The Hell Yes Entrepreneur Podcast with Becca Pike | Roundtable Chats with Thirty MoreI know you’ve got questions about Thirty More, so I’ve enlisted some incredible entrepreneurs to give you some insight. In this episode, I’m sitting down with David, Susie, Lynsi, and Rebecca who are all halfway through their first round of Thirty More. Just four months ago, none of these guys had been a part of a business mastermind and they all had reservations about joining, but they joined anyway and they don’t regret it.

They’re in four totally different industries, but they’re all moving in the same direction, simultaneously simplifying and growing their company while learning a work-life balance that allows them to breathe and actually enjoy being a CEO. And they’re all killing it.

Tune in this week to discover the highs and the lows, the successes, and the real and raw side of being in Thirty More. My guests are sharing their hesitations, their biggest wins, the value of being in a group of ambitious entrepreneurs, and how their businesses have evolved in just four months of Thirty More.

I’m noticing a lot of you are interested in Thirty More. Well, enrollment is open for five days May 1st to May 5th, and I’m giving you all the details at the start of today’s episode, as well as giving you an insight into the monetary and non-monetary results the members in there are currently getting. 

I’m always trying to figure out how I can overdeliver for you guys. Well, I’ve got some news. Three More is no longer just an 8-week course. If you join Three More, you now get lifetime access to the entire video library that we use inside the program, lifetime access to weekly group coaching calls, and the Facebook community where we gather to exchange high-level ideas. And all this for exactly the same as the 8-week price. So if you’re ready to sell your service and book yourself out, you need to get inside.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What David, Susie, Lynsi, and Rebecca were expecting when they joined Thirty More versus what they actually found.
  • The massive differences between one-on-one and group coaching.
  • Why Thirty More is not an environment you can hide in.
  • The value of being in a space with people from different industries and experience levels.
  • How my guests’ businesses have evolved and simplified after four months in Thirty More.
  • The biggest realizations and shifts these entrepreneurs have experienced that have helped them step into their role as a CEO.
  • What my guests would go back in time and tell themselves about joining Thirty More.

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Hey guys. Super fun episode today. So I’m sitting down with David, Susie, Lynsi, and Rebecca. These are four of my students inside of the 30 More mastermind. For all four of them, they are only halfway through their first round of 30 More. So this is going to be a great opportunity to hear from the mouths of the newbies, the students that have just joined in with fresh eyes.

Just four months ago, zero of them have ever been a part of a business mastermind, and they all had reservations about joining. Yet, they all joined anyway. These four students are from all different industries and backgrounds. Susie is a chef. Lynsi is a nurse practitioner who owns her own aesthetic spa. Rebecca is a one-on-one coach, and David owns a company that does molding and casting for products.

Four totally different industries, four totally different backgrounds, but they’re all moving in the same direction. The direction of simplifying, growing their company, and doing this while learning a work-life balance that allows them to breathe and enjoy their company, something that a lot of us forget about when owning a business. So please sit back and enjoy he storytelling, the highs, and the lows, the successes, and the real and raw conversation that we have in this episode.

Please note we are only a couple weeks away from our 30 More enrollment window, May 1st through May 5th 30 More is opening up applications. You do not want to miss this. If you meet the minimum requires and are ready to simplify your business, grow your revenue, and become the CEO that you know that you can be then do not wait. Mark your calendars. What you’ve been waiting for is finally here. This is episode number 48 of The Hell Yes Entrepreneur. I am your host Becca Pike, and it is time for your weekly dose of Hell Yes Coaching. Let’s go.

Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

Becca: Hello guys. Hello to Susie and David and Rebecca and Lynsi. I am so happy to have you guys here. My audience has had a lot of questions about 30 More, the experience of 30 More, and I thought it would be really cool to bring in some newbies. So all four of you guys are new to 30 More, and you guys are all rocking it. All killing it. I was hoping we could just sit down, shoot the shit, and I could ask you guys some questions. How does that sound?

Rebecca: Sounds good.

Becca: awesome. Okay so let’s go right to it.  I want to get a picture of how your experience is so far. So all of you guys a year ago had never been a part of a mastermind. Even four months ago you had never been part of a mastermind. What were you expecting that this was going to be? Like what were you expecting was going to happen inside of a business mastermind?

Lynsi: I think I was thinking it was going to be a ton of people that just knew a whole lot more than me, and I’ve really loved seeing that there’s businesspeople in every walk. There’s people that are starting. There’s people that are where I want to be. So I think just the huge variety of people that are there really surprised me. I thought it was gonna be people that just knew a whole lot more than I did.

Rebecca: I agree with you Lynsi. The funny thing is you might have thought you were walking into a group of people that were smarter than you, and it turns out you’re one of the smartest in the group. I’m like oh, let me follow her. She’s doing great.

So the same thing though. You know in the coaching world we call it a container, and when I signed up for this business mastermind, I was looking for a container that was full of people who were looking to or already growing their business to the extreme. I also hold myself more accountable when I’m in a group of people. So when I signed up, that’s what I was going after. I know that if I put myself in this group of people that are strong and hungry for a bigger business, I’m gonna step up like no other. That’s exactly what I was going for.

Not to mention I knew that I needed a coach that was strong, had experiences similar, and was gonna push even if it was already hard. So feel like I got exactly what I was looking for in this container as we call it.

Becca: Aw, I love that. Thank you Rebecca and Lynsi. Yeah, I have been very public about my transition in my own mind going from one-on-one coaching to ground, and how different it is and how I spent a lot of time thinking that my clients weren’t going to get amazing results whenever I walked away from one-on-one and got into group. The only difference was that I just hadn’t sold myself on how powerful group was. I had just been spending years selling myself on how powerful one-on-one is.

One of the main things, going back to what Rebecca just said, one of the main things is that you’re capable of looking over your shoulder and looking at what other people are doing in the group. Where in one-on-one, you can kind of just like hide. Like it’s just you and your business coach. You don’t know how successful other people are, how they’re managing their mind, what their practice is and habits are.

But when you’re in a group like this and you look around and you’re like, “Oh, this person is goal setting every day. This person is self-coaching every day. This person just launched a new product and did $30,000 in a week.” Like all of a sudden things become possible that you didn’t even think up to begin with, right?

Rebecca: Yeah I want to add something too because I think what’s unique about your group is that you do have, like Lynsi said, beginners. Like start up beginners, well sort of, but then you also have those who are further along. It’s great to see both because when you use others get coached, you see the beginners. You’re like, “Oh, I totally missed that part. Yes.” Or you see the ones way ahead and you’re like, “Oh, that’s what I’m going after.” So you have such a variety of businesses and levels of entrepreneurship, and it’s so good for our brains to see all the options.

Becca: yeah. I’ve had a lot of people comment on, and this is in Three More as well, that it’s not just a coaching container, and it’s not just a chef container. It is all the industries.

If you’ve been around to different masterminds, most of the time a lot of times it is one industry, and there is so much value to be had for you guys to look at each other’s industries and see the culture of that industry. See where you’re missing pieces in your own industry because every industry has it’s own culture. It has it’s own habits. It has its own lingo. For a coach to look over at a real estate agent and find things that they’re doing that’s working and being able to implement it into their own culture is priceless.

How about you Susie? What were you expecting?  Because you had messaged me—I was on a beach, and my podcast had just launched. You messaged me and you were like, “Hey, I just listened to the first episodes of your podcast. I know that I’m going to need a business coach one day. I don’t even know what that looks like. I don’t know what business coaching really is.” Then eventually you signed up for Three More and 30 More. So what were you expecting with 30 More?

Susie: Well, it all kind of happened really fast. Like our first meeting was in November, and then I ran through Three More in December and then in January we’re in Miami getting started. So I think the best part about doing it all like that is I didn’t have much time to build up some expectations. In my mind I was like this is going to be great. I’m trusting where the universe is leading me along with your great one-on-one coaching sessions that we had before.

The biggest thing to kind of echo Rebecca and Lynsi is that I just took the word for what it was, mastermind. I was like if I can have 10 brains helping me think through my rapidly growing business problems and successes and what I need to do next, then that’s going to be better than my one brain.

Becca: yeah. You have excelled, all four of you have excelled. Right now in the middle of, when we’re recording this it’s exactly halfway through the 30 More mastermind. Like we’re on the exact halfway date. I’ve been sitting down with each of our one-on-one and talking to you guys about our journey. It’s been really fun for me because I’ve been able to like kind of look at your numbers and go over where you are and how you guys have simplified and expanded and scaled. You guys are all kicking ass. It makes me so happy, so excited to be on this journey with you.

All right David, I’m coming for your with this question. So what has been the biggest shift for you in your business since we met each other in Miami for the kickoff party?

David: so the biggest shift for me would have been basically my focus. I’m way more focused now. I’m able to sit down and analyze jobs a little bit more meticulously. Say hey, these are worth taking. These aren’t worth taking just so I can focus on the right things at the right times.

Becca: yeah. Yeah.

David: versus just taking everything.

Becca: so you were like just taking any type of work you could get, and now you’re calculating becoming more meticulous about what direction you want your business to go and what offers you were bringing in?

David: yes.

Becca: yeah. It’s been really fun having you as well because for a lot of female business coaches, they tend to attract other females, and that has never been the case for me. Like I definitely have female clients, but I’ve always had a hefty handful of male clients. This is the first time that I’ve only had one male at a time. I’ve always had a few at a time. All the males have done just as well as the females.

When I first started coaching, I was concerned. This was my own thought process, but I was worried that the males would get lost and feel like they didn’t belong. Or they would listen to us with our feminine conversation and our super-fast chatter and they wouldn’t feel like they belonged, and it’s been opposite.

You come in and you’re very analytical. You’re very calculated. You kind of just like speak when you’re spoken to, and yet you’re having a really successful round of 30 More. Like you have simplified and made a lot of changes. It’s just been really fun to watch you as a male client. Do you have any thoughts about being the only male client? Or does it just not even occur to you?

David: It really hasn’t occurred to me. I’m here to learn and surrounded by a lot of really talented individuals, and I’m just soaking it up.

Becca: that’s awesome. So I’m the only sexist here. That’s what’s happening. All right what about you guys. Tell me, what has been your biggest shift since we went to Miami?

Lynsi: for me it’s definitely learning to trust my decision making, trying to move into that CEO mindset of making decisions, not spinning in indecision, and knowing that that doesn’t serve me. That it’s okay to make mistakes if I do choose the wrong decision.

Becca: yeah. Love it. What about you Susie and Rebecca?

Susie: I was marinating over this question for a while yesterday because part of me feels like my biggest shift happened right before I started 30 More, when you kind of showed me where I can get in my way. Which has eliminated me from getting as much in my way as part of 30 More. I shifted my ordering process. I hired individuals. I bought another damn freezer. Everybody laughed about that. And have started developing models to solve problems for 3,000 meals rather than 500. So I think the mindset shift has probably been the biggest thing for me in 30 More as far as growing into my CEO-ness.

Becca: yeah. So let me hit before—I want to hear what Rebecca has to say too, but we have to tell them about the freezer because this is where entrepreneurs also get in their own way. Every entrepreneur has a story that is exactly like this freezer situation.

So Susie came. She had started creating meals, like allergy friendly meals, that she honestly was just making for her on family that you can throw in a crockpot and it’s super easy. Well, her wife accidentally sold it to like 300 people on a Facebook page, and she started this business. So that is a very condensed version of how Susie started her business.

But making all of these freezer meals. They’re selling like hotcakes. She had the demand. She has the people. She has the staff. She has the potential to grow this monster business. She comes in, and there’s one bottleneck. Like one thing that is really holding Susie back from having a monster ass business. When we get down to the nitty gritty of it, it’s because she doesn’t have enough freezer space. That was it.

The coaching that it required to coach her on buying another freezer or just problem solving the freezer situation in some capacity whether she’s borrowing a freezer or renting a freezer or it’s filling her backyard with freezers. But that’s what her brain was caught up on. For a lot of people that are in this situation, they can’t see it. They don’t see it. Because it’s covered with fear of success and growing too fast and what if it doesn’t work?

But the real root of the problem is they just don’t have enough freeze space, but they can’t even see it until they get a coach, until they’re in the group, until they’re doing through the process and they’re like, “Oh, I’m in my own way.” This is exactly what we’re talking about when we say you’re the only person that is in the way of your business growing.

So I love that story. I love that you’re caught up on the freezer space because as soon as you were capable of seeing it from an objective point of view, you solved it and your business grew substantially. You have space now to put your meals. So I love that. For anybody that’s in that place, I highly suggest getting a coach so that you can see what’s happening in your own mind. Okay Rebecca. What were you going to say as far as your biggest shift since Miami?

Rebecca: Yes. That’s one of my favorite stories too because it’s those little bitty things that get us stuck. Once you unlock it, it’s like everything else opens up. So for me the biggest shift would be clarity. Which I know it sounds vague or might sound too simple, I don’t know. But for myself and a lot of coaches, it sometimes is a struggle to really articulate what you do. Or maybe it’s like there is such a struggle between am I a coach or an entrepreneur? You want to be a coach and build a business, but being an entrepreneur is like such a different beast.

So, for me, getting so clear on what I offer and who I serve and what my program is, it has like completely changed the way I market, the way I offer, the way I sell, the way I coach, the way I goal set. Just the way that I run my business completely. So the clarity for me on who I am, what I teach, who I serve has like solidified my business like crazy.

Becca: Yeah, I love that. I’ve watched that happen for you, and that has been really a treat. So I’ve watched you Rebecca come into like just a totally new skin. I remember like watching it happen in the Slack channel.

One day in particular was when you said like, “I just closed like two $6,000 consults, and I decided that.” I think you were like turning away a client or something was happening where you were leaving money on the table because it wasn’t in line with what you needed. I can’t remember exactly what it was, but I just thought there it is. Like it just happened. I just saw it happen. Like Rebecca, future Rebecca from this day forward, is going to find a lot of success. It’s just been really interesting watching that switch.

Rebecca: Thank you. I feel emotional talking about it. Because I do feel like I mean, day one in Miami, I was like whoa, this is about to rock my world. Like the questions that were asked, the thoughts that had to happen. Just day one was a huge shift. You could feel it happening. I agree with you. There was a moment where—

I came into this group with the plan I’m going to be so vulnerable. I’m going to be so open and so raw with this group, and I have done it. What that does it like let my guard down so that I could stumble and fall and then put the pieces back together. You’re right. Just the changes, I feel it.

Becca: Yeah, absolutely.

Rebecca: I can feel it for sure.

Becca: I love that. So when we first started, when we went to Miami, a lot of you guys got what Rebecca would say your world rocked. What I mean by that is when you strip everything away and you look at the company that you have built, and you have to be faced with the holes and the voids and the mistakes, and you have to see how you have overcomplicated it. A lot of business owners never sit down to look at this. It is very triggering. It doesn’t feel good to look in the face of like all of the problems and the bottlenecks in your business. Like it’s easier to just ignore it.

When we went down to Miami, we did a goal setting for the future year. Like exactly what we want to do, where we’re going. We tried to get very clear on it. What would you guys go back and tell yourselves now? It’s only been three months, but it’s also been like a lifetime of learning in the last three months. What would you go back and tell yourself? Or would you tell yourself to relax, to trust, like to go ahead and rip the band aid off? What would you tell yourself?

Lynsi: Probably just go ahead and take the leap, to have faith in you, Becca, and your peers. I think it’s one thing to be vulnerable to your friends and family, but to be vulnerable in front of people that you don’t know. It’s scary, but you’re going to learn so much. Tiny things that can just make the biggest difference for you.

I think, you know, we have the supportive friends and family, but, I think you’ve said this before, their job is to protect us. So they don’t always know the best choices for us. But to have people that have your best interests in mind and understand those problems is invaluable. So just know that it’s going to be worth every penny and take the leap and go for it is what I would have told myself.

Becca: Yeah, I love that. That’s a good reminder. Our friends and family, like the people that have raised us and the people that live with us and the people that sit and drink wine with us at night. Like hat tight circle, they want to protect us. A lot of times they don’t have a business mind. They don’t have an entrepreneurial mind. Like they might live in a world of you climb the corporate ladder and you get yourself some health insurance, and you just save for retirement, and you don’t move a muscle. Don’t do anything else, right?

Even if they don’t, still it’s like those people are there to protect us and to help us. They have the best of intentions. That’s why it’s imperative if you have an entrepreneurial bone in your body to get out of that for a minute, to surround yourself with people that are trying to do exactly what you’re doing. What about you David? What would you go back and tell yourself from Miami?

David: Yeah, basically the same. Just trust the process and be willing to listen. Truly analyze certain things, certain habits, certain routines that may need to be changed because you do have our best interests at heart. That that just means a lot because you’re a third party that’s non-partial, that can look at it from a really different vantage point and provide a lot of different insights. That was a hard one for me. Because, you know, you have to let go your ego, right. You kind of have to listen and go yeah, I’m going to truly try to figure that out and truly try to change that.

Becca: Yeah, that’s why I tell people it can be so triggering because I think of business like an art. Like you’ve been sculpting this mold, this business. You’ve been like building it and polishing it and changing it. It’s a representation of you, and all of your thoughts and all of your hard work. Then for a third party to come in and be like, “This is not working. This tire is flat. This engine is smoky.” Like you can get pissed. I see that. I’m on the receiving end of it all the time, right.

The truth is what you said, which is I do have the best interest at heart. Like I’ve coached literally hundreds of businesses now. I want you guys to succeed. Rebecca said one time, and it was honestly a compliment. She said that when I’m coaching you guys like I don’t detach. I like reattach to you. Like I become more zoned in if it’s something that I had a problem with that I understand and had to get over that hurdle myself. So anyway, I love that. I love that, David. How about you, Susie?

Susie: There was only like one moment in Miami where I was feeling a little nauseous, and it was talking about money. But for the most part when I came out of that two days, I felt incredibly energized. I was ready to move forward and grow the hell out of my business. Was just like riding on this ultimate high for like the first couple of weeks.

What I would go back and tell myself now based on the fact that I had a little bit of a bumpy road in the second half of January and February, which happens to all of us. Was to give myself a little grace if I didn’t meet 100% of those goals that I wrote down in January. I still have it hanging up in my mirror. I still shoot for it. It’s a good guide, but I started getting a little down on myself when I wasn’t carrying through with all of them.

So what I would go back is like keep that energy high but give yourself grace if you don’t hit all that because there’s so many different things that happen to you when you’re running a business. Whether it’s like issues with staff or issues with the supply chain or having a shitty time in your brain. I don’t know. You have to be able to give yourself a little grace instead of getting mad at yourself for not maintaining that that energy.

Becca: Yeah, absolutely. It’s also like, to me I think of like going to these events as a vitamin, right? Like you take your vitamin every six month. Because there’s no doubt that you go there, and you just get amped out of your mind. You’re just like super stoked. You’re surrounded by entrepreneurs. We’re having dinner. We’re talking for three days straight about business. Like you can’t leave that atmosphere not excited about your business.

I watch as—This happens for my brain too, but like as the six months goes by, I get reinvigorated with each call with my mastermind. But then it’s like by the time the next in person event comes like I’m in need of taking that vitamin. I need my energy spiked back up. I’m like ready to get going again. But yeah, also just remember Susie, it’s only April. So whatever your goal was, I mean you got a long ass time this year. Usually quarter three and quarter four are the fun ones. So.

Rebecca: That’s a good—Because I think when you talk about goal setting, what I would tell myself even three months ago is the same thing I tell myself today. Because we have set lofty goals for ourselves for this, you know, first year. I’m going to say a year because everyone, I’m assuming, plans on doing this again and again. But the lofty goals can be very overwhelming.

So it’s funny because that’s who I coach are women who are overwhelmed, and they have great success but they’re going for more. It’s like I am my client, which is why I feel like I’m so in tune with them. It’s the same thing. You see your lofty goals, and it freaks you the heck out, right? Then you have to constantly look at your goal, constraint, look at your goal, constraint.

So, for me, what I would tell myself is stay focused, use constraint. Because especially as entrepreneurs, I feel like we are wired to go very fast. It’s a matter of channeling that lion energy, that you call it Becca, and not having the chihuahua energy that just get you overwhelmed, and you lose sight of what you’re really going after. So, for me, what I would tell myself and I tell myself every day is just constraint, focus, and breathe.

Becca: Yeah, absolutely. Constraint is a big part of simplifying.

Rebecca: Yes.

Becca: Oh, yeah.

Susie: No hows and no chihuahuas is what we learned.

Rebecca: Girl.

Becca: Stop asking me how. It doesn’t matter. What’s funny is the live event was so fun. It’s what we’ve been talking about, and it was a blast. But also like there’s still six months of phone calls after the live event, right. I had someone say to me like the live event itself was worth $12,000. Like, I would go and pay the $12,000 to surround myself for three days, chocked filled with like information and like being in contact with this type of crowd, and like planning and goal setting and all of that.

But then it’s like, you have a phone call every week, every Thursday for the next six months. Like how has that helped your mindset? What has been your experience of the phone calls post live event?

Rebecca: Yeah, it’s the accountability for me. to know that it keeps you on track. Because if we just met once, and then didn’t meet again for six months, you lose your way. Each week, you’re like uh-oh, have I done my work? Am I where I need to be? You know? You just check back in constantly, and then you also have your phone calls with your peers that you can set up too that’s been very helpful to keep us on track and keep my mind straight as well.

Becca: Yeah, I love that. How about you David? Because you are a feverish note taker during our phone calls.

David: So yeah. I mean basically, when you’re coaching and me or somebody else even, I’m always taking notes. I’m always seeing how that applies to me in my business, and what I can do to improve so. Then after the call, I’ll go back through the notes, and I’ll go all right. Let’s put a game plan together. What can I do to make this better or make that better and make the appropriate improvements? So yeah, I take notes all the time just to make sure I don’t miss anything and that I retain as much as possible.

Becca: Nice. Anything to add Lynsi or Susie?

Lynsi: I think for me it’s just each week you sometimes get stuff you didn’t even know that you needed. Things that you would never even see. There’ll be times that after the meeting, I’m like I needed that so much. Example where we talked a few weeks ago about coming from contribution. I have learned that in Three More, but just re-hearing that and hearing it from different perspectives, I needed that and I didn’t even know that I needed it. So I gained something that—I learn something every meeting.

Becca: So what would you guys tell people? I get these messages, and they’re like, “I can’t wait to one day apply for 30 More.” Sometimes it’s because they haven’t met the minimum requirements. Sometimes they have met the minimum requirements, and they’re waiting because they feel scared. They don’t know if they belong. They don’t know if they’re ready. There’s no real way to tell if you’re ready, right? So like, they don’t have a worksheet that tells them hey it’s time, right?

So I get these messages. They’re like that’s my goal one day. What would you tell these people? Like how do you know that you’re ready? How did you guys know that you were ready for 30 More? What would you tell them? How would they know?

Lynsi: I think there’s always gonna be something that’s going to tell you not to. There’s always going to be something else that you need to pay for. Something else that’s always going to need your time. But think of how far you could get if you start right now.

Because I was that person that took a long time to even start one-on-one coaching. I think it took me over a year after our first talk, Becca. I sit here and I think where could I be right now if I would have started my first inkling, that first moment that I knew that I needed it, how much further I could be right now. So if you’re thinking you need it, you need it. Start now. Don’t wait. Your future self will thank you for it.

Becca: Love it.

Rebecca: That’s so good, Lynsi. That’s so true. I think that’s where I was at too. I’m like well, I can continue doing my business the way I’m doing it and it’s fine. Or I can reach my goal 10 times faster and get things moving. So I had already decided that I was going to do a mastermind. I wasn’t sure. I just knew that 2022 was my year to go all in. Like I had grown other businesses, and I had stepped back and like taking care of my family more. I was so ready. I heard you want to podcast, Becca, and I was like that’s my girl right there.

So I talked to my husband about it, and we had some really good questions that number one, I just knew I was ready. Okay. Then I sat down and I said what am I hoping to get out of the mastermind? What is it that I think I can get from Becca that I can’t do myself? Why don’t I already have this?

Those three questions right there gave me a clear vision of what the goals and what the gaps are. Like what am I missing? Where am I trying to get? What do I need to do to step it up? So when I did join this program, I was like 100%. I know my flaws, weaknesses, strengths, and goals. All in, fully committed. So if you’re thinking about it, get really clear and just make that decision. Like when I sign up for this, I’m going gangbusters. That’s what you need to do.

Becca: Yeah, I love that last question that you said, which is why don’t I already have what I need? Right? Like, you guys are doing it alone. You’re just banging your head against the wall. You’re telling yourself like, I’m going to get there. I’m going to get there. I’m going to get there. Just ask yourself, why aren’t you there yet? Is it a lack of strategy? Is it a lack of knowledge? Is it a mindset problem? Like, how can you solve these issues? Where do you get the answers, right?

Rebecca: Yeah.

Becca: Oh, sorry Rebecca. Go ahead.

Rebecca: Well, I was just gonna say I think people get down on themselves. Because like well, I should be able to do it myself, or I’m smart enough or strong enough. Coaching is not for people who are not strong enough. It’s for people who are like fully committed and strong enough to do this work, right. So it’s not a weakness. I think also like, for me, I know that I thrive better in a group with accountability. Like I just do. Or even just having a one-on-one coach. I just do better. So instead of making it mean something about you, know that this is where you thrive and like go all in on it.

Becca: Yeah, absolutely.

Susie: By the time I got to you, Becca, I was definitely hitting the edge of 100% of what I can do, and basically crying on our initial phone call with how incredibly overwhelmed I was. I was searching. My wife and I were talking about like we’ve got to do something. We’re incredibly stressed out between like our nine to five jobs and running this business. Let’s start trying to solve this problem.

So I started poking around at different coaches. I had been following Becca for a long time. We played high school basketball together for a minute. So we’ve been like Facebook friends for forever. I was like well, that’s definitely going to be one of my calls. It was like that first coaching session was enough for me to be like all right, here’s the answer all my problems. Let’s do this. Because like I said, it was very quick, we had three sessions. I did Three More. I joined 30 More, and I couldn’t be happier that I’m here. Because I could not stay in that place I was at a moment longer.

Becca: I love that.

David: I mean I basically had the chihuahua energy that you refer to. To where I was always busy, always doing stuff. Thought that, you know, hey this is how I’m going to grow my business. I’m just going to do all the things and keep going with it. I was so frazzled at that point to where it was like all right, I have got to step back and regroup.

I decided that this was going to be the way to do it. 2022 was going to be the year to do that. So that I could grow it and just stay focused and stay the course on what needed to be done to build things up and move things in the right direction.

Becca: Awesome. Yeah, I love that. Okay, so two more questions. Number one, how do you guys find the ability to be vulnerable in this group? What I mean by that is like I notice sometimes people join masterminds, and they want to appear like they know what they’re doing. They want to appear like they have dug their heels into the sand a little bit in the foundational business world.

I’m a big believer that you should go into masterminds without an ego. Like you should go in and be like I need help. Like, this is what I need. Like bringing your most human self to the phone calls. I also noticed that a lot of coaches have this issue because they spend so much time being a coach and being in that mindset of being like the authority on the phone call. But it also goes for other people as well. Did any of you guys have a hard time being vulnerable enough to raise your hand and ask questions and appear like you didn’t know what you wanted to say or like embarrassed?

David: I definitely did. It probably took me the longest to open up to the group. I have grown up around that mindset to where you don’t show your FOMO abilities. That’s a difficult one to do. But once you do it and once you trust the process and the people that are in the group and know that they’re not just going to judge you and say, “Yeah, you’re stupid. You’re doing the wrong thing.” Whatever. You know, trust the process, and trust the people. We’re all in this together. We’re all pushing forward. We’re all trying to grow our businesses. We’re all trying to help each other out.

Becca: Yeah, and it’s really like the opposite of judgment. They’re all thinking God I’m so glad he asked because I’m doing that. Thank God someone spoke up.

Rebecca: Yes. You know, for me, like I came into this with the mindset I am going to be vulnerable. Because I tried it the other way for many years and like we’ve talked about, I do have other businesses. So I felt like I should yeah, this should be easy. I should know how to start a business. Let’s go for it. I was a hairstylist for 20 years. So I’ve kind of been coaching. This is like my jam. I should be good at it.

That wasn’t working because I’ve never been a marketer. I’ve never had to do a lot of the things that I’m doing now. So I tried to be the experts before I was ever raw and stumbled, and that did not serve me.

So I came in here just ready to have plenty of embarrassment and shame for not knowing, and it really hasn’t been that bad. You ask the questions, you be vulnerable, and you grow so much more. So much more. You know, is it easy? No, it’s not always easy. It’s embarrassing. You have to do your mindset work and your self-coaching.

But if I had not been as vulnerable as I have been and let my walls down, I would not have asked the questions. I would not have said the things, and not have grown in the ways that I have grown. So by the end of this year, this wall that I’ll let down and vulnerability is going to like just be my biggest assets.

Becca: What’s fun for you guys that you can’t even see that I can see, but you there’s no possible way that you can see this. Is how much you guys are in just the beginning stages. Like we’re talking here. We’re talking about like we’ve come leaps and bounds in the last three months. Like you guys have all simplified.

You’ve done all these things that are like setting yourself up, and you feel like you’re at your most successful version that you’ve ever been maybe. Like regardless of revenue, regardless of whatever, like you guys are thinking on a much more mature level than you ever have.

You all don’t even know what happens with the compounding effect of time and months. Like a year from now you guys are going to be listening back to this podcast, and you’re going to be like that was just the beginning. That was like the tip of the iceberg. Like I have come so far since that. It’s so hard to get yourself in that mindset.

But as the coach, I see it happen all the time, right? Like I have clients that I’ve had for years. I look back and I see them like in April of 2020 and April 2021 and April of 2022. I can see the massive change that has happened before them knowing that they can’t see it. I’m looking at you guys and I’m like y’all don’t even know. You don’t even know. Like just continue the process. Continue like sharpening the axe. Continue growing your mind. Stay on the track of simplification. You’re going to blow your mind.

I have so much fondness for you guys. I don’t know if I’m like pre-menopausal or what, but like I could seriously cry right now just thinking—Just watching you guys. It’s crazy.

Okay, last question. Here’s the big elephant in the room. I’m going to address it. Being in this group is $12,000. Not only is it $12,000, but it’s $12,000 like every six months if you continue the process. I teach my clients stay with me for a minimum of three rounds. Minimum. I want to see people in there six rounds, eight rounds, whatever round it takes to become a millionaire. $12,000 is a big pill to swallow.

I’d like to hear from all of you guys, just like how that went down for you. How you were able to wrap your mind around that. Just thoughts that came with it. Honestly, this is the biggest thought that our audience is having that is holding them back from taking the plunge. Because instead of thinking of the $70,000 it’s going to give them in return, they can only wrap their mind around taking $12,000 out of their bank account at this time, right? So take me on a journey of what that was like for you all.

Rebecca: I think it goes back to the question that you asked before when we were talking about knowing that signing up for this program was going to like 10 times our results. The $12,000, for me, yeah, it was definitely a big decision, and something that I wasn’t ready for last year. Like I wasn’t ready to commit to that. But this year when I was like I mean $12,000 for a return of $150,000? I’m in. Sign me up.

So I think for me that was my goal. Was like I know that I could not pay it and keep doing what I’m doing, which, you know, was not even close to what my goal is. Or I can pay it. I also know that when I pay for something—This goes back to knowing what makes you accountable. Groups make me accountable and money makes me accountable.

I can promise you if I pay $12,000, I’m not backing down. I’m in it. I will never waste it. I’m going for the gold. So I mean, just get your mind around that. Pay it and go all in. Gosh when you think about the returns, it’s almost like you’re paying me to shop here.

Becca: Right? How about you Susie?

Susie: I was just doing some quick math to try to figure out how much I had made since I started coaching with you. I had to drop like $20,000 at one time because we did the three sessions, Three More, and 30 More. All of last year I did $55,000 in revenue. Since that first coaching session with you it’s been $43,000.

Becca: So, all of 2021 you did $55,000. Just in the last few months you’ve done…

Susie: November to now, it’s been $43,000.

Becca: Yeah, I love that.

Susie: So just do it and trust the process. Because it’s awesome. Plus, you have like a whole crew of great people to celebrate with you. Like there’s nothing better than getting in there and posting a win, and everybody’s giving you a fire emojis and hearts and sending you—Everybody knows my love languages GIFs. So people send me GIFs usually.

Becca: I always called them jiffs.

Susie: Jiffs. Yeah. It was like the jiff GIF.

Becca: Well because it sounds like you said gifts. Like people are sending you gifts, presents.

Rebecca: I was starting to feel bad. I hadn’t seen a gift yet.

Becca: I wasn’t correcting you.  I still to this day don’t know if it’s a GIF or a jiff.

Rebecca: I don’t either. The moving pictures. The moving memes, that’s what I mean.

Becca: Yeah, right. My team told me the other day that they did an average. Like they calculated how long it took people to make their money back. The average was like 36 days after signing up. That was for the last round. The first round. The second round. 36 days was the average that people—It took them to make their $12,000 back. Like what the fuck? That’s insane.

Susie: I made 12 grand in November after you told me to buy a freezer.

Becca: That’s the best. Okay, what about you, David?

David: Yeah, $12,000 is a lot of money. So yeah, it wasn’t an easy decision for me. I can either keep doing things the way I’m doing them by reading books and by watching YouTube videos, taking the slow and steady route. Or I can fast track it and join the mastermind. Sometimes it’s better just to put money towards something that’s going to speed things along at a much faster and effective pace. By joining the mastermind, that that really does that.

Becca: Yeah.

David: So just do it.

Becca: All right guys. So thank you all so much for being here. I’m going to let you guys take a few seconds and tell everyone what you do, where they can find you if they’re interested in your service, and then we’ll wrap it up. I’ll start with you Susie.

Susie: I run Well Rounded Meals. We make allergen friendly freezer meals that go right into an Instant Pot or crock pot for dinner. We sell in the Baltimore, Maryland area and now in Lexington, Kentucky. Most of our communications are on Facebook at wellroundedmealsbmore. We do orders the first of every month.

Becca: Love it. How about you Rebecca?

Rebecca: I am a life and success coach, and I help female leaders and entrepreneurs reorganize and restructure their business and their life so that they can create balanced success and delete the overwhelm.

Becca: Love it. Where can they find you?

Rebecca: They can find me at—I’m on Instagram and Facebook at Rebecca Blackburn Coaching, or you can go to my website. It’s

Becca: Awesome, thank you. How about you David?

David: So Daboo Designs makes replicas of sculptures, and we replicate pieces that are hard to find as well. So if you have something that you need, you can basically give us reference drawings. We can sculpt it. We can create a model. Then from that we can replicate it. You can find us at We’re on Instagram and YouTube as well.

Becca: Awesome. Thank you. Right now Lynsi is having some Wi-Fi connection issues. She runs a Lolia Lash and Spa. They do aesthetics, Botox filler, lash extensions, and skincare. She is in the Georgetown, Kentucky area. You can look her up on Instagram or on her website. It is Lolia Lash and Spa. All right guys, thank you all for being here. I will see you guys tomorrow for our coaching call. Bye.

Susie: Sounds good.

David: Great, thanks.

Rebecca: Bye.

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Hey, thanks for taking the time to listen to today’s episode. If you’re looking to get more clarity and momentum for your business, visit See you next week here on The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast.

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