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The Hell Yes Entrepreneur Podcast with Becca Pike | Sleaze-Free SellingSales are the foundation of your business. However, I have a lot of coaching clients who will do anything to avoid selling. They want to focus on building their website and their social media, or they want to take certifications they don’t need, all so they can ignore the absolute most important part of their business.

They think selling will make them feel pushy and gross. And unfortunately, there are people out there who sell in a super shitty way. Now, if you don’t make sales, you don’t have customers, it’s that simple. But it doesn’t have to be graspy or sleazy. So this week, I’m showing you how to remove your ego from your sales, so you can sell from a place of service and value.

Tune in this week to discover how to stay the fuck out of sleaziness when it comes to your sales. I’m sharing how to help the most people make the most money, and feel abundant, grateful, and helpful in the process.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why difficulty selling is the top thing people come to me with.
  • How so many entrepreneurs get stuck in a loop of disaster, telling themselves that selling with extreme caution is the solution.
  • The difference between gross, yucky selling versus selling that actually helps people.
  • How your bad experiences of being sold are forming how you think about your own selling.
  • Why increasing the quality of your sales by just 15% will literally double your sales.
  • What a strong, noble sales strategy actually looks like.
  • How to avoid lack, graspiness, and sleaziness while making a ton of money. 

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Full Episode Transcript:

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Hey guys. Today we are going to talk about sales. How to not feel pushy, graspy, gross, or sleazy. Y’all sales are the foundation of business. I have a lot of coaching clients who will do anything to ignore selling. They want to focus on building their website, their Instagram, their logos. They want to continue to get certifications that they don’t need all in order to ignore the absolute foundation of their business, which is sales. Which is having customers. If you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business.

They do this, they ignore sales, because of what they think sales are. We live in a world that unfortunately the majority of people sell in a super shitty way, and it feels gross to both parties. All of us bystanders have had experiences that have shaped how we view sales. But guys, learning how to sell from a place of service, of gratitude, from helpfulness and removing our own ego from the sale, that my friends is how you help the most people make the most money and stay the fuck out of sleaziness.

I am your host Becca Pike. This is episode number 30, and it is time for your weekly dose of Hell Yes Coaching. Let’s go.

Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

All right guys. So many entrepreneurs come to me with the exact same challenge. They know they can help people. They know their service is needed, but they do not want to feel pushy or salesy. This is the top thing that people come to me with. They’re trying to navigate how to put their service in front of people that comes from providing help and service without looking graspy, desperate, or bothersome. No one wants to be that person that people run from because they think that they’re going to get sold to, right.

Guys, we’ll do anything to be liked and to be accepted. That is human nature. So for most entrepreneurs instead of learning how to sell properly from a place of abundance and service and helpfulness, they decide to just not sell at all. Because not selling at all or selling very little with like extreme caution, they believe, is easier than learning how to sell properly.

Guys, this is a loop of disaster. This is how businesses fail. We must not cower from our challenges. We must look at our challenges right in the eye and face them, right?

So what you don’t want to do is say hey my number one challenge is selling, but I’m just going to not sell. Or I’m just going to sell like a tiny bit. I’m just going to sit back and hope that it survives somehow magically that people will want my service. Instead of spending the time to understand the difference between gross yucky selling and helpful selling, right?

You see gross yucky selling comes from when people aren’t properly trained how to sell. So their actions and what they’ve been taught has given selling a bad name. It’s not their fault, to be honest.

Let’s look at multilevel marketing, for instances okay. So there is a selling culture in the MLM marketing world that has transformed the way we view selling in our era. The selling culture there says sell anyone at any time with zero regard. If they’re in earshot, you sell to them. If they don’t seem interested, message them privately. Try to send them samples. Ask them to join your group. Ask them to buy from you.

I know this because I’ve been deeply involved in MLM marketing like coaching businesses, coaching businesses of MLMs. I also was part of an MLM for like a minute until I was like hell no. This is not the culture I want to be in. Not all MLM markets are like this. A lot of you in MLMs are probably pissed to hear me say any of this.

But it is a stereotype and it’s a stereotype for a reason. That it is true for a lot of people on the receiving end of bad salesmanship or people that have entered MLM markets and have been thrown into this culture. It’s jolting. It’s jolting to be on the receiving end of this, right?

If you’re in an MLM market, it’s time to perk your ears up okay. Now let me be clear. MLMs are not bad at all. I buy a lot of my products from MLM markets. Some of my favorite makeup and clothing is from MLMs. They have good quality stuff. What I’m talking about is the culture of selling in MLMs.

There’s a culture that is being passed down from generation to generation from like higher ups to their newer members that is, for lack of better words, an underdeveloped way of selling. A lot of the people that go into it, they don’t know anybody. Or they’re being promised a better future. They’re being promised that they can make money from home.

They’re being taught very specific ways of selling. They’re being taught to sell through quantity, not quality. So if you sell to 400 people, you’re bound to get a few, right. Which is not how strong noble selling works. Strong noble selling comes from a place that has nothing to do with the business owner’s pocketbook or the money that they make or the rank that they’re going to hit in their company.

The most successful entrepreneurs sell from a place of service. They sell from a place of helping people. They sell from a place of abundance, not from lack or graspiness. Becoming distinguished in this area comes from an understanding of mindset around selling. So how you think about sales is what shapes what type of salesperson you are, okay? Successful business owners, we don’t sell from emotion. So let’s talk about that.

Let me say this loud and clear. If you’re selling from a place of emotion, aka a place of hype of excitement. So you might say things like, “This service is amazing. Or you can’t miss out, it’s so good. I’m so excited about this new product. You’ve got to get it.” Y’all, this only works from your innermost trusted circle. You know who’s going to buy from you when you sell like that? Your mama and maybe your aunt who never had kids and is obsessed with you. That’s it.

Emotion doesn’t inspire people to buy from you. When that inner circle of your friends and family is tapped out, the general public, it doesn’t work for them. Imagine if you’re scrolling and you come across an ad for a winter coat. All it says is, “This coat is amazing, and we are so excited. Click here to buy now.” As opposed to if the same company sold to you instead from service, not from excitement.

So service looks like two things. It looks like education. So education on the product. Education on the service. Education on what you should or could or would be doing if you had different resources. Number two, it looks like helpfulness okay. So helpfulness and education, they’re very similar.

Imagine if this ad said, “This winter coat is the only coat tested and proven to keep you warm in -85 degree weather. It has new technology that hasn’t been used in coats before. It’s the same technology that they use to keep babies warm in the NICU who are born prematurely. We have added extra pockets because we know you have a lot of things to keep up with.

“It’s the easiest material to keep clean. Spills and smudges wipe right off. The belt tightens to give your waist a curve. The zipper is double bonded so you will never have to worry about zipper snags again, and it comes in 14 different colors. Here’s our to two most popular colors of 2022. We also make sizes for maternity women as well.

“Shipping is completely free. It comes with a reusable resealable box so you can send it back to us free of charge without any concern in case you don’t like it. This coat has a lifetime warranty, and we are a small business who takes quality very seriously.”

Now tell me. If you had to buy a coat, would you buy the coat that I just described or the coat that is exciting? Tell me which one feels more like how you sell all the time too. For you, it may not be so much on either end of the spectrum. I just gave two extreme examples that are on one end of the spectrum that is nothing but hype and another is very educational. You might not sell from hype, but you’re also like, “Yeah, that’s not me either that sells with that detailed of education.”

So let me tell you this. If you can increase the quality of your selling by even 15%. Like you increased 15% quality of selling, you will see 100% increase in your sales. Seriously, sales are the bread and the butter to your business. It doesn’t matter if you know how to delegate or to staff or create websites or write blogs or make cute little Canvas. None of that matters if you don’t have customers or if you don’t have a lot of customers.

That’s why the beginner course that I sell is all about organic sales. I don’t even let people come into 30 More, my more advanced business room, unless they’ve gone through my Three More course. Which is nothing but organic sales and how to do it properly so that you have a robust audience who you’ve built rapport with, okay, because sales are everything. They’re the foundation that you build your house on. If you don’t have clients and customers booking out solid or an audience that loves you and wants to eat up everything you post then nothing else matters.

So guys, you have to learn sales. Even if it’s the thing you keep ignoring. Keeping your head in the sand isn’t helping. The way that you show up, the way that you speak, and the things that you say, they’re all the foundation to your business.

So when you’re not wanting to feel sleazy, I want you to ask yourself. Am I trying to hype my customers up or influence them to buy from a place of excitement? Or am I selling them from a place helpfulness? Think of the coat analogy. One was hype. One was hey, winters are cold. Here’s all the reasons that this coat is really good. Buy it if you want it.

I want you to consider another thing too. When you don’t want to feel sleazy, always, always, always check with yourself when it comes to how tied you are to the outcome of the sale. When you want the sale to go through for your own good, your own pocketbook, your own ranking in your company, your own wallet then you’re going to show up way differently than if you’re selling based on, “Hey this customer needs this. I have the answer. I’m going to help them see that this is their answer, okay?”

In Three More, I teach you how to get yourself into a place of service before you ever have a consult or talk to a new client, and I teach you exactly how to run through that consult. Deeply embedding yourself into a place of your client’s needs, your client’s wants, what is going to help them the most will make your consult go way different than if you’re just thinking about you.

Everyone listening to this knows the difference between car shopping with a salesman who is super tied to the commission and one who’s not. One of them is willing to sell you anything and everything without much question. They don’t even ask you questions to see what you want. They’re just trying to upcharge you wherever they can. They use pressure. They use sleazy sales tactics. They try to use scarcity acting like there’s no other car like it, right?

Versus if you’ve ever had an experience where they ask you a ton of questions first to make you feel like they’re on your team, right. Like they’re actually considering what you’re saying. They’re like, “How many car seats will be in this car? Do you want leather interior or cloth? Is that a make or a break choice?

“How far do you commute to work? What’s your budget for gas? Have you considered an electric car? Do you know the difference with maintenance when you buy foreign versus domestic? Here’s a safety rating chart. Do you consider yourself someone who prioritizes the safety of your vehicle over price?”

Then once you answer all these questions, they show you their top options and you can feel that they are present with you and your needs. You can feel that they’ve removed their own ego from the equation. It’s not about them. It’s about you and the car. You can honestly tell that they’re not tied to whether you buy it or not because they’re in a place of service and abundance.

You can do this in your business too no matter what you sell. When you’re with your clients or on social media, ask questions to get to know exactly what you want. If you try to sell something to someone without knowing exactly what they’re looking for, you’re going to come off sleazy.

Curiosity is the best sales tool. You should be asking at least 10 to 15 questions to even know if your service is what they need before you offer it. Okay? They must first trust that you understand exactly what they’re looking for. If they have an inkling that you don’t understand their needs and you’re willing to sell to them anyways, it feels gross.

If you feel like you’ve slipped out of service and you’re more concerned with yourself and your own wallet and your own bank account, it’s going to feel gross to them. They can pick up on that. So gather yourself back. Back to a place of quality helpfulness, right?

If you try to oversell them, that means selling when they’re not interested, selling too hard, speaking too much, not allowing them to be a strong voice in the conversation or selling without permission. That’s going to feel gross.

Some things to remember. A, any bad experience you’ve had with sales is forming how you think about sales, but sales aren’t the bad guy. Those experiences can just be learning tools, okay. The top salespeople in the world, they’re not sleazy. They would never get to the top with sleaziness. So you can become the top seller in your industry purely because you are the most helpful person in your industry and you’re able to keep your ego out of it.

B, sales are just conversations. We never manipulate. We never pressure. We just talk. If that person has a need that you can fulfill, you offer it, period. End of story. It’s just a conversation. It only gets weird when you get weird. When you start making it about you, right?

Think about having a conversation with one of your friends. They’re dealing with something at home, and they need help. You’re conversating back and forth. They’re talking, you’re talking. You’re offering advice, but you’re not tied to whether they take that advice. I mean unless they’re in danger, but otherwise you’re kind of just like shooting the shit and you’re trying to help that people out. You’re just thinking about them and wanting them to get out of this crappy place in their life, right?

Can you feel how that conversation feels? Like it feels very organic. It feels very honest, right? Versus whenever you sit down to sell someone. If you think that there has to be an outcome that comes out of it, you turn into a weird person. You stop acting the way that I just described, and you start acting as if there’s an outcome.

When really the best salespeople are capable of talking like what I just said. Like they’re just with a friend. They’re trying to help them out. They’re listening. They’re not tied to anything. They’re just having a wholesome conversation that ends with the person hopefully getting the help that they need, right?

As my coach always says, sales are simply meeting people, telling them what you do, and offering to help them. That’s it. If you add more to it, you’re fucking it up. She doesn’t say that last part. I say the last part.

So I know I said a lot on this episode, but if I wanted to wrap it up in a tight little digestible pill, it would be this. Your mindset about selling is what effects your selling. If you think that you need the sale for the money, you’re going to end up using pressure. You’re going to oversell.

You’re going to use hype or manipulation without even realizing, without even thinking about it, okay. Because we are humans. This is what we do. We have deep survival techniques. If you’re telling your brain that you need this sale to survive, then you’re going to start using techniques that you wouldn’t normally use if you’re not in a survival mode, okay? If you think that you don’t need the sale for your own good and you’re only focused on helping the person, you will more than likely land the sale.

Lastly if you’re terrified of being pushy, salesy, graspy, or desperate and your solution to that is to just not sell, then let me tell you this. You are choosing to not help people. I am thankful every day that my coach sold me on her. I’m thankful everyday that my marriage coach sold me on her. I’m thankful that my personal trainer sold me on training. I’m thankful that my real estate agent sold me on my dream home. I’m thankful that my physical therapist sold me on coming in and getting physical therapy done. If any of them chose not to sell me, I wouldn’t have the kickass life that I have right now.

Sales are good because they are helping. They’re always helping if you come from the right place. If you want to take a seriously deep dive into sales, join my Three More program. This episode is literally just the tippy, tip tip of the iceberg of what I actually teach on sales. So stay tuned right now to hear all the details about everything that you get when you sign up on Three More. It’s coming after this show airs. All right. Adios guys. Have a great day. Bye.

Hey guys, are you on a budget? Listen to this. I currently have a $9 masterclass on my website called Three Steps to Land Your Next Client. This is a 40 minute discussion where I help you land your next client. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first client or your hundredth client, okay, this webinar includes storytelling, some fun insight, and if followed is guaranteed to land your next client. Again, this is only $9. You can find this at hellyeswebinar.com.

Hey, thanks for taking the time to listen to today’s episode. If you’re looking to get more clarity and momentum for your business, visit hellyescoachingonline.com. See you next week here on The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast.

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