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The belief that making lots of money makes you greedy is rooted in lack, and it is an error in thinking if you believe that your riches take away from someone else’s ability to get rich. (“Getting rich is like hoarding the small amount of money that’s available.”)

This belief is as helpful of an action as refusing a taco served to you because someone else….somewhere else….is starving.

If you are concerned about others’ finances, consider this: Staying broke is not the way to help them. It takes making money to give, gift, and help people financially as well as create jobs in your community and opportunities for others. We can’t pour from an empty cup.

Broke Becca sucked resources out of the community (Food stamps, medical assistance, etc.). This is not nobler than wealth.

Rich Becca created space for over 40 people to pay their mortgages and funnels money into local businesses.

Say it with me. I am a good human, and it’s my duty to create wealth for the sake of my neighbors.

I will not let a few assholes in the world decide how I view money.

Money is the number one tool to create power.

Power is what creates change.

And for our planet, our human race, our educational system….change is what we need.

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Money Creates Power

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Money Creates Power

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