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The Hell Yes Entrepreneur Podcast with Becca Pike | Simplicity Creates ProfitDo you want to know a secret? Business is not supposed to be super hard and complicated. Stop letting people normalize that for you. Do you have to work to grow a business? Of course. But does it have to be super hard and complicated? No. It should be simple. Not easy, but simple.

Simplifying your business can feel very scary and triggering, but it is where true growth and scalability lie. If you don’t have a simplified business yet, it’s okay, there’s still time. In this episode, I’m sharing the benefits of simplifying your business and why doing so brings so much return on your investment.

If you’re ready to stop overcomplicating your business so you can grow and scale, I’m inviting you to step into the discomfort of simplifying your business to understand how to apply it in your company. Learn what an overcomplicated business looks like, what it requires to simplify your business, what creates the biggest results, and how to do it.

I’m noticing a lot of you are interested in Thirty More. Well, enrollment is open for five days May 1st to May 5th, and I’m giving you all the details at the start of today’s episode, as well as giving you an insight into the monetary and non-monetary results the members in there are currently getting. 

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Where overcomplicating in your business comes from.
  • The benefits of having a simple business model.
  • How I learned to think differently about my ability to make money.
  • What differentiates the hamster wheel entrepreneurs from the calm and powerful CEOs.
  • The problem with an overcomplicated business.
  • An example from my own life where I simplified my business.

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Full Episode Transcript:

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Hey guys. What’s up? We are 10 days away from the application window opening up for Three More. Thank you all for the emails and the love that you guys are sending. I know a lot of you have been waiting six, seven, eight months to qualify for the minimum requirement to be able to apply for this round. I’m stoked for you guys.

In lieu of us only being 10 days away from the application window opening up, I am going to talk today about simplifying your business. Because this is something that I see has the highest return, has the highest results that my students are seeing when they are coming into 30 More. They are simplifying.

This requires a lot of emotional awareness. This requires a lot of mindset. It requires a lot of release.  It requires a lot of hard work to be able to simplify your business, but it creates the biggest results. So today we’re going to dive a little bit into that. I’m going to tell you guys a little bit about what it looked like to simplify my business, and why it brings so much return on investment for my students as well.

This is episode number 49. I am your host Becca Pike. It is time for your weekly dose of Hell Yes Coaching. Let’s go.

Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

All right guys. You wanna know a secret? Business is not supposed to be so hard and so complicated. Stop letting people normalize that for you. A lot of people are normalizing that. I see it going around on the IG. People being like, “Gotta grind. Gotta work. If you want to see what your potential is, you’ve gotta be up all day, up all night. Offering everything.” They say things like if it wasn’t hard, anyone would do it. That only comes out of the mouth from people you don’t want to learn business from. Okay?

Now with that being said, do you have to work to grow a business? Yeah, of course. Does it have to be super hard and complicated? No. In fact, your business should be really simple. Maybe not easy, but simple. Like simple as in you sit down, you know exactly what you’re talking about, you know exactly what you need to do next. You know what you’re doing because you built out a very simple plan, and all you have to do every single day is execute it a little bit more.

Anyone that tells you that this is not the case, anyone that tells you that you should offer more and more and more. You should have more communication outlets. You should be on LinkedIn and Instagram and Facebook and email and YouTube. You should offer this and that because your competitors are doing it.

Anyone that tells you this stuff, they are facing one singular issue in their own business. One issue that I know so well because I lived it for so long. They have over complicated their businesses, okay. To be honest, this overcomplication was done innocently enough and with good intention. Okay? Over complicating your business, it often comes from trying to accommodate your clients and provide the best service and give more and more and more in hopes that you’re handing value to your customers hand over fist.

You try to do it at multiple price points in multiple different ways through multiple avenues of communication, right? You’re trying to accommodate and help. What’s left if a super complicated company that runs your life. When an entrepreneur does all of this, they expect people to flood into their doors. Everything that their customers could need is right there being accommodated, except they don’t come flooding in, and the entrepreneurs revenue is kind of stuck hovering around the same numbers. They’re fucking exhausted.

Overcomplicated companies often have too many offers at too many price points with half-executed ideas. They often whip things together at the last minute, right? Does this sound familiar? Instead of creating demand.

All of these things create a diluted energy, diluted budget, diluted intention, diluted audience messaging, confused clients, dilution of the brand and the reputation. Right? If you’re going a thousand different ways, you never become masterful in one area of your industry, right? Then you end up forever feeling this need to hustle and grind to keep up with all of the different audience’s needs. What is desperately needed here is a simplification overhaul.

So inside Massage Strong, my million dollar brick and mortar business, I used to be begged to bring on different modalities other than just deep tissue massage. They would say things like, “If you guys had Swedish massage, I would come a lot more. If you guys had waterfall massage, I would come more often.”

If I had brought them on, we would have probably made some money. I probably would have made some money. I would have been able to grab a couple ashiatsu clients for sure, but it didn’t fit the brand that I was building. We wouldn’t have the name in deep tissue massage that we have today had I diluted it in order to make a couple bucks.

We became masters because we stayed simple. We have raving customers because we stayed simple. We don’t feel a need to continue to add more and more and more because we did in the past. We are Massage Strong, deep tissue massage period. Guess what? Our customers love it.

I went to Raising Cane’s the other day. I went there because I was asked to go to lunch. I usually get like a salad or some grilled chicken or something. When I went to Raising Cane’s, which I see Raising Cane’s all over the place. I had no idea it was like three things. It was like breaded chicken, a breaded chicken sandwich, and fries. Like that’s all you can get on the menu. There is nothing else.  I wasn’t even mad about it. I didn’t get anything because I don’t want to eat any of that. I’ve been gluten free for like eight years. So I didn’t get anything.

But I wasn’t even upset because I was just in such awe of this business model. They’re like, “We make three things. We make them damn well. We make them fast. We make them efficient. When it comes to breaded chicken, we are your people.” I was like what a great simple business model. This is scalable. This has growth in it. This is easy to teach to the employees, and customers are never confused on what they’re gonna get. They go there, and they know exactly what they want.

Some of you guys have companies that aren’t simplified yet, and that is okay. It’s never too late. But simplifying requires a lot of mentality and emotional coaching, far more than it requires actual strategy. So like I could sit here and tell you the strategy of it, but it’s pretty simple. It’s like if you have an online business that sells like 5/6/7 offers.

Let’s say that you’re a coach, and you have a masterclass and one-on-one coaching and group coaching and small group coaching and VIP days, right. Like getting rid of all of that and focusing on one, you are going to make way more money because you’re not trying to drive five different cars at one time.

I was told one time that every single offer in your business is like having its own business. Like each offer requires a different audience with different needs with a different ad spend with different marketing techniques. So by pulling those all up at the same time, it is very difficult to get going. If you do get going, you go at a lot slower pace than if you got rid of all of your offers and just focused on one, right. It’s a little different for brick and mortar. So like brick and mortar I think people are capable of having two to three offers without going into the overcomplicated zone of business building.

So what I’m getting at is there’s not much strategy. You just take them away. You just delete them. I went through a very large simplification year last year in 2021. Oh, what is today? Today is 2022. Man, I have no idea what year it is. So in 2021, I believe is when I did the most simplification in my business. I remember getting coached on this. My coach said something that was so insanely profound.

I was talking to her, and she wanted me to simplify my company. At the time, I had something called Zero to Coach, which was a coaching certification that I offered inside of Hell Yes Coaching. It probably made about $100,000 a year. So it made money. I was happy about that. That $100,000 definitely added something to my total revenue that I really liked. Right?

She was talking about me getting rid of it. I said to her, I said, “Yeah, but it makes like $100,000 a year.” She looked at me and she said, “Yes, and to you that is pocket change. I want you to start seeing yourself the way that I see you.” It had never occurred to me that $100,000 could be pocket change. It was the biggest slap in the face with my self-concept, like the way that I view myself, my potential, my ability to make money.

I remember thinking oh shit. Like what if an offer that is yielding me $100,000 is taking up too much of my energy because I could be making millions with a different offer or with only one offer, right? The same went for one-on-one coaching.

I’ve told the story 1,000 times on the podcast, but it’s one worth telling 1,001 times. I also had one-on-one coaching, which was making probably like $150,000 also. She had been coaching me on getting rid of that as well. Now in hindsight, hindsight is 20/20. I look back and I’m like I’m so thankful for my past self, for my coach, for her patience while she watched me wrap my head around this and watched me while I wrap my brain around this idea.

But I was playing so much smaller, and I was picking up pennies is what she calls it. I was picking up pennies by hustling with five different offers and trying to get all of them to grow and being unwilling to let go of some then that made $100,000 when the only reason that I was able to do that was because I wasn’t seeing what I potentially could make if I let it go. Does that make sense? She was right.

When I simplified my business, it took off. I now teach the same concept to my students. It took off because I literally, again, the strategy side of it was simple. I took it down off my website. I ended up having to let some people go that were coaching for me in the Zero to Coach and one-on-one coaching part of it. I didn’t like any of that. It felt awful. It felt scary. So as far as strategy goes, I just removed it. I never offered it again.

But as far as mindset goes, I had to get coached for a really long time on why I believed in this and why it was a good idea until I started seeing what was happening. What I realized when I got back from that coaching and I sat down at my desk for the first time, I realized that I didn’t have so many things to think about. My job was now to sell one thing. At the time it was Three More. I need to talk about one thing.

It opened up my brain to all of these ideas, all of these ideas that I hadn’t tapped into, all of this creativity that I hadn’t tapped into before. All of a sudden, I knew exactly what to say and what to do because I wasn’t being weighed down by I should be doing this over here. I should be doing that over there. I need to be selling more of this. I need to be selling more of that. I had one job. All of a sudden I had all these thousand ways to communicate it to my audience and articulate exactly what they were going to get by coming and working with me through this one avenue.

The simplification of my business opened my creative brain substantially. Now I teach this same concept, this simplification concept, to my students. This is the chapter, the simplification chapter. This is what differentiates the forever hamster wheel entrepreneurs from the very powerful and calm CEOs.

This is something I didn’t realize that I was doing at Massage Strong. I knew that I was trying to keep it simple and on brand when I was doing it, when I was keeping it a deep tissue massage facility. But I didn’t understand the power of that until I became a coach and then overcomplicated my coaching business. Then had to go back and simplify it that I realized why Massage Strong, was so successful so quickly. I was like oh, it was just so simple. I was rowing in the same direction, all those years, the whole time.

Simplifying can feel very scary, and it can even feel triggering. I remember being really triggered for like three days after I was told to simplify. I remember thinking like my coach just doesn’t understand. She doesn’t understand how I’m running this business. She doesn’t understand how easy this is. She doesn’t understand that I’m making all this money and that it’s going really well. The truth is she did understand. I just didn’t want to see it. It can feel triggering to simplify your business because you feel like you are taking away resources that you and your company need. Okay.

But simplification is where the true growth and scalability lies in your company. I deeply invite you to step into that uncomfort. In 30 More, I teach what true scaling is. When you join, you will deeply understand simplification and how it must be used in your company.

As well as I will weekly mindset coach you for six months to support those transitions. Okay. I teach how to actually grow a business without losing your hair in a way that makes $100k feel like pocket change to you. You will get out of that like hamster wheel tornado of trying to provide more and more and more. Your audience will be happier, and they will understand your business even better.

A lot of entrepreneurs believe that their audience understands their business super well. I disagree with that. I think however deeply you understand your business, your audience only understands it by like a 10th of that. If you’re really good at articulating it, articulating your company and what it stands for and what it is, then they will understand it at about 80%. But no one understands it like you do, okay?

But when you simplify, your audience gains a large amount of traction and perception. They start growing and understanding exactly what you’re standing for because you’re talking about one thing, okay. You’ll be able to breathe and enjoy your business more and have one path to rundown instead of 10.

So I urge you to consider simplifying. I urge you if you meet the minimum requirements to apply for 30 More. If you do not get accepted this round, that is totally okay. I suggest that you join Three More and continue the three more process until you qualify and until you get accepted. But for those of you that do get accepted, I am so stoked to talk to you guys, to see you all, and to meet in person in July where we can chat, we can hang out, and we can grow the hell out of your business for the next six months. All right guys, have a good rest of your day. I will see you here next week. Bye.

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In Three More, you will learn new ways to think about money and sales and growing your audience, so they are lining up to buy from you. This is not gross and sleazy sales tactics. This is learning to inspire through quality service.

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Do not wait. Go to www.threemoreclients.com right now, right this moment. Make the decision right now that our business will inevitably be successful. I can’t wait to see you in there.

Hey, thanks for taking the time to listen to today’s episode. If you’re looking to get more clarity and momentum for your business, visit hellyescoachingonline.com. See you next week here on The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast.

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