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My husband used to think it was ‘cute’ when I wrote my big goals on the bathroom mirror.

I was a massage therapist bringing home about 25k per year. I wrote things on my mirror like, “10k in one month.” or “100 clients in one month.

629b1e91 40fb 4f84 b59b 27b6190e4faeNow, don’t get me wrong. My husband is hella supportive. But back then I hadn’t earned his belief yet. Why would he believe that I could bring in 10k in a month, when I never had? I never took this in as a problem in my mind.

People will side eye you when you say things like…

“I am going to run an ultra marathon.”

“I am going to become a millionaire.”

“I am going to be a best selling author.”

“I am going to create a course that will impact millions.”

These types of beliefs about ourselves can make others uncomfortable. And for some people, it even keeps us from saying our goals out loud out of fear of being the butt of a joke. Often times even our closest friends and relatives put themselves in a place of resistance and humor about us having such large dreams.

And I just want to remind you….that’s TOTALLY okay.

It is 100% okay if your spouse or best friend doesn’t believe you yet. Why would they? They might believe IN you. But how can we expect them to BELIEVE YOU when you write such things on your goal mirror?

You have to earn their belief. You have to show up for yourself. You have to believe before you expect anyone else to. And you have to do it in a way that their earned belief doesn’t even matter to you anyway.

My husband told me the other day, “You know, now I just get EXCITED when you write a new goal on the mirror. Because I look at that goal in awe and I know it’s coming true to life for you and for our family. There hasn’t been a goal on that mirror that hasn’t yet come true.”

I love that he said this, but I never needed him to.
I didn’t need his belief to feel mine.
I always had my own.


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