The all-or-nothing perfectionism mentality kills business growth.

Get a little sloppy.

Let your hair down.


Get weird.

Just do the project you have been putting off.

For the love of God, stop taking it so seriously.

In Three More I show you why experimenting and failing in sales *is* the fastest way to find what works.

And when you find out what works, you will serve way more clients.

Sign up for Three More now for lifetime access to a course designed to push you, give you energy and help you gain at least three more clients.

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Perfection Kills Business.

It’s fail-proof.

If you are ready to create your first six-figure year, your next business investment is our course Three More. When you sign up, you will get instant access to our video vault. In these videos, I teach you exactly what I did to create a highly successful...

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Ep #22: Money and Self-Concept with Nicole Stork-Hestad

Ep #22: Money and Self-Concept with Nicole Stork-Hestad

I talk about money all the time on this podcast and I’m all about helping you identify your fear of success, ways to build more wealth, and all that good stuff. So I’m bringing you a guest this week who has a real bird’s eye view of where people struggle with their...

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Perfection Kills Business.

Poor and In Love

When I met my husband we had nothing. Zilch. Literally. I was a waitress making rent by the skin of my teeth. Living tip to tip. He had an empty apartment with no furniture in it. (True statement. No furniture.) He was finishing school and working on his family's...

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