Perfection Kills Business. - Hell Yes Coaching

The all-or-nothing perfectionism mentality kills business growth.

Get a little sloppy.

Let your hair down.


Get weird.

Just do the project you have been putting off.

For the love of God, stop taking it so seriously.

In Three More I show you why experimenting and failing in sales *is* the fastest way to find what works.

And when you find out what works, you will serve way more clients.

Sign up for Three More now for lifetime access to a course designed to push you, give you energy and help you gain at least three more clients.

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Perfection Kills Business.

Or…we could STOP doing it for the glam

We all want the glamorous work. We want the work that gives us validation. We make the speech and the crowd goes WILD. We make the reel and we go viral. We become a best-selling author with sold-out book tours. We send the email and thousands of dollars are injected...

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Ep #65: How to Create a Vibe and Kickstart Your Sales

Ep #65: How to Create a Vibe and Kickstart Your Sales

This might be the first you’ve heard of it because I only marketed it to my email and social media audience, but we are fresh off the back of a three-day masterclass called Prosperous August. We had so many people having massive breakthroughs and gaining new levels of...

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Ep #64: The Beauty is in the Hard

Ep #64: The Beauty is in the Hard

I remember the day I made $200 in a single day like it was yesterday: the way it felt, the racing thoughts I had, the smell in the air, and even what day it was. I was waitressing, standing in the supply closet at work to call my mom squealing with an apron full of...

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