When I met my husband we had nothing. Zilch. Literally.

I was a waitress making rent by the skin of my teeth. Living tip to tip. He had an empty apartment with no furniture in it. (True statement. No furniture.) He was finishing school and working on his family’s farm. We used to “save up” for weeks to buy ourselves a date night, and we would splurge on the Rite Aid cabernet for special occasions.

It’s been 9 years since then and 2 businesses later.

We aren’t broke anymore.

And, this week we started plotting how to give even more of our money back and what that looks like. We want to think BIGGER about leaving a footprint.

You see, people can’t give when they have nothing to give.

Society has been taught to turn our nose up to wanting wealth and romanticize the struggle. But, struggling Mark and Becca had zilch to give back. If we wanted to give, we had to get serious about receiving.

One of our favorite things ever is secretly buying the groceries of the people behind us at the supermarket. Donating to pay someone’s rent who is struggling. Making it rain on GoFundMe. Creating jobs in the community.

I am not saying this to get a pat on the back. It’s to remind us that whether we like it or not, money is power. Resources are powerful. Without it, we can’t very well create great change or fill great voids or help struggling people.

It takes resources to give resources.

It takes money to give money.

Spending our energy playing small isn’t helping.

Hating on people who hold our nation’s wealth without trying to disperse that money into the “right hands” isn’t helping.

I recorded an entire podcast episode on this: Ep #21:Being Humble Doesn’t Create Change. It is now available on The Hell Yes Entrepreneur. The episode is 15 mins, and I bring the heat. Check it out!

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