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The Hell Yes Entrepreneur Podcast | Social Media: The Value GameBack in the day, I used to spend a lot of time getting customers for my massage business through Facebook. A huge part of my success was due to the comments I was leaving on Facebook threads, and it might seem really specific and random, but I promise, leaving valuable comments on social media is worth millions of dollars. 

We hear the notion of adding value to our audience talked about a lot in the business world. In this era where we can freely advertise our companies and have thousands of people we can network with, the world is truly at your fingertips. And if you want to position yourself as the answer to your potential client’s prayers, you have to figure out how to be the most valuable comment on any given social media thread.

Listen in this week as I show you what it really means to add value to your audience, and how to stand out amongst the crowd on social media. Whatever platform you choose, you can take the fire nuggets of wisdom I’m dropping today and apply them there or in real-life conversations to get a flood of customers through your doors.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How I used to get customers for my massage business through social media threads. 
  • What it really means to add value to your audience. 
  • How I sought out ways to leave the most valuable comment in any given online thread. 
  • What lazy marketing looks like, and why it doesn’t position you to grow your company. 
  • Why marketing by being the most valuable comment on social media is so powerful. 
  • Questions to ask yourself to examine where you’re withholding value from your audience.

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Full Episode Transcript:

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Hey guys. Today I’m gonna talk about what it really means to add value to your audience. You hear this being talked about a lot. Like show up, add value, give it away for free, right, and how that affects your sales and why it is that it’s the opposite of lazy marketing. So we’re gonna go into that today. This is episode number 60. I am your host, Becca Pike, and it is time for your weekly dose of Hell Yes Coaching. Let’s go.

Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

Can you guys believe that we’re on episode 60? I feel like I just started this podcast. I remember when this podcast launched. It wasn’t that long ago. We are flying through this. Episode 60. That’s crazy. I can’t wait for like episode 160 and 260 and 600. I am here to stay guys. Let’s do this.

Before we get started, I want to give a quick shout out to my Three More member. She asked me to stay anonymous, but she wrote this amazing testimonial about how she feels about the Three More community. She wrote it to me earlier today, and it was just a reminder to me that we have the best entrepreneur community ever inside of Three More okay. This is what she said.

She said, “The Three More community has a radically different vibe from the other coaching programs that I have invested in. A lot of groups can sometimes feel mundane because the members are majority online coaches and online coaches only. Often they ask the same questions, and they get the same rinse and repeat version of coaching that the leader gives to them. In Three More, the community is built of a very large variety of entrepreneurs. Everything from online to brick and mortar, anything that you can think of in the service based industry.

“Because of the variety and because Becca and John have such diverse expertise, you get really fresh perspective and unique coaching and advice from the members. It’s a problem solving community. There is not a sense of it being a sounding board or a whining or woe is me post community. When you show up for help, everyone puts their expertise plus what we’ve been taught together to offer actual actionable help. They rally for you. It is so refreshing. I really love hanging out in this group.”

Hell yes. Thank you. Thank you so much anonymous, beautiful, sweet human. I’ve always said that Three More is a very special and unique community, and this like verbalizes it really well. Also quick announcement, the price of Three More is increasing from $1,500 to $3,000 on August 1. Okay, I’m repeating this. On August 1st, Three More price is increasing by 100%. All right. Do what you got to do.

All right, today’s message is super simple. I want to talk to you guys about adding value. One of the ways in which we add value to our audience is through social media. I want to talk to you specifically about leaving comments on online threads and forums. Okay. This might seem really specific and like random that I’m going to talk to you about how to leave a comment on someone’s thread, but guys, this is worth a million dollars. Okay.

I used to spend a lot of time getting customers for my massage business back in the day on Facebook. A huge part of my success was because of Facebook comments. When you’re listening to this today, we can be talking about LinkedIn, Facebook, social media. You can also take this information and apply it to just normal conversations in life like standing around at a party or standing around at a baby shower or whatever it is that you’re doing that you’re around other people. Okay.

So I’m gonna give you this advice. I’m gonna give you a little bit of my story about how it went down. Hopefully, you can apply it to yourself and get a lot more clients and customers in your door. All right.

So sometimes people will get on Facebook, right, and they would ask where they could get a good massage. Some people would just be online, and they would be complaining of back pain or neck pain or headaches, right? Or let’s say someone’s online, and they’re just talking about being tired of taking Tylenol, and they want a better avenue to go down besides Tylenol. Whatever it is if I could figure out a way to talk about why massage would help them, I would.

So like in these threads, let’s say someone is asking for a massage therapist. Whether it was on their profile or whether it was inside like a Facebook group, or an entrepreneur group, a moms group, or like whatever, there would always be that underneath these threads where someone’s asking for a massage therapist, other massage therapist would say, “Hey, I can help you. My name is Tina. Here’s my phone number.” Right? Another person might be like I’m a massage therapist. Here’s my phone number.

Maybe someone also would write, “Hey, this is the massage therapist I go to, and I really like her. She’s located here, and here’s her number.” Right? When this would happen, when I would see these comments, I would have a choice to make. I could choose to repeat exactly what they said with my own cookie cutter answer, right? Like my name is Becca. Here’s my phone number. Or I could land this client for myself period.

This is what I would do. I would sit down for at least 45 minutes a day, and I would seek out ways to be the most valuable comment in any given threat. When other massage therapists were leaving their phone numbers, I was getting on there, and I was saying something along the lines of this.

Hi there, I am so sorry that you’re dealing with so much back pain. This must feel terrible. My name is Becca Pike, and I’m the owner of Massage Strong where we focus specifically on pain relief, and we are experts in injury therapy. The majority of pain that we see only comes from two things, either blunt force trauma, like a car accident or a football collision, or it comes from tightened muscles that can misalign the spine. The majority of pain that we see is from the latter. Have you had a car accident lately?

I did see where you said that you sit a lot for work. This can be a real problem as the seated position can shorten and tighten some of your hip flexors, the muscles on the front of your hips and your pelvis, that allow you to hinge forward. When that happens, our pelvis can become misaligned. When our pelvis is misaligned, it can cause pulling and painful sensations as our body is contorted in ways that it’s not supposed to be. Unfortunately, we live in a world that forces us to sit a lot. Not only do we sit at work, but we sit while we drive to and from work. We are often so exhausted after work that we go home, and we sit, right. But unless we combat this with muscle tension relief, then we’re creating a compounding problem.

The good news is that it is totally reversible. Stretching, massage therapy, mobility, these are all antidotes to this type of pain. At Massage Strong, we do all three of these in house, and we will send you home with stretches and exercises to do in case the pain comes back before your next appointment.

We have two locations. One is inside Brannon Crossing. One is downtown on Manchester Street. You can text this number to make an appointment, and my team is on standby between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. to schedule you. If you have any other questions, please let me know I would love to answer them for you. Have a great day.

Who do you think got that client? The massage therapist dropping their phone numbers or me? Ironically, it wasn’t always the person who made the post, it was actually almost never the person that made the post that was the one who messaged me or made an appointment from that post. Oftentimes it was on lookers right? I would drop that comment and get like 25 likes on it. Like of those 25 people. like 10 of them would reach out and try to make an appointment.

Other people with the same problem are scouring through the comments to find what other people are recommended. So you have so many more eyes on you than just the person that you’re talking to. Right? Sometimes I would gain like literally 10 to 15 new clients just from one valuable as hell post from one comment.

Guys the fucking time that we live in, this era where we can freely advertise our companies. It’s insane. We have the world at our fingertips, you guys. We can market for free. We can point towards our companies for free. We have like every single American eyeball on their screens, and we can network with them for free. We can be the most valuable comment on any thread for free.

If you are like, I don’t know how to get clients. I don’t know how to get customers. I don’t know what to do. Stop it. Stop that. Okay, you have the fucking world at your fingertips. Okay. I get it. Listen, sometimes I get it. I’m scrolling. I would see someone asked about neck pain, and I so badly wanted to just like drop my name and phone number and just be lazy. Just be like whatever. I hope to God that they choose me out of these other 32 people that have dropped their names and phone numbers, and hopefully I get the winning lottery pick, right.

But this is lazy ass marketing. This is equivalent to like let’s say that you’re at a party and someone announces that they’re looking for a massage therapist, and you walk up and hand them your card without saying a word, and you walk away awkwardly. Could you imagine this? Like you’re in a group of friends and they say I love massages. I get four massages a month. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars a month on massages. I love them, but my massage therapist is moving away, and now I need a new one. Do y’all know anyone?

If you didn’t say anything, that’s equivalent to you not saying anything on a thread. Or if you just drop your phone number and say, “Hey, I’m good at that. I can do that.” Right? That’s equivalent to walking up to them and handing them a card and walking away. Wouldn’t that be a weird interaction? It would.

Would you expect that you would have, in that interaction, sold them hard that you are the answer to their problems, that you are the expert that they’ve been looking for? Would you have felt like you walked away from that interaction like I just landed 15 clients because I just positioned myself as the answer to their prayers. No, of course not. It’s the exact same way online too. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. I swear y’all are gonna leave this podcast, and you’re gonna go start noticing lazy marketing.

If you guys want a couple customers, you can stick to lazy ass marketing. When I say lazy ass marketing, I’m talking like you know that you could say more, you know you could position better, you know that you could learn better, you know that you could buy the program and learn how to actually market, you know that you could do so much better. But you decide to take the easier route because you just don’t feel like it. That’s what I’m saying when I say lazy marketing.

But, my friends, if you want massive clientele, if you want to grow your companies, if you want to hit your goals and fucking blow your mind with how much progress you are making, then you have to think harder than you’ve ever thought. This is why it takes effort. This is why it is not lazy to market this way. You have to think harder than you’ve ever thought. You have to problem solve. You have to realize that your words matter, how you converse with people matters, right?

You have to stop withholding value because you think that people should pay you first. You have to give value out for free so that people will pay you. It’s the opposite of what your brain is telling you to do. Okay. I had to sit and give out free advice and do little miniature anatomy lessons on Facebook threads, completely for free, knowing that this was going to force me to stand out amongst the crowd. Okay.

Like I would get on these threads, and I would teach people how the quad muscles can like pull your psoas down and cause back pain. I would have to explain it in a way that they could understand it. I had to think harder than everyone else on that thread so that I can teach them why they needed massage.

It’s the same if you’re a coach, if you are a dog groomer, if you are a house cleaner. Like it requires effort to say more than just hey, here’s my phone number. To say like this is why you want me to be your house cleaner. These are the products that I use. This is what’s important to me.

This is why you don’t want to inhale these fumes. This is why I’m gonna make you feel comfortable with me being in your house. This is why you want your house clean. This is how you’re going to feel. This is what it’s going to feel like when you come home. This is what it’s going to look like when you have friends over. Right?

You got to ask yourself in what ways in your advertising are you cutting corners? In what ways are you being lazy? In what ways are you quietly handing people your cards? Are you disguising it by saying you’re just shy? Or are you being lazy?

What’s funny about laziness is a lot of times it’s disguised as something else, and I call it entitlement right? It might be that you think you’re shy. It might be that you’re actually genuinely lazy. It might be that you’re entitled. If you’re not spending time crafting beautiful responses to people’s questions about your industry it’s because you believe that you’ve been doing this long enough that people should just know. Or they should just come to you.

Or like you already have other assets out there that they could find. Right? Like you’re just like I have been showing up long enough. I am emailing. I’m doing these things. People should just know. That is lazy and entitlement.

You have to remember number one, okay, every single interaction on social media could lead you to 20 new clients. Number two, post every time as if it is your only chance to ever create the image that you want to create about you and your business. Like if this is the only time that they will ever come across your name, what do you want it to represent? What do you want them to remember? Right? A shy person walking up and handing her business card over quietly, or a queen of authority moving other people out of the way to add so much value for free that it leaves people wondering how valuable your massage must really be.

Number three, your free comment on their thread should be worth at least $5. In fact, everything you say and do on social media should be worth at least $5. Ask yourself would they have paid $5 to learn what I just told them, to have read this comment? If you’re using business social media to complain or to convince people to buy from you or you’re just saying shit that’s not worth anything. They would never paid the $5 to hear what you’re saying. You’re not going to get that many clients.

If you’re coming content is filled with so much value that they would pay $5 to read everything that you write, you’re going to end up with a following that consider your content like Netflix binge worthy, right? Like the amount of effort that I put into these podcast episodes.

So like I’m going off the rail now. I’m not even looking at my notes. But like this podcast has been everything for my business, right? Like I have gained so many clients and so many people in my community. I have coached so many people because they have found this podcast. This podcast has gained traction just since I started it 60 episodes ago, right?

But it’s not because I’m getting on here and I’m like hey you guys should be on my community. You should be in my community. Come on. Like you’re missing out. I’m not like only one spot left. I’m not like lying to you. I’m not forcing you. What I’m doing is I’m giving you guys a shit ton of free value. Shit ton, right.

I’m not just willy nillying it. Like I am sitting down for hours and hours and hours writing and writing and writing and thinking harder than my brain has ever thought before to come up with content, to mine out all of these ideas in my brain, to mine out all of this shit that I’ve learned throughout all of these years so that I can package it up and present it to you in a way that I think that you will understand it. I get paid bank for doing that.

You guys, whatever industry you’re in, I don’t care what industry it is. You have this ability. You have the ability to have as many clients as you could possibly want, but you’ve got to stop thinking that you can’t give away value for free, or that you are tired, or that you just don’t want to, or that you just hope that they find you, or that they pick you out of the crowd of people that just gave their business cards.

You have to stand out. You’ve got to stand out. You got to stand up. You’ve got to show up, and you’ve got to keep doing it. You got to keep putting in the work. Okay.

Guys, your words are important. The way you speak to people is important. Be valuable, be authoritative, be fierce, be kind, be helpful, and go make all of the other massage therapists in the comments look like weenie heads. Okay.

If you want to learn exactly how to host a conversation once you have a customer that is interested, I do have a completely free video for you right now explaining what to say, when to say it, how to take an interested lead and turn them into a paying customer in four steps. Again, completely for free.

Go to my Instagram account @1beccapike, go to the link in my bio, and click on the freebie. It’s called Turn Your Leads Into Paying Clients. Listen to that video tonight while you cook, while you walk your dog, while you do your dishes, while you drive home. All right guys.

When you learn that and you pull out the courage, wherever it is, if you have to pull it out of your ass, go and do it. Okay. You guys got a fire episode today. I’m fired up. I don’t even know why. I didn’t have my caffeine yet. It’s crazy. I’m gonna go drink a cup of coffee. But that is it for me today guys. I hope you enjoyed this episode of The Hell Yes Entrepreneur. I cannot wait to come back to you next Wednesday for another dose of Hell Yes Coaching.

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Hey, thanks for taking the time to listen to today’s episode. If you’re looking to get more clarity and momentum for your business, visit hellyescoachingonline.com. See you next week here on The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast.

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