The guilt is real.

You were at your kids’ baseball game but you weren’t really watching.

You were thinking about work, weren’t you?

You went to dinner last night with your spouse but your brain was still solving problems from your customers.

You’re on a hamster wheel but you’re telling yourself it’s fine and normal. You tell yourself you should be thankful. You tell yourself you have it better than other 9 to 5 folks. You tell yourself this is good. But you’re lying to yourself.

Deep down you know life could be way better, and you’re actually not as thankful for your business as you would be if you weren’t so damn tied to it. And truthfully, this is the itch that tortures you. You know your family could have your full attention again without sacrificing the money, but you can’t seem to ever get yourself out of the vortex of your business owning you.

But to solve this you have to understand when to scale, how to scale, and how to properly delegate and manage, which you haven’t learned yet because the right teacher hasn’t come into your life yet.

Scaling is an art. It’s a simple art that anyone can understand, but few will choose to master.

But when you do begin to master it…you will get noticed. It will be obvious…because you will be working less but your business will be growing more…like, way more. Your spouse will start side-eying your bank account. Your parents will ask you if you’ve started doing something illegal because their brains can’t comprehend how you’re making money while you’re at your kid’s sporting events. Your friends will notice your energy has shifted.

Because yall, when you start learning how to scale and delegate properly, you will drastically increase your revenue immediately. The majority of my students double their revenue in the first 12 months of working with me (and even more exciting…they see revenue increase within 20 days.) Over 35% have more than doubled in their first year with me. And 10% have more than quadrupled.. Not because they’re working HARDER. Naw, in fact it’s the opposite. Your over-working mentality is keeping you from seeing the big picture. The students of mine who scale are the ones willing to take a big breath of chill-the-fuck-out-and-learn-a-new-way. Spend a year LEARNING how to work smarter, not harder. 90 percent of the shit you’re doing day-to-day is what is causing you to plateau financially, so by working with me you will  not be asked to put more on your plate. You will be asked to put less on your plate.

My students are having BIG conversations. They’re making BIG moves. They’re seeing BIG returns. And they’re doing it WHILE they’re working less hard. Thinking less about their companies. Focusing more on their kids and their homes and their pets. And they’re celebrating these wins together. At the round table. You want to be seated at this round table.

You want to be in this room. There is not a better space for business owners.

Love, Becca

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PPS: Listen to today’s podcast episode Stop Doing it for the Glam and the ‘Gram

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