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On the day to day…do you expect shit-tons of money to come into your bank account? Or do you expect mediocrity?

Do you walk around expecting every person you meet is a potential client or do you expect clients are few and far between?

Do you feel it’s normal for most people to be broke in their 20s? What about their 30s? 40s?

Do you feel it’s normal for most people to be on antidepressants?

Is it normal to be exhausted all the time?

Individually, we all have different barometers for what we believe is ‘normal.’

What we normalize, we allow.

What we normalize, is what we create.

What we decide is abnormal is what we keep at arm’s length.

And the craziest thing is: we often don’t ever re-evaluate what we created normal, when in fact what we have normalized is running our lives and our every day.

If you’ve not surrounded yourself with people succeeding in their businesses, then you will feel like you’re attempting to scale Everest without a guide. If you surround yourself with people who have normalized fistfuls of cash at every turn, you will begin seeing evidence for it in your life, and begin problem solving on their level.

If you’re surrounded by people who read, learn, and evolve and share their knowledge often…you will normalize that.

Thankfully, what you decide is normal is up to you. Your normalities can change easily with a change in mindset, who you surround yourself with, and what you allow to be acceptable in your life.

Let’s talk about wealth:

When it comes to money, ask yourself these simple questions:

*What is a normal amount of money for me to have in my bank account?

*What is a normal amount of revenue each month? (Why this number, why not 10x more? Why not less?)

I recently joined a mastermind where six-figure MONTHS of revenue are completely normal. Every woman in there is speaking as if making 200k every thirty days is the easiest thing she does. THIS IS THE TYPE OF GROUP YOU WANT TO HANG WITH. The groups that help you see when you’re playing small.

Because the more you expect it, anticipate it, and believe it, the more you will rise to the occasion.

Normalize surrounding yourself with high earners. Normalize investing money into knowledge and growth. Normalize the uncomfort zone. Normalize larger sums of money than what you are used to seeing.

And for the love of all things Holy, stop normalizing broke-ness in Entrepreneurial America. YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT AND YOU’RE LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE.

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Normalizing fist-fulls of money

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