I am feeling memory laney right now.


2 years before this photo was taken, I had never even heard of the coaching industry.

In this photo it was 2019, and I had been a coach for a whopping total of 24 months. I was receiving an award for my coaching business success, and speaking to an audience about wealth.

Rewind to 2 years before, I had roughly $1,000 in my bank account when I spent $10,000 to become a coach. It was a massive hail-mary “hope-this works” investment.

That first year, I made $103,000 and was able to step away from massage therapy full time. The year afterwards I made $253,000, bought my dream home, and my husband quit his full time accounting job. It’s now been 5 years and my life is abundant with time freedom and money freedom on a level I never thought possible. I mean, c’mon, we just bought a million dollar company, we are more present with our kids from the time they get home from school until we tuck them into bed, and now I am a proud full time caretaker for my mom. To say that I feel like “we made it” would be an understatement.  

All because I took the step to actually go for it. Because I chose to buy the course. I chose to say yes to the coach. I chose to quiet the noise of the people around me making fun of the coaching industry. Because, deep down, I knew I had something to offer to help people.

Coaching is not an MLM. It’s not a gimmick. It’s simply teaching people what you know. And for me, that was business. For you it may be weight loss, business, divorce recovery, grief counseling, or how to cook. The niches are endless and there are massive possibilities in every single one of them.

We are certifying our final 2023 cohort of newbie coaches starting on Wednesday. 

This is your chance to say yes. To jump in.

This email and the link on the bottom could change your life forever if you let it. But you gotta be the one to make that big decision and you gotta be the one to step forward.

I cannot tell you enough that if you’re interested, simply lean in, go in, and practice courage.

Click here, to apply now and be a certified Hell Yes Coach by November.

Payment plans available.

With that being said, being a coach has entirely changed the way I think about wealth. Idk, probably because I actually have it now and never did before. Tomorrow, we are hosting our first (of many) live training inside of The Circle. If you’re already a member, you have all the details for tomorrow’s live training and Wednesday’s Q&A.

For access to tomorrow’s class, The Money Manifesto as well as future live coaching sessions, join The Circle here.

If you’re not a member of The Circle yet, you can still join John and me for The Money Manifesto: How Wealth Thinks live training tomorrow and the follow-up Q&A on Wednesday, but you have to sign up soon.

Sign up here, to purchase The Money Manifesto a la carte.

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