Perfection Kills Business. - Hell Yes Coaching

The all-or-nothing perfectionism mentality kills business growth.

Get a little sloppy.

Let your hair down.


Get weird.

Just do the project you have been putting off.

For the love of God, stop taking it so seriously.

In Three More I show you why experimenting and failing in sales *is* the fastest way to find what works.

And when you find out what works, you will serve way more clients.

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Perfection Kills Business.

First, you must believe.

When I was a cocktail waitress at age 26, I didn't yet have evidence that I could make money without the fast-paced hustle and bustle of slinging drinks at midnight. At age 28, when I was a massage therapist, I didn't yet have the evidence that I could create passive...

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Ep #36: Why You Don’t Learn Anything from Asking How

Ep #36: Why You Don’t Learn Anything from Asking How

It’s really easy to get stuck and obsessive about how we’re going to reach our goals, how it will work, and how other people do it. We think if we don’t know how to do something, then it must be impossible. But the truth is, you can’t know for sure how to do something...

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