The Hell Yes Entrepreneur Podcast with Becca Pike | How to Sell the Hell Out of Your ProductI recently asked in my Facebook group what you guys would love to hear me talk about on the show, and we got tons of questions around marketing and social media, all of which boil down to the same core skill, or lack thereof: being able to influence people with your words.

Your posts aren’t getting lost in the algorithm. The truth is that people are not engaging with them enough. I know that’s hard to hear. And full disclosure, my copy was absolute dog shit until someone taught me how to use words to my advantage. And when you can hone your copy to start speaking to your potential clients effectively, you’ll see more engagement and ultimately more success.

Tune in this week to discover how simple it can be to attract your ideal audience to your business. We all have the ability and the resources to influence more clients and make more money using just our words, and in this episode, I’m showing you exactly where to start and what to avoid.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why you don’t always have to pay more money to get more engagement on social media.
  • How your words can create trust, show your expertise, and create urgency for your potential customers to buy.
  • The changes I have made to my copy style since I started my businesses and the most common mistakes I see others making.
  • Who your copy should be focusing on, whatever business you’re in.
  • 3 things you need to understand to start using your copy to speak with your audience directly and effectively.

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  • If you enjoyed today’s show, I would really appreciate it if you would leave a rating and review to let me know and help others find The Hell Yes Entrepreneur Podcast. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to follow, rate, and review!

Full Episode Transcript:

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Hello, guys. Welcome to episode 5 of The Hell Yes Entrepreneur. I am so pumped to be here with you today. Today we’re going to talk about the power of your words, and the influence they have on your sales. Let’s go.

Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

What is up my friends? Welcome back. It has been a morning for me already. Y’all, it’s only 11:00 a.m. Yet this morning I woke up, my nanny called in sick. She got her second COVID vaccine. So she’s basically dead right now.

For any entrepreneur couples/parents out there, you know how this goes down between you and your spouse. When your nanny or your school cancels or your kid can’t go to school, you have exactly one hour to decide which one of y’all are going to forfeit your whole day to stay home with the kids.

You end up like squaring off in the kitchen like it’s a duel to compare urgency of the tasks that you have. You’re like, “Well, I’m meeting with Jimmy. Can’t cancel that.” My husband’s like, “Well, today I have a finance meeting with the whole team. So I can’t cancel that.” So you’re trying to decide who’s going to cancel everything and stay home to color in the driveway and drink beer for breakfast, right? It’s not a bad gig.

Mark and I handle it pretty well. My husband has claimed that throne today so that I can work. So thank you to Mark for that. So then I went to the car wash, you know. Thought I’d get a little shiny before my day started. I pulled through to vacuum it out after I got the wash and realized that my back windows were down. Not down enough to notice during the car wash because I think I almost always turn around and look to see if they were open, but it was just cracked. Cracked enough to fill the cupholders and the seats and the floorboards with inches of soapy water.

Then, guys, I drove from there to my chiropractor. While I was in there, I started having a coughing fit. Like I was allergic to something. Like something wasn’t right. I wasn’t coughing before. I go in. It came on all of a sudden, and it was an awful tickle in my throat. I just could not stop coughing. Of course you guys know, it was COVID right now. I would honestly rather shit my pants in the middle of that chiro office than cough. They were looking at me like I was a fucking terrorist. I ended up leaving the appointment early.

Here’s the funniest part, okay. So, again, it’s only 11:00 a.m., and I’m already back here and all of this has already happened. I leave the chiro office, and I drive to Massage Strong. For those of you who may not know this, Massage Strong is my first business. All my blood, sweat, and tears are within the walls of these two massage therapy locations that I have.

For years, my life went into building this company. I started it when I was 25. I actually retired myself from an active role all together just a few months ago. Now I’m just the owner. Since I stepped away, we have hired probably 10 or 15 people.

So I walk in. I go to the restroom. When I come out, one of the staff members is standing outside of the bathroom waiting for me. I’m surprised. I’m like, “Hey, I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Becca.” She looks at me super puzzled, this poor girl. She says, “We haven’t officially opened yet this morning. Can I help you? Are you here for an appointment?” Y’all, this happens now. This is like the fourth time it has happened. What are you supposed to say to that? I don’t want to embarrass her, but at the same time it seems as though saying ‘hi, I’m your boss’ is a dick move too.

What’s the most weird is spending every waking second for years staffing a place, running it, building it, creating it only to be gone for like 75 days and meh, nobody knows who you are. After I explained to her who I was, she said, “Aw you are the owner’s wife. It is so nice to meet you.” From there I either A, said yes, I am, or B, said yes, I am and raged all my frustrations out to Marilyn Manson in my car until my ego leveled out. I will let you decide how that story ends.

Now here I am just a woman with a soggy car and a sick nanny and a washed-up title at her massage office. But have no fear. I’m actually feeling pretty good. I’m about to deliver a damn good message to you, and we’re going to go deep into copy today. So let’s begin.

I recently asked on my Facebook group, The Hell Yes Entrepreneur Circle, what you guys would love to hear me cover on this episode of the podcast. A few of the members asked me to speak on how to clients on social media. One person asked me like how to write productive ads. One was asking me why his posts weren’t getting much attention. He said he believed the algorithms were working against him maybe even though he knows his product and service is actually really successful and needed.

What’s awesome is that all of these questions boil down to the same core skill or lack thereof. Being able to influence people with your words. Matt, I’m talking to you. Your posts aren’t getting lost in the algorithm. The feed just shoves it to the bottom of the barrel if people aren’t engaging in it. The posts that people engage in are the ones that stay in the feed. If they aren’t engaging in it, then they go down and they get lost, right, because it’s not engaging enough.

Your words are your superpower on social media guys. Your words are your selling point. I say this with love because my copy used to be absolutely dog shit until someone taught me. Matt, I actually know what you do. You’re one of the best tattoo artists here in the city. You may be thinking that your photos of your tattoos would be enough to sell someone on engaging in your posts or sell someone on coming in to see you. That does seem like it would make sense, but unfortunately it takes more than that.

The good news is you don’t have to pay to get more engagement. You can just be more engaging. You can learn a couple little tools here when writing your posts, your advertisement, y’all’s email blast. Your words will either create trust, show expertise and create urgency to buy, or they will leave your audience scrolling right past.

We can post our asses off on social media 10 times a day. We can send an email every day, and we can have the best fucking talent in our city. We can have 25 million followers and be super kickass people, but if we don’t know how to speak to our audience effectively, we will not see our clients pounding on our door. How many times did you post on social media about your services this week? How many times did they fall flat? So flat that the only person to comment was your mama and her 15 heart emojis, okay.

What if I told you that attracting your audience on social media and through email and like really taking your words and bringing people to you is actually super simple. It can feel really clear and really good to you. Here are a few thoughts to put in your pocket.

So number one, anyone and everyone has the ability and the means and the resources right now to influence more clients and make more money with their words. Including you. One well written post, ad, or email can influence people to buy from you immediately. Just knowing this and believing it is going to make a difference in your copy.

Number two, on average it requires people seeing your offer a minimum of 16 times before they buy. This is the process of building trust and rapport. It’s kind of like dating. You have to date for years before the trust is strong enough to ask for the commitment of marriage, right? Just like it takes so many interactions of your audience seeing you and trusting you before they can go in on a commitment to paying you for your services.

If it takes you 16 times of seeing your offer. Let’s just say that because of algorithms and the amount of time that they spend on social media, one individual is shown a quarter of the things you post, right. Then please realize that you have to post 64 times on the same platform before one client has seen it 16 times. Does this make sense? Because math, right?

Number three, clarity is the queen of copy. Dumb it down, dumb it down, dumb it down. I will reread my copy at least three times asking myself how I can make it sound even simpler. A confused mind never buys. Make it clear. Make sure the whole thing stays with one theme and edit that shit 10 times before you send it out. Look for typos, look for improper grammar. If we can’t spell to, two, and too, then we have bigger problems on our hands.

Number four, get rid of the industry speak. So a great example is to all you coaches. No more find your power. No more find your words like life changing or take back control. Real human pedestrians do not talk like this. We must speak in normal people language. And to not ruffle feathers here, it’s lazy. This is a cop-out to not spend energy articulating the deeper details of what you’re trying to say. It’s easy to say amazing or life changing instead of verbalizing how it’s amazing. To find those words that can really actually articulate what you’re trying to say. Speak to your audience like they’re the normal humans that they are.

If you’re not a coach, this still applies to you. If you’re in the medical industry, you have to remember to speak in non-medical terms. We don’t know what the fuck an anterior rhinoscopy is. You can’t just throw these med words around to us, okay. Always ask yourself if you’re speaking in the lingo that you would speak in your industry because the people that would speak that lingo aren’t necessarily your customers.

Number five, we want to post about them, your clients, not you. You want them to feel like they are the spotlight, not that you are the spotlight. Stop talking about how excited you are and how you can’t wait to help them. I hate to say it, but they really don’t want to know about you. The only thing they want to know is how you can help them. This doesn’t come across when we post pictures of our products and say, “I’m so stoked about this new product. Call me today to reserve your spot.”

This is called writing from emotion versus writing from value, which is what you actually want to do. Writing from value is actually giving away free valuable advice and adding value to their lives. This builds rapport. This is why using education in your copy is so productive at turning into sales across all industries. Copy isn’t about you. It’s always about your client. Everything in your copy should reflect what they are going to get from you. Because reminder, it’s all about them. Everything. Your copy, your service, and the reason that you do what you do homie.

Number six, use pictures without words in them. They really will knock you down on the algorithms. The social media views this like it could be an ad, and Facebook wants to promote more lifestyle type of content. Number seven, know your platform. Facebook wants personal and lengthier posts. It wants emotions. Instagram wants quick hits of info. It’s like one or two word descriptions and emojis. Go learn about your favorite platform and what that culture is expecting of you.

Number eight, leave out the weird salesy questions. Imagine a photo of a person getting massaged, right? The copy says, “Do you have back pain? Do you have a hard time getting out of bed? Here at Massage World we can help.” Yuck. This is not how we would speak to people normally. Speak to people the way you would normally talk.

Instead, it could be, “Hey back pain is common for people with long commutes to and from work. We get it. You sit all day at work, and you drive an hour both ways, and your back is killing you. This is due to restrictive mobility in your muscles on the front of your hips. Thankfully here at Massage World…” Right?

All right number nine, and the last one. In your longer copy, if you know you’re writing a long Facebook post or an email or an ad, know their problem, sympathize with their pain, give them free advice, and offer to help them. I’m going to say this again. Know their problem, sympathize with their pain, give them free advice, and offer to help them.

Before you start writing, ask yourself what is it that they’re looking for? What is their problem? What is their actual problem? What am I trying to fix for them? What are they facing? How can I speak to that and add value to that in order to gain their trust?

You must know this above all else. There is so much learning to be had. You will mess up. You will write inefficient shit. You will write posts that no one likes. If you’re like me, you will accidently piss people off all along the way. This is normal in the beginning of the art of copy. But there are so many resources out there that are ready to teach you guys how to master your copy.

Before we go, I always like to leave you guys with a quick cliff note recap. By the way, shout out to cliff notes. They got me through high school and college. Okay, recap. Quality copy will sell the hell out of your product. It’s all about building trust and rapport. It is not a sprint. It’s like dating. Remember that clarity is queen. Remember that we want to get rid of industry speak. We want to know our platform, and we want to know your client’s problems and position yourself as the expert to solve them.

Hey guys. If you enjoyed today’s show and don’t want to worry about missing an episode, please be sure to subscribe and follow the show. If you haven’t already, I would really appreciate it if you could leave a rating and review to let me know what you think, and to help others find The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast. It doesn’t have to be a five-star rating, although I sure hope you love the show. I just really want your honest feedback so I can create an awesome ass podcast.

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