Tennessee. To say they have spotty internet would be describing the internet connection in a much too positive light. There was absolutely no way I was going to be able to connect for a video call. So I went to the local public library. Now local is a relative term. In West Tennessee, anything within 50 Miles is considered local, and a library’s relative term. This place had books. So it was a library.

This library wasn’t exactly close, as I said, and not exactly the library some of you may be visualizing, but it was a library. They did have internet, and they did have a very nice study room. It was perfect and quiet for that first call.

That first day I remember speaking with Becca beforehand and thinking well, here we go. This is going to be amazing. The curriculum was tight. We’re ready to go. Let’s go knock the socks off this presentation. Now this confidence was earned. We put work into this thing. But there was also a deep confidence in yourselves and, more importantly, the value of the lesson, but the product itself was super messy.

There was somewhere around 20 people in that first round, most of which were either coached by me or Becca at some point. It was a friendly room in the sense we knew everyone. But at the same time, Becca and I put a lot of pressure on ourselves to deliver. We had notes and a plan and high hopes for success. You know, everything that any entrepreneur begins a new launch or venture with.

So on we went, me in West Tennessee library and Becca in her basement office ready to teach everything we knew about client acquisition. That first round of Three More it was eight weeks long, going successive Tuesdays except for a two week break for Christmas and winter holiday. More on this in the lessons to be learned.

We did not have a fancy course or online logins. In some ways, we were winging it. But, and a big but here, we believed in what we were saying and teaching. We knew that we could change the business trajectory for the participants of this course.

The second round of Three More was eight straight weeks, and we emailed videos through Google Drive prior to each class. Man did we feel sophisticated. It was so encouraging to see this thing growing, and to think, now we even had videos?

Sidenote, I actually learned to edit videos on the fly. Becca asked me if I could do it, and I immediately said yes. My personal theme for 2021 was to say yes to things. I didn’t know how to do it, but I felt pretty confident that I could figure it out. Like anything, the first one took a while. But as I got better, it took less and less time. I’ll tell you what, I felt like Steven Spielberg when I learned how to add a jingle to the credits in the beginning. Anybody in our Three More program knows the jingle I’m talking about.

The third round of Three More, and remember at this point it’s still an eight week course, added the course login. Participants will now have access to the videos on demand through the online portal. Boy we were getting fancy now. By the third round, we were humming. The addition of the online portal allows the participants to view the videos at their leisure and prior to the calls. This made the phone calls so much more productive because we could focus on coaching the topics not presenting them.

After this round of Three More, the biggest change to date occurred. Three More became a lifetime access program and began to look like it does today. Participants have Three More have access to our video vault with 10 videos and growing. They have access to weekly coaching with me, and everybody that joins the phone calls. Then we have the online community, a Facebook group full of entrepreneurs looking to grow revenue.

As a facilitator of Three More, I’ve seen and learned so many things. I’ve grown as a coach and entrepreneur. My coaching ability has improved, and my businesses have increased revenue. I truly believe there is magic in this community. As such, I want to share with the public five things I have learned from the last 18 months of this program. The five lessons are not a top five, there’s no order of importance, and certainly, I’ve learned more than five things. But I’m sharing with you the most impactful. So here we go.

Number one, build a business before you build your business. I’m gonna say it differently and a little bit more direct. Get paying clients before you worry about the color palette of your logo. If you haven’t gotten it yet, I’m gonna try again. You don’t have a business if you don’t have revenue. One more time, there is nothing more important than revenue.

Okay, now I’m gonna elaborate. Client facing activities are more important than any back end work. Inside Three More, we go into this in more detail. But what I want to share right now is that no amount of work your clients can’t see will get you clients.

Here are some example of backend work that I see business owners do before they have any clients. They pontificate over business structure and wonder should I have an LLC? A sole proprietorship? What is the best business structure for my business? Well guess what buddy, you don’t have a business yet. You don’t need to worry about that.

They create logos and business cards. They get certification after certification. They have this endless loop of learning and investing. We call this certification procrastination. Really, this is the biggest one, and I think it sums up all the others, is that they worry about problems that don’t even exist yet.

For almost every business I see, biggest problem is that you don’t have clients, or you don’t have enough. Who cares if you don’t have a scheduling mechanism in place if you have no clients who want to schedule with you? Who cares if you don’t have a CRM if you have no customers to put in it?

Here’s the hard truth about this lesson, and maybe this one is actually the most important one. Humans, yes, you listening to this right now, me included, are cognitive misers. Or in other words, we are people who seek out quick, adequate solutions to problems rather than slow, careful ones. It is much easier to focus on business cards than conversations with people. It is much easier to imagine future problems that tackle the hardest and most present one.

Quite frankly, that is the biggest benefit of Three More. We are masters at client acquisition and building your business through organic marketing and conversations with real actual people.

Okay, on to the next one. Businesses are built on base hits. I’m using a sports analogy here so bear with me. A side coaching note, actually, analogies are great. There’s a scene in this movie Road Trip, where one of the characters says, “I could teach Japanese to a monkey in 46 hours, I just need something to relay the material.” That’s a great movie, by the way. So I hope you like sports because I’m sticking with this analogy.

Businesses are built on base hits. Consistent, small actions done over long periods of time, create massive results. This equation is always true. Yes, I use the word always. So I’m gonna say it again, Consistent, small actions done over long periods of time create massive results.

Now, I understand the tendency to want to make big moves quickly. It’s sexy, and it gets glamorized. Dogecoin made some people a ton of money, way more quickly than anything Warren Buffett recommended. But if you want to be successful over the long haul, it’s going to come from small and simple things done repeatedly over a long period of time.

Now a caveat to this is that needs to be the right actions. Client facing activities that put your business in front of people. But businesses are not built on homeruns. Its base hits and bunts. To continue the baseball analogy. If you do get a fastball out over the plate, swing hard, and hit that homer, but you’re going to see the biggest results from consistency.

Lesson three, if it works for a side hustle, it will work for a full time gig. Side hustles are great. For some people, the side hustle is as far as they want to take it. However, for lots of people who have come through Three More, the side hustle is just the beginning. I have coached many people through many different things. I’ve worked with entrepreneurs of all arenas, artists, coaches, writers, musicians, spa owners, dog groomers, retail professionals, marketers, and so on. I have yet to see a successful side hustle not turned into a phenomenal business if the person goes all in.

I know what you’re thinking right now. You’re saying, “John, there isn’t enough revenue to go all in.” You’re thinking I won’t be able to pay your bills, you won’t be able to sustain your lifestyle, etc. and so on. My answer to you is simple. Of course, there’s not enough revenue. It’s a side hustle. It’s not supposed to sustain and maintain your life. It’s on the side. But, and a big but here, it will sustain, maintain, and enhance your life if you commit to it. The proof is there. If it works as a side hustle, it will work full time. You have proof of concept, commit to it.

Now imagine this if you will. You’re on a treadmill at 20 miles per hour, running as fast as you can. Behind you is a pool. If you fall off the treadmill, you will land safely in the pool. Sure, you’ll get wet, but you’ll live. Now imagine behind you is a pit of lions. In which situation, do you think you will run further? The truth is that you will never achieve your maximum potential unless you get uncomfortable.

If you’re listening to this and you have a successful side hustle that you would like to make your full time business, I challenge you to make a plan to make your side hustle your full time business in the next 30 days. Also, I challenge you to join Three More. It’ll make this process a lot easier. I’ll say it again. If it works for a side hustle, it will work for a full time gig. Go all in.

Lesson four. An action is always better than inaction. Our mind is great at causing us confusion. Confusion usually leads to inaction, but action is also the antidote for confusion. Movement brings clarity. So here’s an exercise for you for those times when you feel stuck, and you’re not sure what to do next.

Step one, get a blank piece of paper and a pen. Now step two, write an idea, a word, a concept, your company name, your avatar, anything that comes to your mind as a priority in the middle of the page. Now draw a circle around what you wrote.

Step three, whatever word, or idea comes to your mind, write it down and circle it. Draw a line to connect the two words. Step four, continue branching off in any circle with new words and ideas for five minutes. Like literally set an actual timer and do not stop writing until the timer goes off. There are no wrong answers, and nothing needs to make sense. Just write whatever comes to your mind. This is a good old fashioned brainstorming session.

Step five. After that timer goes off, review what you have written. Look at it and analyze where is there value? Where’s there something useful? Where is there an action item? Step six is to isolate an action item and do it. Pick one, even if it’s the lowest hanging fruit, even if it creates the smallest victory. You’re looking to build momentum here. Perfect is the enemy of done my friends. An action is better than inaction.

Lesson number five, start now. I told the story of Three More for a few reasons. First, it was a fun trip down memory lane for me. But more importantly for you, it’s a good lesson on many fronts. Three More began messy, and quite frankly, it still is.

My hope is that next year I’m doing another podcast describing Three Mores current state with a twinge of embarrassment. That will mean that we’re growing, and most importantly, serving the community in the best way possible. Three More will never be finished. It is always going to evolve. When we started Three More back in November of 2020, it would have been easy to use an unfinished vision as a reason to delay the launch.

We could have realized that hey, it’s the end of November. We have Christmas coming up and used the Christmas holiday as a reason not to launch until after the new year. But that would have robbed our community of six weeks of growth, of six weeks of lessons, of six weeks they could have used what we were teaching them to better their businesses.

The truth is here at Hell Yes Coaching, we’ve launched many offerings with only a vision. In fact, I don’t know of one product at Hell Yes Coaching that has current format that is the same as the initial launch. Anytime you think about delaying a business idea or a new venture, think about why you’re doing this. I challenge you to jump and learn how to fly on the way down.

So there you have it. Five lessons I have learned from Three More. To recap, number one, build a business before you build your business. Number two, businesses are built on base hits. Number three, if it works as a side hustle, it will work as a full time gig. Number four, start now. Number five, an action is better than inaction.

If I could sum up the value of Three More in one sentence, it would be Three More give students the confidence in themselves and their business to proudly and succinctly tell people what they do and how they can help them so that they can get more clients and increase revenue for their business.

It’s been a pleasure to be here with you today. To our Three More community, thank you for the opportunity to lead, and thank you for teaching me all the things I discussed today. If you have any questions about Three More, please send me an email at [email protected] You can also join Three More right now at www.hellyescoachingonline.com. Thank you for listening, and I will see you soon.

Hey entrepreneurs. If you are ready to create your first six figure year, your next business investment is our course Three More. When you sign up, you will get instant access to our video vault. In these videos, I teach you exactly what I did to create a highly successful brick and mortar company as well as a booming online company. Both successful in their first year. It was not luck guys. It was a process. I am now offering that process to you.

In this class, you will become a master at organically attracting clients. Three at a time to be exact. #ThreeMore. You will know what to say during a consult or a conversation about your business so that people want what you’re selling when you speak to them.

You will know what to do when your client feels timid to invest in your service. They might want what you’re selling, but they feel on the fence about investing. This is normal. To become successful, you must know how to gently and confidently navigate these situations without being pushy but with their best interest at heart.

In Three More, you will learn new ways to think about money and sales and growing your audience, so they are lining up to buy from you. This is not gross and sleazy sales tactics. This is learning to inspire through quality service.

Best of all, you will have a community of other Three More members all reaching out for the same business growth where you can ask questions, make friends, and lean on each other. Our members say that the community is the best part.

If the community and the video vault doesn’t already make you feel like you won the business coaching lottery, we also have weekly live coaching calls. Every Tuesday at 1:30 Eastern Standard Time, you will receive live coaching in our community via Zoom so that you always stay in line with your goals. You can begin coming to these calls as soon as you sign up.

Guys between the video vault and the community and the live coaching, the program is fail proof. We are so confident that you will love Three More that we have a risk-free guarantee. If it doesn’t work for you, we will send your money back no questions asked. There hasn’t been a single person that has wanted their money back. In fact, the reviews for this course are all five stars.

Do not wait. Go to www.threemoreclients.com right now, right this moment. Make the decision right now that our business will inevitably be successful. I can’t wait to see you in there.

Hey, thanks for taking the time to listen to today’s episode. If you’re looking to get more clarity and momentum for your business, visit hellyescoachingonline.com. See you next week here on The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast.


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