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When people say, “I think selling is hard,” I always replace their words in my head with, “I think getting rejected is hard.”

Because it is.

At least, at first.

Here are a couple of pointers:

1) Do it often. That’s right…get rejected. It only hurts in the beginning when it’s shocking to the system. The more times you get rejected and realize you didn’t die, the easier it gets. Asking your friends to go to dinner with you is easy because you’re not terrified of them saying no. They may say yes and they may say no. You’ve trained yourself through repetitions to not fear this rejection.

2) This is why the mindset work behind selling is so important: Getting rejected when you are selling from significance (importance of your commission) feels yucky. Getting rejected when you’re selling from contribution (truly helping people) doesn’t hurt.

If a starving person was in the street and you were trying to sell them on eating the sandwich in your hands, you wouldn’t feel yucky.

Think of your service like that sandwich. People desperately need physical therapists, accountants, personal trainers, coaches, cooks, farmers, etc.

Your service is needed and people want you to help them.

Sell them what they need through contribution.

In Three More we teach you EXACTLY how to get in front of more people, sell without feeling icky, grow your customer list, and have happy raving clients. It is a lifetime-access program with weekly coaching.

Every day that you’re mediocre at selling is a day you are losing money and not being as helpful as you can be to your community.

Join us now.

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