Just knock it off already! - Hell Yes Coaching

STOP trying to make everything perfect.

Wanting your emails, your posts, your words, your social media, your brochure, your website to be perfect is wasting time and mental energy, and it’s slowing your growth 10-fold.

You’re the only one who notices and cares.

Your clients DON’T care if your website is the perfect hue of green, they just want your service and they want it now.

I am the queen of typos.

The queen of stumbling over my words.

The queen of mistakes. But, because I don’t spend ANY time reeling over it, I pump out 2x the volume of EVERYTHING.

2x the marketing.

2x the posts.

2x the Live’s.

2x the value.

And I get 2x the clients.

2x the referrals.

2x the everything.

People don’t care about your image. They care about whether or not you can help them.

Get out of your head and get your ideas out to the world.

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Just knock it off already!

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