“But….what if they leave and start their own business?”

I have had about…mehhhh…100 business owners ask me this when we start talking about scaling.

Hiring contractors to provide your service alongside you, to your loyal and beloved clients is scary. Especially if you’re just focusing on all the things that could go wrong.

But hear me when I say this: YOU WANT A TEAM OF SERVICE PROVIDERS. Service providers under your roof are your ticket to freedom, wealth, expansiveness, and all things glorious AF.

So, get your head right, sister.

Some things to remember:

  1. Most contractors don’t WANT to start their own business and are not at all a “threat” in that sense.
  2. But also, even if they do, why make it a problem?
  3. Have a non-solicit agreement in place so they sign off that they aren’t looking to take your company’s clients.
  4. And lastly, be OPEN when you communicate.

Here are some simple interview questions:

  1. “Are you interested in starting your own business?”
  2. If they say yes, try: “that’s great. How soon?
  3. Is it safe to say you could commit to this company for at least a year before you leave?”

Lay it on the table. All of it. Any expectations. Any concerns. Be OPEN. Your business is your baby, but your staff is your FAMILY TOO. Don’t make them the enemy before they’re even hired!!

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PPS: Listen to today’s podcast episode State, Story, Strategy: The Triple Threat

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