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Have you been considering becoming a coach but fear taking the leap? Does it feel just a little too scary and unknown?

Maybe you even call yourself a coach now, but don’t have much evidence to feel confident in the direction you’re heading?

You watch others inside their successful coaching businesses and you feel a pang of desire to step into this success too.

You don’t know how to get clients.

You don’t know how to price or structure your coaching program.

You spin in confusion.

You wrestle with imposter syndrome and you know it’s getting in the way.

You feel like you’re spinning in circles. Some days you’re empowered, some days you’re not. Sometimes you’re positive you will kill it in coaching, sometimes you decide it’s not worth the effort.

Listen…what you feel is normal.

Everyone feels this way before they pull the trigger and ask for help. It is the indecision about the action taking that will kill you, though. It is time to decide.

We got you.

But it takes massive action to acquire massive results. Even if massive action is scary. You must allow help in. Even if it feels vulnerable. You must be willing to invest in your business. Even if you have no evidence that it will “work.” We call this trusting before you have evidence.

At HYC, we are the only certification program that is a 100% 1-on-1 mentorship.

That’s right, we set it up like this so that YOU will be successful no matter what. You will be assigned a personal coach to help you launch your coaching business in 12 weeks. Many students feel ready enough to launch MUCH sooner than 12 weeks.

No getting lost in big groups.

No pre-recorded outdated videos.

No wondering who to ask questions to.

Your teacher will be with you every step of the way.

And you WILL be successful.

Message us now, get assigned a mentor and get Hell Yes Certified.

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So You Want to Be A Coach…

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