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So, you don’t want to seem sleazy or pushy in your sales, but you know your service is needed. What to do? Try this.

First: Ask yourself, “Am I trying to hype my customers up by influencing them to buy from a place of emotion?” Emotion selling is selling from excitement or hype. The receiving end of this does not feel good. Instead, we must sell from VALUE and education.

Instead: Leave the emotion out of it, and sell by positioning yourself as the expert through educating your audience. (Hint: I’m literally doing it right now in this post.)

Second: Consistently check yourself when it comes to how emotionally tied you are to the outcome of the sale.

When you want the sale to go through for your own good, your own pocketbook, your own ranking in your company….then you are going to show up way different than if you are selling based on your customers’ needs.

When you think you “need” the sale, your body will go into survival mode. You will do things that are outside of your normal moral compass. this is how your brain is wired. When it thinks it’s life or death, it will do whatever is needed. It will tell you that it’s okay to slightly manipulate, or use pressure, or lie about the scarcity of your service.

Instead: You must consistently remove your own ego and your own needs in order to put yourself into a place of deep service for your customers.

Think about the difference between car shopping with a salesman who is super tied to his commission versus one who is not. One of them is willing to sell you anything and everything without much question. They even try to upcharge you in whatever way they can. They use pressure, sleazy sales tactics, and they try to use scarcity acting like ‘there’s no other car like it.’

Versus if you’ve ever had an experience where they ask you a ton of questions first that makes you feel like they actually care. They ask, “How many car seats will be in this car? Do you want a leather interior or cloth? Is that a make-or-break choice? How far do you commute to work? What’s your budget for gas? Have you considered an electric car? Do you know the difference between maintenance when you buy foreign versus domestic? Here’s a safety rating chart, do you consider yourself someone who prioritizes the safety of the vehicle over the price?” Then, once you answer all of these questions, they show you their top options and you can FEEL they’re not tied to whether you buy or not. They are in a place of service and abundance.

You can do this in your business too. If you try to sell something to someone without knowing exactly what they’re looking for, you’re going to come off sleazy.

Curiosity is the best sales tool.

You should be asking at least 10 to 15 questions to even know if your service is what they need before you offer it.

If you feel like you’ve slipped out of service and you are more concerned with yourself and your own bank account, it’s going to feel gross to them. They can pick up on that.

Always remember: sales are just conversations. We never manipulate. We never pressure. We just talk.

The same way we do with friends. And, if that person has a need that you can fulfill, you offer it. Period. End of story.

It’s just a conversation. It only gets weird, when you get weird…when you start making it about you.

Lastly, if you’re terrified of being pushy, salesy, graspy, or desperate…and your solution to that is to just *not* sell…then hear me out: you are choosing to not help people.

You are choosing to comfort your own fears, and removing your ability to change someone’s life with your service.

I am thankful every day that my coach sold me on her programs.

I am thankful that my personal trainer sold me on training.

I’m thankful that my real estate agent sold me on my dream home.

If any of them chose not to sell me, I wouldn’t have the kick-ass life I have right now.

Sales are good when they’re helping, and they’re always helping if you come from the right place.

You got this,


Ps: If you want to take a seriously deep dive into sales, join my Three More program. The tips I post here, on social media, and in emails are just the very tippy tip of the iceberg compared to what I teach in my programs.

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