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When marketing and selling our services, our consumers only want to know *one* thing.

The ONLY thing they want to know is WHAT you are going to do for THEM.

They care about the result you are providing. Period.

Why? Because they’re human, and that’s how our brains operate.

They’re not buying from you because you’re “excited.” Or because of your life story. Or because your Instagram is pretty. So, we must learn to sell with THEIR result as the main subject, *not* anything else.

➡️ No more posts like this:

  • I’m so excited to show you what we are adding to our service list!
  • I wish I had known about this sooner
  • You don’t want to miss this!

➡️And more posts like this:

  • You will leave here with 2-shades-whiter teeth after 1 visit. (Dentist)
  • You will never have to think about your accounting books again. (Accountant)
  • In 8 visits, you can expect 80% less back pain (massage therapist/PT)

In Three More, I teach you how to sell from results and education, not from emotion and hype.

Emotion and hype can be manipulative. So, if you ever feel manipulative or sleazy but aren’t trying to be, it’s okay, but it’s time to learn how to sell by educating and offering value to your clients and customers with a true desire to serve.

Once you join Three More and know exactly how to sell, you will begin racking up those RAVING fans and supporters.

Because they will FEEL the love.

Get your Three More portal login and let’s do this.

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People Want Results, Not Fluff

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