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Dear Lovees,

I was just coaching inside my Thirty More Mastermind and 4 different people asked for coaching on 4 totally different topics from 4 totally different industries…and ironically the coaching they received was all exactly the same. They all four needed to hear the same message.

It was like the Universe/God/Jeff Bezos had blanketed us with a  lesson today and it showed up for everyone. It is a lesson, that I, myself, have been needing to hear as well.

Here’s the lesson:

We often look at past evidence to create our beliefs for what is possible. Instead of just believing FIRST then problem-solving to create that outcome. this forces us to stay smaller in our successes for a more extended time.

When I was coaching today, I came across a great example of this:

If Jessica has only ever had 20 customers buy from her store in a single month and has never exceeded 20, then her brain is going to see evidence for 20 being within her realm of possibility. she won’t problem-solve for much more than 20. she is not likely going to problem-solve for 100 new customers next month. her brain just wouldn’t go there.

So when I was coaching Jessica, I realized she was problem-solving for only 20 customers next month. I challenged her, and asked why she wasn’t problem-solving for 100, she said that would never happen, even in her all-out efforts, 20 was the most she had ever seen.

So you see, she was waiting on her past evidence to show her it was possible. She was waiting on an outside circumstance to show up and show her it could happen. 

Let’s say the stars aligned perfectly and Jessica’s store brought in 30 people one month instead of 20. She doesn’t know why, she just claims it was a ‘good month.’ Her possibility-thermostat would now see that 30-in-a-month as an option. But she waited for the stars to align to prove her point to herself. She waited on outside circumstances to create her belief for her. Instead of BELIEVING 30 was possible from the beginning and going out and getting them. and problem-solving for them.

By waiting for the stars to align, she relinquished all responsibility to the outside circumstances to prove to her what was possible before she was willing to act on creating 30 people next month.


I put this in caps because holy shit, if you can grasp this concept, (And i mean truly grasp it and apply it to your business) you will breakthrough..

Do yourself one solid and grab a pen and a paper. Write down all the ceilings you have created on yourself. Ask yourself:

-How many clients can my business see next month? Then ask yourself why? Is it because you don’t know ‘how?”
Is it because this is what your past evidence predicts? How is this keeping you small?
What would it look like for you to triple your revenue NEXT month? Has it even occurred to you?

My hope for you is that you ALWAYS, ALWAYS break the ceilings in your mind of what is possible.


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