The Hell Yes Entrepreneur with Becca Pike | How to Blow Up on Social Media with Bridget James-LingMy guest this week is a seven-figure coach obsessed with creating movements and cult-like communities whose no-apologies energy and vibrancy have paid her extremely well. Bridget James-Ling quit her nine-to-five corporate job in NYC where she was making $50K a year, to travel the world, host retreats, and build a million-dollar movement. 

Since quitting her job in 2020, Bridget has replaced her income and scaled her business to a million dollars, and she’s here to offer what it takes to become a seven-figure entrepreneur. We’re having an amazing conversation filled with wisdom and business-insight gems, so listen in and take notes.

Join us on this episode as I quiz Bridget on her entrepreneurship journey and what she did to blow up on social media. Bridget is sharing her top tips on wealth, health, energy, and mentorship, what it means to be ballsy online, and how to have a magnetic social media presence that has people flocking to your page.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What creating a movement means to Bridget.
  • The most important ingredients for creating a movement.
  • Some of the biggest challenges Bridget experienced when she left the corporate world.
  • The reality of what it takes to create rapid growth and wealth.
  • Why rejection is a core part of being an entrepreneur.
  • Bridget’s best advice for posting intentionally on social media. 
  • How to get the most out of mentorship.


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Full Episode Transcript:

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Hello my friends. I have a fun episode for you today. I am interviewing Bridget James. She is a seven figure coach, and, you guys, she is just so fun. Spunky and fun and excited and like her vibes, you’re going to hear in the interview. She’s just the best, and she is extremely authentic. 

She’s extremely authentic just as a human, but she’s also extremely authentic online. She has this no apologies vibrancy to her, and it has paid her well. So I want you guys to listen to us chat today. Squeeze out some awesome lessons. This is episode number 127. I am your host, Becca Pike, and it is time for your weekly dose of Hell Yes Coaching. Let’s go.

Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

Becca: Hello, Bridget, I am so excited to have you. How are you?

Bridget: I’m so pumped to be here. This is going to be amazing.

Becca: Listen to before we get started, I just feel like my audience is going to love you because I love you. I love your energy. I love the way that you just are as a human and the way that you show up on social media. I’ve just been really excited to have you on this podcast. So thank you for real so much for being here.

Bridget: Thank you.

Becca: Can you take a quick second and just tell us who you are and what you do?

Bridget: Yes. Okay, so I’m Bridget James. I build seven figure movements. I’m obsessed with building movements and communities and cult-like communities, not just coaching businesses. I quit my job in 2020 when I was living in New York City, absolutely miserable. I was like I’m going to travel the world. So I booked a one way ticket to Costa Rica, and I never returned.

Becca: Now you travel constantly, right? 

Bridget: Yeah, literally. We were just saying that before we started. I’m in Philadelphia right now and will be in Costa Rica next week.

Becca: Love it. So what do you mean by starting a movement? Like what does a movement look like to you or to the people that you have seen create movements?

Bridget: A movement, to me, is like this massive vision casting indoctrination community. I think about like, to give you an example, like Taylor Swift has built a movement. Then there are other singers that are just singers. Like I think of like, in the marketing world, like click funnels, like Russell Brunson has built a movement. Then you have people that go high level, they just built a software company. 

There’s a difference between building this massive vision casting, bigger than a transaction community that I think that if a lot of people went at building a business from the movement lens, they would have more success.

Becca: Would you say that the number one ingredient in the movement recipe would be branding or something different?

Bridget: I would say identity and vision casting.

Becca: Okay, so what kind of movement are you creating right now?

Bridget: Well, we have Freedom Queen. Freedom Queen when I started it, it was all about because I travel. So freedom, freedom to live wherever you want, be able to like pick up and be your own boss and travel the world and live by the beach. But honestly, Becca, what I realized with Freedom Queen this year is that it’s freedom to be whoever you want and build a movement that just is so buck wild crazy. It doesn’t even make any sense. 

Becca: Yes. I love it. I feel like you’re doing that right now. We’re going to get into that, for sure. Take us back to the beginning. So tell us how did you become what you are? How did that transact? 

Bridget: Well, in 2020, I was working this nine to five job which I have literally thought was my dream job. I was at one point, I’m going to live in New York City. I’m going to manage dance companies and perform, and then I did it. When I was walking to work, I hate this. Like I was calling my mom crying, making 50,000 to 60,000, something around there, per year.

I started walking dogs in the city to pick up money. I started selling things. I started selling supplements and network marketing. I’ve always been like a hustler since I was young starting businesses, and I just found a way to make money. I always knew that I was meant for something bigger. 

Like it’s just like that, you know, that feeling in your soul like okay there’s got to be something else. I remember sitting at my desk job looking out the window in New York City, watching the snowfall and thinking fuck this. This is not the vibe. This is not why I’m on this planet right now.

Becca: I feel like we all have a memory of a fuck this. Like mine sticks out. When you said that, I instantly went to mine, and I was no. Like rock bottom, I’m not doing this.

Bridget: Yeah, it’s just like a you like side eye your boss too many times, and you’re like I hate you. Why am I here? I could do so much more than this.

Becca: So, okay, and so what did you do?

Bridget: In 2020, I had already made an escape plan. I was like I’m getting out of here. I started auditioning for fitness studios in New York because I was a dancer. I could teach really well. So this is a really key point. I thought that in order to leave the nine to five world, I had to go into like the gig world. I thought that I had to take this stable job and then replace it with a bunch of little jobs and keep exchanging my time. 

Then COVID hit, and all the studios in New York City shut down. So I’m like I guess I’ve got to keep working. So I went online, and I started amping up selling the supplements online and teaching fitness online. I’ve replaced one month, the same amount I made online in freelancing being like a nutrition writer and a fitness instructor and teaching these classes for entrepreneurs online. I’ve replaced my income. 

I was like okay. I hired a life coach. I was like I just need you to hold me accountable. I’m quitting this job by September 1. Then I quit it by August 15. I was out, booked a trip to Costa Rica. Then I mean in the beginning, I was really struggling, but I was hustling.

Becca: What were your biggest struggles when you first became a coach, or when you first became an online presence? Would you consider yourself to have left the corporate world in New York and become a coach immediately? Or was there a transition where you were something else?

Bridget: I pretty much went right into coaching. When I was in the job for two years, I did online health coaching on the side. I called it like my subway business because I would literally only work it on my commute to the Bronx and the Lower East Side every day. So that’s when I knew coaching, how it worked. So I knew going, when I quit, I was going to be a coach. 

But the biggest thing I could not grasp how you could post on the internet and someone would buy. Because, again, my mindset was like I go into work, I work, and then I get the paycheck. I couldn’t understand how I could put something on the internet, someone would see it, and then want to buy. That, for me, like bridging the gap between the two was one of the biggest things that I had to overcome.

Becca: I’m still in that place. I’m still I can’t believe that we live in this world where I can post my thoughts. I can post what I’ve learned. I can say it. It goes out to thousands of people. Someone has moved by it. Someone is following along for weeks or months or years that I don’t even know about. They just fall in love with whatever I’m posting and then they’re ready to buy by the time they DM me. I am still blown away by that. I can’t understand it. I hope I never lose the magic. Lose the magic to it. It’s crazy.

Bridget: I mean, even like this, like we met online, and I like adore you. I love you. I’m talking to somebody else, and I’m like Becca’s amazing. I’m like we’ve never met in person, but we met through the internet because.

Becca: Best friends. 

Bridget: I’ve got to come out there one day and see you.

Becca: Oh my gosh, you would love it here. I have a beautiful guest room that has your name written all over it. We could go hiking. But yeah, I just love that this has happened. So tell me more about how you went from okay, I’m going to become a coach to now you’re pulling in like seven figures, right? We’re at the seven figure mark at this point. You’re not joking around. Like you’re doing it. What filled in the gap in between those two places?

Bridget: Like God and action. Like I think people massively underestimate the amount of action required. I thank God, I’ve always had a great work ethic. I studied dance growing up, which it was really cutthroat. Girls were cut all the time. You were told like you look bad, fix it, a lot of rejection. Very minimal people make it to the top. So I was always fighting for the top spots

When I started my business, I always had that mentality. There was some part in the way where I started to think, is it bad that I love working hard? Is it bad that I love taking action? Really when I let that go and I was like no, that’s who I am. I’m going to go crazy and take a lot of action and show up and believe that I can do it when I started to see rapid growth. 

Becca: Yeah, and I think that it’s something that’s interesting that’s happening in the coaching industry right now is I have a hard time finding a lot of women that are willing to say that because I also am you have to take massive action, action, action, action. You’re underestimating the amount of work that it actually requires. I get called masculine for it. I get called like all of these things. I’m like yeah, call me masculine, but I’m fucking rich. How about that? Why don’t you try it?

Bridget: Yes, everyone is yeah. Like oh, you’re so masculine. I hope you find your feminine energy. I’m like the most feminine thing I’ve ever did is make money. Like I’m a woman. I’m very feminine, very silly, very fun, very laid back. But I’m also I think the true definition of feminine is creation. So I’m like creating a baby. I’m going to create a ton of wealth. 

Bridget: Yeah, absolutely. I have felt more feminine the wealthier that I have gotten too. I think it’s because like learning to create massive wealth, you have to learn how to work hard and let go and disconnect. You have to say okay, I’m going to put in all this effort, and I’m disconnecting from the timeline in which this is going to come to fruition. I think that I have muscled my way through so many things, back especially when I was, I would consider myself to have been a lot more masculine in my early 20s. I’m just going to push this until it works

Now it’s like something has changed where I’ve taken a part of that. Like you said, I really resonated when you said that you went dancing, and they would be like it doesn’t look good. Fix it, rejection therapy, I got so much rejection therapy in the bodybuilding world as well as in just serving and waitressing, just constant rejection. It’s like such a recipe for what you need.

Like I am like ranting now, but I just feel like when somebody says do you think anyone could be an entrepreneur? My answer is always no. Like there are a lot of people that are not cut out for this. There are a lot of people that can’t handle their rejection. There’s nothing wrong with that. They just haven’t been in a sport or in a position to be trained to be rejected and be rejected often and be rejected hard. To know that it doesn’t mean anything about them, and they just continue to work.

Bridget: I completely agree. I’m like thank God I was rejected so many times and went through crazy things in my life because some of the problems I hear people complain about, I’m like that’s not a problem. Get bigger problems.

Becca: Yeah, no, I totally get it. I love that. So I want to ask you this. So you have, when I first met you, which wasn’t that long ago, I guess. I mean, maybe a year ago. You were an online presence. You were on Instagram. You were doing wonderfully. But something has changed, like something has changed. Like you are killing it right now on Instagram. It is so fun to watch

Before this call, I was looking at your Instagram. I was trying to really get a feel on anything that really stuck out to me so that I can ask you about it on here. I came across this post where you had a side by side of you when you were making 100k versus you when you were making 700k. You were talking in bullet points about the difference between 100k you versus 700k you. 

One of the bullet points was that you started posting with intentionality. Anybody that comes to your Instagram is going to know that this is for a fact definitely true. Like you are posting really good content. What does that look like? What does that mean to you exactly, posting intentionally? Because some people might say I am posting intentionally. I am intentional when I sit down, and I think about what I want to write, and I write it, and I post it. How would you argue that, or what has it looked like to you to change into intentionality with your posting?

Bridget: I think a lot of people, including myself, they go in the beginning. I was vague. I think a lot of people make a post that’s like grow your business, and they think it’s a good post but that’s actually trash. That doesn’t mean anything. If you want a deeper relationship with your audience, with your clients, with a partner, you don’t ask them what their favorite color is. You ask them like what childhood trauma did you go through to make you have this weird, quirky personality trait? 

That is so much deeper, and that immediately creates a deeper relationship with your partner with whoever because you’re willing to talk about things that maybe other people aren’t willing to talk about. The more that we stay on this surface level, vague generalized unwillingness to speak to someone specific, the more we reject people and we keep surface level relationships. 

But if you speak to one person going through one specific thing, it will make you magnetic. Why? Because it looks like you have a backbone because you have to be so clear about who you’re for that it will make people go that aren’t even your ideal client flock to your page because you are the one that dares to be specific and isolate other people

In a world where a lot of things are very confusing and vague and fluffy and no one wants to tell you the truth, if you speak the truth and actually are clear about who you want to work with, you become this like magnetize where everyone is just coming at you.

Becca: Yeah. So when you’re sitting down to write content, do you think of one person actually that you know, and you write to them?

Bridget: Yes, I will listen to, if I get off a Mastermind call or if I have someone in my DMs that I know is interested, I’ll just make a piece of content right for them, and they’ll go and sign up. Then like five more of those people will do it too.

Becca: Oh my god, I love that. That is so fun. So when you write your content, do you write it in batch? Like you sit down and you’re like I’m writing content. I’m writing to specific people. Or is it like every day it just flows to you?

Bridget: TikTok I batch. TikTok because I go crazy on TikTok. I do like Three to five posts per day on TikTok. So Mondays are my TikTok batch days. Instagram, I do it morning of on the treadmill.

Becca: Oh, interesting morning of on the treadmill. Do you feel like your juices flow more when you’re on your treadmill?

Bridget: Oh my god, yes. I also something that really helped is I don’t serve anyone. I don’t pour into anyone else unless that post is made, because it’s something I teach as the Freedom Queen formula. Like if you’re not posting daily, forget it. Go put in the reps. That has to be the thing that you do, for me first thing. Also, typically, the algorithm likes when you post early in the morning.

Becca: Yes, I have noticed the same thing. Ironically, I’ve noticed that my Instagram does so well in the morning, but I’m still on Facebook. When I post on Facebook, it’s in the evening or bust. If I post any time before 5:00 p.m., nothing. After five, if it’s like 5:30 to 8:30, I mean, it’s like a flood of people.

Bridget: That’s interesting. 

Becca: Yeah. 

Bridget: Instagram in the morning, Facebook at night.

Becca: Yeah. Which is so funny. Because now I like I have my assistant. So I’ll batch my content, and then I put it in Asana. Then my assistant turns it into like Canvas for Instagram. 

Bridget: You’re so good at this.

Becca: She has to send me a reminder like with the text for Facebook to send it after hours because she’s not working anymore. Then I’m like dammit. I have to post my own Facebook content. First world. 

Bridget: I mean but that’s so good. You’re like queen of systems. I love when I had you on The Business Coaching Podcast, and we talked about team because that’s so good.

Becca: Yeah. I mean why would I do something when somebody else could do it? That’s my motto in life. 

Bridget: That’s too good. 

Becca: That is my motto forever. Oh my god. So anyway, I have just really, I cannot tell you enough, enjoyed watching you blow up on social media. I have enjoyed watching your commentary about blowing up on social media inside of our business coaching courses that we’re in together. I get to watch you like talk about it and how fun it is. I’m just loving it. 

So piece of advices for social media, batch your content, be extremely specific, be very daring to say what you want to say. Do you feel like you noticed an immediate change when you started being daring? Or was it like months in the making?

Bridget: Like I think that if you want to go make more money, say what everyone else isn’t willing to say. If you want to stand out and call in, especially people that are like the high level people, they want to know like you have a voice. I keep saying backbone, but like do you have a backbone? What do you say that’s different than somebody else? 

Like particularly me, I’m really fascinated by people who dare to be polarizing. I love polarizing people. I think that their brains are fascinating. Their willingness to be canceled is fascinating. I just love that. I love the post you made. 

Becca: Which one? I’ve been getting a lot of hate on a lot of my posts lately. So which one?

Bridget: It was like something moms. Like my son said mom, mama. You were cool. Doesn’t everyone’s son say mama? Let’s talk about the recession, and how you’re planning for it? I was like yes. 

Becca: Yes, we should talk about this because this was a big learning curve for my Mastermind members. So I like turned this into a lesson for my Mastermind member. So I made this post. It was something along the lines of me trying to make mom friends. It was basically me trying to get out of a conversation about kids. 

Because I love my kids, guys, but I don’t want to talk about kids all the time. I want to talk about recession. I want to talk about profits. Like I love business. That’s what I want to talk about. So it’s super hard for me to make mom friends. 

This is my true experience with making mom friends. Okay, so I post about it, and I got so much shit for it. Everybody was like this is so sexist. I got DMs from people. 

Bridget: You got hate on it. I didn’t even know. 

Becca: Oh yeah. Yeah, I got hate on Instagram. I got hate on Facebook for it. 

Bridget: How?

Becca: Everybody was like this is so sexist. Basically what you’re saying is that women who want to talk about their kids can’t also talk about the recession or like they aren’t intelligent enough to talk about the recession. I’m like listen, if you think that, like if you actually think that, then my guess is that you think that, not me. Because that wasn’t anywhere in my post.

So anyway, moral of the story and what I was teaching my Mastermind was listen. This is the exact thing that we’re talking about when we’re talking about being ballsy on social media, being willing to say hey, I don’t want to talk about your kids walking. I don’t want to talk about that. Like maybe I’m not the same kind of mom as a lot of the other moms, but I’m going to gouge my eyes out if we have to talk about your kid’s first word or their first steps again. 

Bridget: Oh my gosh.

Becca: Let’s talk about something else. I got a lot of love for it and a lot of hate, and that’s that.

Bridget: I totally get it. Like earlier this year I made a post saying burnout is a made up word, and I literally did not think that this post would get like trolls. I got the most amount of you’re so masculine. Apparently, I posted on International Women’s Day, which I didn’t even know that was a thing. They’re like of course you posted this. People were commenting you’re dangerous. I’m like yes, I am dangerous. Obviously burnout is real, but y’all, I can’t even right now with this.

Becca: I know. I saw the funniest meme the other day, and it was I guess you call it a meme. I don’t know. It was just a piece of content. It said social media is free. We can get rich as fuck on this platform, and y’all out here arguing. I was just like yes. Thank you. 

You could get rich on this platform, and y’all are out here arguing. Y’all are out. One time, this was like a week ago, I made a real about the thing that’s going around about men thinking about the Roman Empire. 

Bridget: Yes. 

Becca: So I made a reel, and it was like the female Roman Empire. I said on the reel, I said hey guys, my husband just asked me what the female version of the Roman Empire is? Basically what do we think about constantly all day? 

I was like and basically my answer is basically that when we’re in a dark parking lot, we don’t want to get attacked, and we don’t want to get attacked during the day by men. We don’t want to get our drinks spiked with roofies. Like I just went on this rant about how women feel unsafe in their day to day life. It was very feminist of me. 

Bridget: I was going to say that is very feminist of you. 

Becca: It dropped into the wrong Instagram bubble, let me tell you. We had turn the commenting off because I just couldn’t handle my Instagram was melting down with all of the comments that were coming from men and women that were like you are an absolute piece of shit. Like you just hate men. You hate man. You hate men. I’m yeah, obviously I hate men. Like no, I don’t hate men. 

Bridget: None hates men. None of those people know you like that.

Becca: Exactly. 

Bridget: That’s not like you usually don’t make posts like that. So that’s actually going in towards more of like the liberal side. You’re like. 

Becca: Yes, I know.

Bridget: Your feed, it is funny.

Becca: Well, I think that’s what makes me feel safe about posting things online. Because I keep a very tight circle. I keep a tight circle of friends and family that know me. They know that I’m not a man hater. They know that I love children. They know that I am not a jerk and tell people to stop talking about their kids. Like they know my humor. So they think it’s so funny. 

I think if you don’t have that tight circle, if you don’t have those people that reassure you that you only look to them for guidance then it would be really hard. Because if you broaden out that circle, and you really care about what people outside of that circle think, you’re going to have a hard life. 

So, to me, it’s like anybody outside of my main circle can say anything they want, it doesn’t touch me. But if someone inside my circle said, Becca, I think you’re a sexist, or I think you’re not being funny, like that would hurt. But they don’t because they know me and they get my humor. 

Bridget: Yeah, they understand all the nuances and the context around it.

Becca: Yeah, yeah, exactly. I think that that’s a big piece of advice that people going out with social media that want to step out of their comfort zone which is surround yourself with your five to seven people that you know, love, and trust and take their feedback only. No one else. Everybody else is on the outside.

Bridget: That’s a good reminder. 

Becca: Okay, do you want to play speed round?

Bridget: Sure. Let’s do it.

Becca: Okay, so speed round, I’m going to ask you six topics. I’m just going to say a word, no, say a topic. You are going to give your best piece of advice on that topic as fast as you can.


Bridget: Do I need to say it fast? 

Becca: You don’t have to say it fast. You’ve just got to answer it fast. You can’t think for too long. Okay. Best piece of advice on number one, building actual wealth. 

Bridget: Your business is not the answer to freedom. Your business is the cash flow. Go take that money and then make that make more money. Go put it in assets, whether it’s like real estate or I do long term stock market strategies. The business that you’re making, the online movement, online coaching business, you’re going to have that cash flow coming in. 

But at a certain point, life is going to change. There are going to be times and seasons in your life where maybe you don’t want to be selling your time as much or how you’re operating the business now, not how you want to be operating the business later. So when you have cash coming in, at the same time also educate yourself on how can I make this money make more money for me without me really having to do anything?

Becca: Yes, hell yes. I love that answer. Yeah, the only reason that we were even able to do what we did in Hell Yes Coaching was because we had money funneled from Massage Strong. The only reason that we were able to buy a $800,000 yoga studio is because we had funneled the money from Hell Yes Coaching. It all funnels into new investments, and those investments compound to make more money.

On top of that, investing in Roth IRAs, 401Ks, all of the random shit that makes you more money is absolutely how you build wealth instead of taking the money that you make and buying a Louis Vuitton bag without ever investing into anything else. If you want to buy one Louis Vuitton bag, use your coaching money. If you want to buy 60 Louis Vuitton bags, go invest your money first, sit on it, wait for a second, and get your money out of it. Okay, speed round number two, best piece of advice on health.

Bridget: Health is wealth. Literally the months where I focus on my health the most are the months where I make the most amount of money. Very early on in my business, I hired a personal trainer, didn’t really have the cash to be doing that. But I was if you look good, you feel good, you have energy, especially in what we do. I’m constantly on camera, working with clients showing up selling on video that requires energy. It’s like a cheat code.

Like if you look hot, and you feel good, and you show up on video with fricking fire energy, everyone’s going to buy from you. That’s just the reality. So I would say prioritize your health over anything else. That has to be the first thing. That’s the first thing that I outsource. We have someone that does all of our meal prep for us. I’ve hired trainers before, before I hired anything else because I was I gotta get this in check first.

Becca: It is literally the cheat code. It really is. It is the cheat code. 

Bridget: Yeah. 

Becca: When you look good and you feel good, oh my gosh, you can do anything. You’re unstoppable.

Bridget: Yeah. All like the best ideas come when I’m in like a Muay Thai class or this morning, I’m in the gym lifting weights. I’m like I got this. Then I come here and get on the podcast. You’re just in a different energy. Half the time whenever I get into worry or doubt, or I think oh my God business isn’t working. It’s if I just take my ass to the gym and I work out, I feel fine. Are you not making money, or do you just need to go work out?

Becca: Yes. Are you in a bad mood, or do you just need to go work out? Are you overwhelmed, or you just need to weight lift? Okay, best piece of advice on relationships with other humans. So this is sisters, brothers, husbands, wives, boyfriends, humans in general, best piece of advice.

Bridget: I mean, work on yourself. That’s been my biggest lesson is with my relationship. Robbie and I, we’ve been together for three years. Just in everyone in general. The more that I work on me, the better the relationship gets. It’s like I stop trying to change other people, fix them. I’m like hold the mirror up sister, look at yourself. I look at myself. I’m like oh my God. I have all these areas to improve. That’s been one that’s really helped me is just looking at okay, but are you doing the things that you want that person to be doing? 

Then the other pieces boundaries. This was a good one for me. In the first year of my business, I would tell everyone, everything. I would disclose everything to my boyfriend about clients and how much money I was making, my mom

The second year in business, I stopped doing that. I noticed a huge shift where I realized there’s certain information that should be shared with you, with a mentor, with my boyfriend, with my mom. Then there’s certain information that doesn’t need to be shared

Like knowing the conversations I want to have in each space has been so helpful for me. Because if you’re trying to, let’s say, talk about your business plan to make, I don’t know, like $200,000 months or $20,000 months, and your mom’s making, like my mom makes, I don’t know what she makes. Or your dad or whoever. It’s like they just don’t get what you’re doing. So have the conversations with the right people that understand where you’re going. 

Becca: Yeah. Absolutely, absolutely. My dad was like, I took him out to Lake Tahoe, which he is very, he doesn’t spend money at all ever. We were like having this little tift about me taking them out to Tahoe. He was like, “Becca, it’s just too expensive. I’m not letting you do that. I’m not.” He has no idea what I do. Like he just doesn’t get it. I don’t tell him. I don’t really tell him anything because his mind wouldn’t be able to wrap around it. Like the most money he’s ever made was $20,000 in a year.

Bridget: Wow. That’s so, that’s fascinating. 

Becca: Yeah, I know. So I said, Dad, since we’ve had this conversation, since we started this conversation 15 minutes ago, I have made enough money to take you to Tahoe. Like please stop. From that conversation, first of all, it blew his mind. He was like, “Is that for real? Are you actually being for real?” And I’m like yes, I am. Yes. 

So that’s that conversation, I have decided that it’s just too hard. It’s not our jobs to get people to get it. It’s not our jobs to explain it to people. When you start playing on a different level, you have to just increase your boundaries. You have to level up to that level in other ways that you wouldn’t actually think. Otherwise you’re just spending a lot of your energy explaining yourself to people or explaining yourself, I don’t know. I don’t even know what I’m trying to say right now. But like it’s just something happens where you have to tighten your boundaries.

Bridget: Yes. My family always asks me are you busy? You must be busy, right? Business is doing well. You must be busy. I’m like I’m not that busy.

Becca: You’re like no, I don’t do anything.

Bridget: I’m like no. They always like equate being busy with more money. It’s not like that. I don’t need to be busy, but I’m just like I used to like fight with my family about it. Now I’m like I’m so busy. Yeah.

Becca: Yeah, can’t talk right now. Got to go. Yeah. I know. I totally get it. All right, next one. Speed round, best piece of advice on your energy and vibrancy vibrations. Vibrations.

Bridget: My vibrations. I like I’m a big God girl. I’m over, like I love strategy. I love strategy. You know me, I love taking action. Action takers are moneymakers. But if your energy is right, and you’re tapped into the magic, holy moly, you can do anything. So I tap into a lot of God frequencies. I just did a whole live this morning on what if anything is possible.

Becca when I go into a launch, and I’m $200,000 launch. Let’s go. We’re doing it. What if God like bring this into my life? Boom, multi six figure launch. But if I go in it with the energy of and now my strategy is perfect, and all of the word and the copy, which is important. But I don’t have that magic, that energy it’s like whomp, whomp. 

Becca: Yeah, I totally get what you’re saying. It’s the only way that I can describe that. Like that pre-launch vibe versus pre-launch non-vibe. It’s like the feeling you get when you’re listening to a damn good song. Does music move you the way it moves me? Like music touches my soul.

Bridget: Wait, what kind of music do you like? 

Becca: Oh, all kinds, but I think the ones that touched my soul the most are probably like my dad’s music. Like old school Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, like old school shit. 

Bridget: Yes, AC/DC. 

Becca: Yeah, like Queen, like CCR. I mean I could put that shit on, and I am in another realm of the universe. Okay, I am floating. My vibes are so high. I can get myself there without music, but I can get myself there with other things.

I can get myself there with a launch with like truly meditating on, and I use that word loosely, but like meditating on what I want out of this launch. I’m going to make $250,000 this week, and I will get my vibrancy up as if I am listening to Led Zeppelin around this number. It is like a totally different place to sell from, a totally place to be as opposed to whomp, whomp, whomp, I’m going to launch, and I hope it works. It usually doesn’t.

Bridget: I’m going to do that this week. Like after this call, I’m going to like put some music on and be like what are we doing?

Becca: Yes, this is my launch feels. Okay, last one speed round, best piece of advice on how to be mentored. 

Bridget: You have got to know how you thrive in mentorship. I feel like I’m the queen of ROI. Like every single thing I’ve invested in, I’ve gotten an ROI on financially. You know how some people say it’s not about the financial ROI. I’ve gotten a financial ROI on every single investment. I think that’s because I know how to use mentorship because I know myself. 

So when I go into mentorship, like I know how to get an answer, a specific answer to a question. I know what I thrive on. For example, I know I thrive on positive affirmation. So I will ask questions that I know will give me that feedback. It then lights me up. 

So I’ll message my mentor a question, and she’ll respond with, “Okay, I believe in you. This is what’s possible for you. Expand it.” Okay, boom, now I can run with that and go. The other thing is I think, not I think, I know how to leverage the energy of the relationship too. So I really never asked my mentor any sort of strategy related questions, which is fine if you need to do that. But I know how to tap into their energy and try on their mindsets and see if it works for me. If it doesn’t, I toss it, but some pieces I take and I move on.

Becca: Yeah, I love that. We get advice often through Instagram content or podcasts on taking authority in your mentorship relationship. I never really understood what that meant. But I know that in the very beginning of getting mentored, I didn’t know how to be mentored. I hadn’t been taught yet how to be mentored. I hadn’t learned enough yet.

So I would go into these containers or into these one on one sessions. I would be like okay, I’m ready like mentor me. Like I’m here. I’m a blank slate. I’m such a good student. I was not getting anything from it because I wasn’t actually like taking it by the balls and like really figuring it out. Now it’s I have a mentorship, yeah, I know I’m cusping balls right now. 

Bridget: By the balls.

Becca: By the balls. Now I go into a mentorship, and it’s like I own this space. I’m going to get what I need. Like I just came in here. I am going to figure out exactly what I need. I get to use this person’s brain the best way that I possibly can. So if this brain is just sitting with all this untapped potential, and then I’m just sitting here like a blank canvas, we’re not going to get shit done. 

But if I’ve got her brain that’s ready to be tapped, and I need to ask the right questions, I need to use it the right way, I need to show up the right way, I need to be vulnerable, I need to let her see me, truly see me, like put my ego to the side and show my real desires and fears and needs as well as tapping in and taking authority of where I’m at and what needs to happen. 

It’s such a different feeling that the way that I approach mentorship now. I see it too. Like I’ll have clients who are new to mentorship. They’ll come into my containers, and I can see them being me in the past. They’ll be like, “Okay, I’m ready to be mentored. What do I do?” I try to teach, I try to be the voice that I didn’t have, which is literally you need to go figure out what you need. Then come back. You’ve got to go ask yourself. I can’t answer that for you.

Bridget: Yeah, yeah. Something too is like you inspired this thought in me of I don’t want someone to tell me what to do anyways. I think that’s like a quality in entrepreneurship. For me, it’s like ego. I don’t want you to tell me what to do anyway. So I’m going to come here, and I’m going to tell you what I’m doing and ask a question. I always think of it as when I’m using mentorship, I’m already rolling. I’m rolling, and the ball is moving. I like plug in, but I’m going to keep going versus I’m sitting here waiting. Give me the answer then I move. I’m already moving beyond. 

Becca: Yeah. One of the best things you can do as a mentor, I feel like, is it’s almost like opposite of what you think good customer service would be. Some of my best lessons that I have given my students was simply not answering their question that they felt like needed to be answered right now. Right? 

So someone comes into Voxer. They’re oh like my gosh. I just got this email. I don’t know how to respond, and I’m terrified. What do I do? What do I do? Tell me right now. I’ve got to respond before noon. Between me and you, Bridget, I won’t respond because I know for a fact they know what to do. I know they know what to do. They’re trying to use my brain as a crutch. They’re trying to get approval from me. I know that they know exactly what to do. 

So if I know that they have to send an email back before 12, I’ll check in at 12:01. How’d it go? What’d you do? What’d you say? Because I want people to have legs under them, right? I want my clients to have courage and to make decisions for themselves. Sometimes those are the best lessons.

Bridget: I mean, that’s like you know the answer. Yeah, that’s a really good example. Or what should I post today? It’s like what the heck?

Becca: You have access to a multi-seven figure brain, and you’re asking what you should post today?

Bridget: Right, right. That’s a question for Instagram or go watch some passive training or just post, make a mistake, and learn from it. That’s the best way.

Becca: Yeah, yeah, that’s really what it is. Go post a thousand times and figure out of those thousands which ones worked and which ones didn’t. 

Bridget: Yeah, yes. Yeah.

Becca: I love it. Oh, my gosh, thank you so much for being on. You are just a delight. I just love you so much. Can you tell my audience where they can find you, how they can work with you, all of that good stuff?

Bridget: The best place is Instagram, Bridget James Ling, and go binge the content. Go implement. I always say action takers are money makers. Go implement everything that you learn about Freedom Queen there in your business. Then if you want to get involved, the best place is our membership. We’ll include the link. There’s a three free day trial. So you can get access to that. Inside of there, we have a whole portal of how to sign on clients and make money. So those are the best ways.

Becca: I love it. Thank you so much for being here. We’ll chat with you soon. 

Bridget: Yay. Thank you. 

Hey guys, this podcast is the blood sweat and tears of a lot of different people. The planning and the preparation of each episode is extensive. My team and I are really proud to bring you this free and abundant content each week, and we hope that you’re loving it. If you are, the very best thank you that we can receive from you is a review and a share. 

When you share this episode with a friend or leave us a five star review, it is like pouring a little bit of magic into our podcasting bucket. It is what gets our work recognized. It’s what gives us energy and keeps us going, truly. Not one share nor review goes without recognition from our team. As always, we fucking love you here at Hell Yes Coaching. Have a beautiful day. 

Hey, thanks for taking the time to listen to today’s episode. If you’re looking to get more clarity and momentum for your business, visit See you next week here on The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast.


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