The Hell Yes Entrepreneur with Becca Pike | Q&A: Is Thirty More Right for You?What is a mastermind? What does this look like? What do you guys talk about? Does it work? Is it worth the investment? Who is this mastermind for? Is this mastermind right for me? These are just some of the questions I get asked all the time about Thirty More, and you’re going to get some answers on today’s show.

A few weeks ago, four of my Thirty More Mastermind students held a casual Q&A chat for anyone who had questions about Thirty More. We’ve been getting more inquiries than ever before, so we’ve taken that audio, chopped it up, and put it in a neat package, and I’m sharing it on today’s episode.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be in a mastermind with me, tune in this week. You’ll hear firsthand from people who’ve been through Thirty More about the reality of being in this mastermind, the culture in there, the level of support, the results my clients have gotten, and how we help you achieve your goals, whatever business you’re in.

If you’re interested in Thirty More, I have good news for you. Enrollment for the January 2023 round of Thirty More is open right now up until November 18th, 2022. This is going to give you so much more time to make that strong, unwavering decision and apply to be in that room. 

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Some of the goals the entrepreneurs inside Thirty More have set for themselves and their businesses.
  • What the day-to-day culture is like inside the Thirty More Mastermind.
  • How I’m always available to the members inside Thirty More.
  • The returns on their investment that my clients in this episode made as a direct result of the work we did together.
  • Why Thirty More is the perfect container for both brick-and-mortar and online entrepreneurs like coaches.
  • How we go deeper in Thirty More than we do in Three More to get results for you and your business.

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  • Andrea Moore
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  • Hillary Talbott Roland
  • Lynsi Perraut

Full Episode Transcript:

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What’s up friends? So a few weeks ago, four of my Thirty More mastermind students held a casual Q&A chat with anyone who had questions about Thirty More. Like what is a mastermind? What does this look like? What do you guys talk about? Does it work? Is it worth the money? Like is it for me? Is it not right for me? Who is this for? All the questions. We took that audio, and we cut it up, and we clipped it, made it more concise, more to the point, and we packaged it for you guys for today’s episode. I’m really excited about this.

We have been getting more inquiries than ever before. We are so excited at how many people are interested in coming into this. They want to find that home. They want to make a home have a mastermind with a mentor and with colleagues. I am seeing such an amazing just energy from the people that are interested in coming into this. The deadline is coming up, November 18. So we are so close to the deadline. Do not wait to come in. If you guys are interested in joining, now is the time. Application windows are open. Spots are being filled right now.

But I’m just seeing such a cool vibe from everybody that is interested in this. I can’t wait to see what this next round pans out as. We are meeting in Austin, Texas in January to kick it off. Guys. It is time. The time is now. I’m so pumped. Listen in, tune in. Hear all of your Q&As on this Thirty More mastermind. Hear how I run it, what it looks like to be in a mastermind with me, and I will see you guys on the other side. This is episode number 77. I’m your host Becca Pike, and it is time for your weekly dose of Hell Yes Coaching. Let’s go.

Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.


Lynsi: Why don’t we just all go around and like give just who we are and what we do and then we can just open the floor to questions.

Speaker: Perfect.

Lynsi: Okay, I’ll start. I’m Lynsi. I’m a med spa owner in Georgetown, Kentucky. I’ve been in business about three years, and this is my second round with Thirty More.

Hillary: I’m an acupuncturist. I own a wellness center in St. Petersburg, Florida, and this is my first round of Thirty More. We are trying to actually double our revenue because we’ve been kind of plateaued and also build a virtual arm around our business, kind of like a safety net for brick and mortar.

Andrea: I’m Andrea Moore. I’m also in Lexington, Kentucky. I have a virtual business. I’m a chronic pain specialist. So I coach women who are struggling with chronic pain. It’s my first round and Thirty More, and in this round, I’ve been transitioning from one on one coaching to a program. A group program.

Sam: Okay, I’m Sam Varner. I’m a profit coach. So I’m the Canadian that lives in Texas now, but I work with entrepreneurs to scale their business. I’ve been in Thirty More for just this round. I’m at the point of actually creating my group program as well. So that’s about to be launched. So going from one on one coaching to group primarily has been the goal for this this round of the mastermind.

Hillary: I’m curious about kind of what the culture of Thirty More is like. I’ve been and worked with several different mentors and a few different masterminds, and there can be a very different feel in different masterminds. So I kind of just wanted to hear what your perceptions of the culture is in Thirty More.

Lynsi: It’s the most laid back welcoming group. Like I’m pretty sure we’ve had somebody cry. We’ve talked about kids. We’ve talked about our personal lives. I’ve never felt judged. The mean girl thing is not, it’s just not a part of it. I feel nothing but love. Even like when we post in the groups. So say you have something come up in the middle of the week, you post it in the group, and it’s nothing but love and advice and help. I felt like lifting you up. I’ve not had anyone—I mean even when you have to say something hard, it’s said with love.

Andrea: Yeah, completely agree.

Sam: The accessibleness of Becca in a way that like you can just chat with her. You can just shoot the shit with her. It is something that’s not always the case when you’re in high level kind of mastermind group, and I think that’s really valuable. You get to know her as a person, not just as kind of like a figurehead that is there kind of on a pedestal shining down on us. It’s not that environment at all.

I feel like as somebody who was looking for something where it was like I want to be able to just hey, how are you doing? Hey, what’s going on? Get to know her as a person and have her know me as a person, as opposed to just number, kind of a cog in a wheel kind of thing coming through the program has been really, really nice. So that I think is a huge part of the culture as well that I found highly valuable and unusual.

Andrea: Yeah, I want to totally just reiterate that. I feel like it’s definitely very laid back. It’s very, like high personal responsibility. But if you ask a question, you get it answered. If you don’t ask your question, you don’t get an answer kind of thing. There’s like you’ve got to ask, speak up for what you need. I feel like she knows each and every one of us. Because of that, her coaching is like infinitely more valuable because that’s not some like oh, here’s some random thing.

It’s like no, she like knows your whole backstory, and she gets to know you and knows your business. So like again, she can call you out on your shit. Obviously, if you spent any time with her watching her videos, she’s like raw and honest and like is not gonna hold back. But like it’s done with such love and support, right?

But like to me, that’s why I joined her mastermind. That was exactly what I wanted was someone who was not going to be like come on. You’ve got it. Let’s just hype you up, and let’s be all positive and like super high like yay rah-rah energy because like I’m like no. I need someone to call me out of my shit, because I know it’s there. She will do that while supporting and loving you. That’s yeah. That’s my take.

Hillary: I was just gonna say I think the culture is pretty supportive because I’ve been in masterminds too where it’s like especially if you get in a mastermind where everybody is the same thing. So like say everybody’s a life coach. It almost breeds this like underlying competitiveness, right? Of like who’s gonna rise to the top, type A over performers.

While I would say that there’s a lot of like recovering type A in our group because we’re all medicine providers. Well, not all, but like a lot of us are. I think that that’s pretty common. There’s such a level of support of like oh, my God, I’ve totally been there. Like let me offer you that you’re not alone in this. Here’s what I did. Maybe you can apply this to your situation, or take what you need from it. It’s very different than a lot of the other masterminds.

I’ve been in masterminds that have been fluff to where I’m like this is not even worth my time and showing up. I will tell you my schedule is pretty busy, and this is the one thing that we do not miss every week is the calls. Because I actually reinstalled Facebook and Facebook Messenger on my phone so that I could be part of the group, if that tells you anything.

Lynsi: I love that. Thanks, guys. So I’m gonna just hit the questions that were emailed that we needed to get to. The first is, “$12k is the biggest I’ve ever invested in myself. Honestly, is it worth it? Did you all make your money back and more?”

So I kind of wrote this down mentally that that is an extra $2,000 a month for the six months that you’re in the program. 100%? Yes. I pulled my numbers just for fun. In 2019 when I opened, I was at $19,000. I started coaching with Hell Yes the end of that year. 2020, I went to $117,000. Then 2021, I went to $476,000. So I felt like I really made that $12,000 back very quickly.

Andrea: Lynsi, that’s a month?

Lynsi: That’s a year. So out in 2019.

Andrea: Okay. I was like whoa. From ’19.

Lynsi: Like $60,000 month is one of my goals. So one day.

Hillary: But you did win the $300,000 award, right? So for the last six months going over $300,000 in our group. So I mean, I think that’s pretty special. She’s not even in business three years, and if she tracks that she’ll be like seven at least probably from her numbers. So that growth is explosive. That’s kind of the difference of what David was asking about. Like when do I join? Like if you look like Lynsi and I have numbers compete 10 years, not even three years business. That’s the difference between getting a coach in the beginning and DIYing all yourself.

Andrea: Lynsi, can you remind me what you do? What’s your service again?

Lynsi: I’m a small med spa in Georgetown. So Botox, filler, lashes, aesthetic services. I had kind of the same thing. My goal when I opened my business is just for me to provide my services to my clients. I never really had an intention of having a staff and having multiple treatment rooms. It just kind of snowballed.

When it started to snowball, I was like I have no idea what the next step should be. Like I’m trained as an RN. I’m not trained as a business owner, as an accountant, as a social media marketer. So I had all these questions about what do I do next? What’s the next best thing? Because all I know is nursing and how to inject. So I just knew I needed someone to guide me on those steps, and I feel like doing it before you’ve taken the step is better than like you’ve been in business several years. You’d have to redo things. So I feel like the earlier you start, it will snowball very quickly.

All right, let me see what this next question. “I’m always worried that containers are too geared towards coaches. If I’m not a coach, is Thirty More the right fit for me?” I would say yes because it’s really I feel like pretty evenly split down the middle of brick and mortar and coaches. I feel like we all kind of have the same goals. Like we want clients. I feel like even hearing the coaches get coached by Becca, there’s things that can take away from that. A lot of it’s just mindset, things that aren’t necessarily going to differ from each industry.

Sam: Yeah, I like that. I mean, as a coach, which is kind of the alternate side to that, I find it really valuable to hear the coaching that the bricks and mortar businesses get as well because it is a different perspective on ways I can apply that to my business. So I think there’s a lot of value in having online businesses and bricks and mortar and kind of just percolating away in that kind of space and deciding what piece you could use from the other side and vice versa. I think that’s one of the reasons I like it is that it’s not coach specific. That was something I was looking for was not just a coaching environment for me. So that was valuable.

Hillary: Yeah. I think when you run your business too, when you’re a service provider, like you love the service you get, right? You’re fresh out of school, you geek out on that. But then once you start to run the business, there are things that you want to share and you’re excited about in your business, but like your subcontractors don’t want to hear about that. Like they just want to do the medicine and show up or their job. That’s great. They’re not an entrepreneur.

So for me, it was, and I love my staff. My staff is like my family. But I wanted a group of women that had the same goals, or people. We just happen to be women this time. But that were excited about business, and that I could come and share, and I could celebrate things, or I could also have a place to land when I had mud on my face. Really know that I had a place to go and process all of that.

That’s been huge in terms of growth because when it gets all stuck in your head, and you’re the only person that you have to talk about it. Or maybe your partner. Sometimes your partner’s like oh my God, I don’t want to hear about your business again. Like it is really nice to have a group of people that you can totally geek out with, especially Becca. Becca totally nerds out on the business part of it.

Andrea: Totally. I was gonna go back to the first question just in case that person wanted to hear more than one person answer. But is it worth it? I feel like yes. Yes, I have made the money back. But just like a reminder of like it’s worth it if you make it worth it. Like that question is on you. I feel like it kind of relates to the second question of like one that yeah, this group is not only geared towards coaches.

But it’s like I get so much value out of listening to Lynsi be coached or Hillary coached, even though I don’t have—Like I’m in such a different position in my business, but there’s still so much value because I have made it that intention to like take the value out of it. So yeah, I feel like if you make it worth it, it’s so worth it. But like yes. Like objectively, I have also made the money back, which is also probably helpful to know.

Male Speaker: I’ve got a question for the coaches on the call. I’m a leadership coach for lawyers, still very early in my practice. In terms of what Thirty More is doing for coaches, both for those with brick and mortar who are doing more papers in business and scaling your practice that way it looks like it’s stepping back from providing good services, building your team out, and things like that. What does it look like for coaches in terms of what you’re getting out of it? It sounds like it’s transitioning from one on one service to putting together in groups. What am I missing?

Sam: Well, I think that happens to be where both Andrea and I were. Kind of I think going into Thirty More both of us were kind of like hey, we want to make that transition. So I think it’s what Thirty More has been able to do is kind of support us in that transition.

But I think as a coach, what also will probably happen is there’s that conversation around what you’re charging, what your structure of your service looks like how you’re capturing your client base, how you’re really nailing down who is your client base, right? Is it more specific than just lawyers in general? That sort of thing. I think when you think about a coaching business scaling, I think it can be scaling from a one to one offer to a group or one to many type offer. But I think there’s also the idea of just scaling to be higher end coaching, right, and having a higher end package.

Just getting that long term vision, I think, is one of the things is trying to build out your business beyond the next 90 days, the next 12 months even. Visioning beyond that stage, and determining what way you want your business to look in a three year plan, in a two year plan, that sort of thing.

Becca definitely doesn’t focus or recommend in terms of like this is the way you should do it. She’s very much more like let’s determine the way you want to do it. Let’s have a conversation around what that might look like. Then helps with whatever the strategy and the structure and the mindset you need to create that business that you have in your mind. Right. So it can be however you want it to be. It definitely isn’t something where it’s like well this is the ABC steps of doing exactly the same thing.

Andrea: Yeah. I want to kind of reiterate what Sam was saying. I think we’re just kind of by coincidence that we both happen to be in group. I actually think I went directly against what Becca recommended how I started my group. I’m pretty sure she was like yeah, maybe you should get some things in place, but I did not do that. But anyways, it’s fine.

Like so it’s really about figuring out I feel like Thirty More yes, very much supports the long vision. I feel like there’s a point where you’re like really scrappy in your business. Kind of the different energies that Valerie was asking about where it’s like the scrappy just need to go, just figuring things out, just throwing spaghetti at the wall, and immensely valuable, and there’s no getting around that stage.

But then there’s also then the all right, and I’m in this for the long haul. I’ll say I’m still at a point too where I will almost purposely switch into Three More energy. Like I’ll still join the Three More calls. I’ll even join them depending on like what energy I’m in that day. All right, I gotta get scrappy, gotta get back to the go, go, go energy. Then it’s like all right, now I’m stepping into the long term. Now I’m stepping more to this Thirty More like sustainable. This is about building the back end business.

So I feel like it would have been incredibly valuable had I still stuck with one on one because there was—I had built my business with no systems, and it was very scrappy. I was never maxed out at one on ones. Like I just decided to switch to group because that’s what I wanted to do, but I could have really probably used being a lot more settled in my business and got a whole lot higher revenue with one on one’s had I decided to focus there with a Thirty More process, if that makes sense.

So it’s really about what’s right for you and your business. There’s never any like here’s the way to do it. I want to say one of Becca’s gifts too is like individually knowing each person, and like totally calling you out on if you’re like that’s not what you said earlier. Like is that really what you want. So like she’ll get to know you and your business and kind of can help guide and coach to that as well.

Hillary: That’s what you do in the in person. When we come together, when we all travel and meet, you’re planning the next one, two, and three years and kind of then working backwards from like what you have to do in a way that is really in line with the state that you want to feel the whole way through.

Then, you know, it is surprising how sometimes you think you’re only going to get that stuff done in the year. But because you can see the whole picture and you have it in writing, it just starts to go faster and faster and faster. It’s like a slow cook method, but it’s done and more delicious than you think it’s going to be quicker than you think it’s gonna be.

Female Speaker: So I’m actually gonna, I’m gonna be very raw. So like I’ve been in business for 10 years, well having my own space. When the pandemic hit, it was a very positive thing for me because that’s when I pivoted, and that’s where I did invest in that coaching that helped me to do systems and processes and whatnot. So I now as a practitioner only treat two days a week. The other three days I work in the business, and then I have two other therapists that work with me. One of them is three days a week, the other ones four days a week.

When I look at the revenue that we generate a month, and I look at David. We just did like the numbers because I mean we got to talk about numbers. This is a business end of the day, and this is where I’m like what the F am I doing wrong? Like oh my god. I feel like I should have been at this next level.

Like I’m about $300k right now in a year, but I mean I feel like yes in the last three years I’ve definitely grown. I keep growing but considering all the hard work I’ve put in like I’m like what am I lacking? I feel like I just can’t get to the next level. This is where I’m like oh now I feel confused. Am I in the right program? Should I go to Thirty More? I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know if it is my mindset. I don’t know.

Hillary: One I just want to celebrate how far you have come like hell yes. Like it’s amazing. Just really just taking the time to be like look at all you have done. Sorry, as you were talking like I couldn’t stop thinking about this. I don’t know if this is appropriate or too personal or whatever. But like I couldn’t stop thinking about my mom.

My mom’s a dentist. My mom’s had a business for 40 years. Her business like is a hot mess. Like I think she just upped her salary to not even $60,000 a year as a dentist, and she is fully booked. Her business is run so badly. Like my sister was in it, and she’s like literally, she just is like hemorrhaging money. She’s been in business for 40 years.

So one, it’s really depressing and like really sad to see that because like my mom is over 70 years old and can’t retire and can’t find someone to buy her business because it’s such a shitshow. I say this to be like it’s not something that gets fixed with time. But like managed with like intention. My mom just like never whatever. Like she’s a boomer. Like I feel like that generation does not do coaching. She needs lots of mindset work. I don’t know where the answers are for her, but it’s irrelevant.

But like what I love about this group is that Becca has her hands in like so many areas of business that I do feel like she’s very good about like excavating with you have like where is the problem? If this much effort is going in, and we’re not seeing the results then like yeah, like why? Because none of us can answer that for you, obviously. I think it is really hard to see it when you’re in it.

Female Speaker: Is Three More going to help me in that sense to figure okay, well what has been the leaking pipe?

Hillary: I think Three More could probably help. Like I think if you’re going through the process and something’s like really hitting you as like oh yeah, I’m not doing that then absolutely. But you’re not getting into it. Like I mean, obviously you get coached on it and things like that. But I think again, there’s like a different level of conversation that comes in at Thirty More and a different level of like intimacy with your business and knowing what’s going on in the back end and like really getting that I guess the deeper dive.

Sam: Yeah.

Female Speaker: Well, and that’s where I felt initially when I reached out to Becca. I thought I was at the Thirty More because I’ve scaled already, you know what I mean? Like I’ve done the other coaching program to allow me to learn how to hire, fire, retention. Like I’ve done so much work on that. So I am proud of that transition, that change I’ve accomplished. But I don’t know if it’s because of that self-limiting, that fear I had of this whole social media stuff, which I’m totally committed now to get into it. I don’t know if that’s why she thought maybe Three More was more appropriate for me but.

Sam: I think both go hand in hand. I think there’s a reason why it’s kind of like it’s the kind of like 101, 102, right. So you want to have the base level of the information in there. It makes it easier when we’re on the calls, and Becca refers to something, it is coming from a reference point of the material out of Three More sometimes or Thirty More material, right. It kind of builds on itself.

So there might be parts of Three More that are super relevant to you because you’ve skipped over them thus far in your business. But the place that it sounds like you are in your business and the goal you have for scaling your business makes sense to be in a Thirty More container in terms of growth, right.

So I think the people that are the most successful will still look at that Three More content and kind of like put it into their business as well. But I don’t think—It doesn’t sound like you’re at a place where it would be like Three More only and not Thirty More. It just sounds like I wouldn’t skip over this step of like embedding yourself in that Three More content as well. I would just say do it simultaneously.

That’s fine. Like you can do that. You could make both calls a week. That kind of thing could make a difference or just embedding yourself in the material itself will come in handy nonetheless in Thirty More because we do talk about the kind of next level of the same concepts, right? It’s growing on those same developmental kind of basis.

Hillary: I think if you have the bandwidth for both right now then you can absolutely do both. I mean that’s what I did. I kind of begrudgingly did Three More because I had to do it with 30, but I was so glad that I did. Like I binged it all and just went. It like lit a fire, and I went to applying things before then had access to the Thirty More.

Then the other thing too that I don’t even know that people understand is like we pair off with one another. We just get randomly assigned each month, and that’s your person. You have to have one call a month, but it typically ends up being like more than that. So. It’s nice to just have somebody else, a different set of eyes and ears at the same level as you of like where are you leaking money? Like let’s talk through this.

Then a lot of times you flush it out and flush it out, and then you have that thing that you want to bring to the group, or you want to bring to Becca like we did the garden, and this is the one thing that I need help with. So there’s that level of support too of just having like that’s your person for the month. Like I’ve definitely gotten a lot of help from both Lynsi and Andrea so far. Sam and I haven’t been paired up, but like we talk.

Sam: We talk pretty frequently. Yeah.

Hillary: So it’s like here. Here’s a spreadsheet for this. I saw you posted that question, right? So it’s very collaborative in that way.

Hey guys, this podcast is the blood sweat and tears of a lot of different people. The planning and the preparation of each episode is extensive. My team and I are really proud to bring you this free and abundant content each week, and we hope that you’re loving it. If you are, the very best thank you that we can receive from you is a review and a share.

When you share this episode with a friend or leave us a five star review, it is like pouring a little bit of magic into our podcasting bucket. It is what gets our work recognized. It’s what gives us energy and keeps us going, truly. Not one share nor review goes without recognition from our team. As always, we fucking love you here at Hell Yes Coaching. Have a beautiful day.

Hey, thanks for taking the time to listen to today’s episode. If you’re looking to get more clarity and momentum for your business, visit See you next week here on The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast.

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