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Serious question: How much time are you spending trying to get clients?

I get it…you have some, and they seem happy.

But you spend a lot of time thinking and trying to bring in more clients and it’s not working like you’re hoping. So, what’s up?

It’s actually pretty simple. There is just a disconnect somewhere in your sales process:

  • It may be in the way you speak about your service.
  • It may be in the actual consult/conversation with your potential client.
  • It may be a lack of knowing how to help your client overcome an objection when they are interested but timid to buy.

To solve this, you have to first understand where the disconnect is.

This is why so many entrepreneurs are signing up to learn more about the organic sales process.

In Three More, I walk you through how to show up on social media that actually makes people want your service. You will know how to hold a consultation minute by minute. I teach you objection training. I help you see the holes in your delivery so that you can start closing clients at a higher rate.

Imagine if you closed as little as 25% more clients.

How much money are you leaving on the table by not sharpening your ax in the sales department?

It’s *SO* expensive to NOT get trained in sales,  Sign up now.

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Let’s Make Selling Easier.

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Let’s Make Selling Easier.

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