Ep #51: Becca Coaches Live: Being the Authority Your Clients Need with Amanda Woods Hall | The Hell Yes Entrepreneur Podcast

The Hell Yes Entrepreneur Podcast with Becca Pike | Becca Coaches Live: Being the Authority Your Clients Need with Amanda Woods HallIf you want to start expanding and grow the hell out of your business, you need a coach. However, if you don’t have one of your own, I’m here for you in this episode because I’m bringing you another live coaching session, this time with Amanda Woods Hall. 

Amanda is a confidence coach for women, specifically moms and caregivers, and she came to me for help with her business. She has a few hiccups that she wants to smooth out, so we’re talking about what’s working and what’s not, and I’m giving her the direction she needs to get some more traction in her business.

Tune in this week for a live coaching session as we take a deep dive into Amanda’s business and come up with a strategy for her to take her business to the next level. We’re discussing how to provide an incredible service and be the authority that your ideal client needs, as well as dissecting her offerings, exploring where she wants to take her business over the coming years and giving her some clarity on her thoughts about all of it.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why Amanda decided she wanted to help other women put themselves first.
  • What Amanda’s business looks like at the moment, and where she wants to take it.
  • The difficult decisions Amanda is facing as she tries to grow her business and increase her profits.
  • Where Amanda is telling herself unhelpful stories about her ability to make money coaching one-on-one.
  • How spreading yourself thin and focusing on too many things in the early days of your business becomes a recipe for struggle.
  • Why you need to advocate for your best and most ideal clients, rather than building your business around clients who don’t want to show up and do the work.
  • How to be the authority that your clients need you to be.

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Full Episode Transcript:

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What’s up guys. Today you are going to hear me do a live coaching session with Amanda Woods Hall. She is a confidence coach for women. She came to me. She is running a confidence coaching business. She has a few hiccups that she wants to smooth out. We talk a little bit about what’s working, what’s not working, and I give her some direction to get some more traction in her business.

So I look forward to hearing what you guys have to say about this episode. I know that in the past whenever I’ve done live coaching it has been quite a hit. So I’m excited to bring this to you guys today. Thank you to Amanda Woods Hall for being vulnerable enough to sit down with me and do this episode.

Also if you are hearing this recording on the day that we are airing it, it is May 4th. That means we have one day left in our 30 More application window. Everything is going to be shut down tomorrow, May 5th, at midnight. If you are looking to grow the hell out of your business and you want to do it surrounded by other successful entrepreneurs in a mastermind setting, 30 More is for you guys. We’ve got about 24 hours left in the application window. We are so excited to see you inside.

Enjoy today’s episode. This is episode number 51. I am your host, Becca Pike, and it is time for your weekly dose of Hell Yes Coaching. Let’s go.

Hey guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

Becca: Hello, Amanda, how are you?

Amanda: Hey, I’m doing wonderful.

Becca: Thank you for being here. I’m excited to sit down, hear a little bit about your business, and help you gain just a little bit more traction here today. How’s that sound?

Amanda: Let’s do it.

Becca: Okay, so tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do.

Amanda: So I’m Amanda Hall. I am a self-love coach. Really what I want to put into the world and how I want to serve people is I want to empower not only women, but especially moms, caregivers, people that are putting their energy into others as well as themselves and really empowering them to take care of themselves and put themselves first, which is always quite difficult when you’re taking care of others.

But as a new mom, newer I guess within the past couple of years, it became very apparent to me when people were like, “Take care of yourself first.” That yeah, that’s not quite possible if you don’t have some things in place, some energy hacks, some habits, things like that. So.

Becca: I’m loving the amount of support that is going out to moms and women and wives and all of the females that are holding up the world. So that’s super great. Tell me how you work with these people. Is it like a one-on-one situation?

Amanda: Majority of what I’ve done has been one-on-one. I came from a network marketing background. So I knew a lot of people in that industry that really trusted me. I had led a group of women that they were kind of my first clients because they knew me. They trusted me. I’d already educated them on other things. So it was a really easy transition.

So that’s been mainly my “bread and butter” where I’ve made the most money, I guess. But I would like to venture more into whether it’s group coaching. I really do love that kind of vibe of group coaching because I think everybody can learn a lot from other people and what questions that they’re asking. But I also am thinking about doing some online courses that people can just purchase and take with them and do on their own time.

Becca: Okay. So as of right now, it’s been one-on-one mainly, but you are playing around with the idea of group and also selling online courses.

Amanda: Correct.

Becca: Okay. How’s it going so far? Like the one-on-one coaching. Have you found success with it? Like, what’s it been looking like for you?

Amanda: It’s semi-successful. I would say successful for me because I mean it’s like one of those things you get off and you feel like you could run a marathon. I’ve never run a marathon, but I could only imagine that this is what the feeling would be like before you run one. So yeah.

I know it’s totally my jam. It wasn’t paying all the bills. So I did have to take a full time job during the day. So I’m really great at balancing majority of those things. It’s still a transition. But I guess my thing is I do need to move, or I do want to move away—I mean, I love one-on-one. So I don’t want to move fully away. But to make a sustainable income with what I’m doing now, I don’t see that that will give me the balance that I’m looking for.

Becca: Okay.

Amanda: With my priorities.

Becca: I’m interested in that. So you’re saying like you love one-on-one. It makes you feel like you just ran a marathon when you get off the calls. I always felt the same way when I would do one-on-one. I just felt like I could run through a brick wall because I just felt so empowered and good. Like, it’s just the feeling you get when you help someone so much. But you’re telling yourself that it wouldn’t be lucrative. Okay, how much do you charge for one-on-one?

Amanda: So it’s about $200 an hour. It’s basically 12 sessions. So they can either do it within three months or longer.

Becca: Okay. So it’s like they’ve purchased 12 sessions. This is like a $2,500 package. Okay. Then they can complete it on their own time?

Amanda: This is one-on-one. This is like Zoom.

Becca: They can complete it like, it’s not just once a week. Like they get to choose?

Amanda: Oh, I see what you mean. Well, I do it either weekly or biweekly. I think for some people it depends. I don’t know. I want to have some flexibility. I know I want to have boundaries, but I do want to have some flexibility. So every week for some people seemed like a lot. It seemed like too much of a commitment to really carve out a piece of their time. As I’m saying that I’m like well if they were living it, they would do it every week.

Becca: Do you think that that is their thoughts or your thoughts?

Amanda: Maybe a little it’s mine, and maybe it was the clients that I was dealing with that it was difficult for. They weren’t fully invested in what they were doing.

Becca: Yeah. Okay. There’s a little to uncover there, but I want to go back to the belief that you wouldn’t be capable of making the amount of money that you want to make with one-on-one.

Amanda: Okay.

Becca: So tell me why you don’t think that you could make enough. Like, what $2,500 a pop. How many clients are you willing to have at one time?

Amanda: Full time? I mean 10 to 15.

Becca: Okay. So you’d have 15 clients. These are three months sessions. Let me get my calculator out. Hang on. Just going to do some quick math with you. So if you had 15 clients going at a time. Let’s say you sold out your one-on-one spots. That’s $2,500 packages times 15 people. That’s $37,500 per three months, like if they were to use their 12 sessions in three months. So that would be times four quarters in a year. That’s $150,000 a year if you did only 15 hours a week of one-on-one coaching. Is that not enough?

Amanda: That would be more than what I’m looking for at this point.

Becca: Yeah. So it’s okay, if you’re like, “No, I want to make way the fuck more money than that.” Then we can talk about group coaching for sure.

Amanda: Well yeah, I do.

Becca: But I also think that there’s a little bit of like confusion that’s happening on your end as far as like what you want. Because you’re like, “Hey, I want to do one-on-one, but I just don’t know if it’s lucrative enough. I want to do group. I want to do online courses. I don’t know if they want to meet me once a week or if they want to meet every other week.” You’re kind of just like going based on what people have told you in the past.

I’m just here to say hey, like how much of your energy are you using thinking about these other things that could be doing. When you could go all in on one-on-one coaching, completely sell that out, not even think about group again for the time being, even if that is your long term goal. Like would you be able to use so much more of your mental energy on filling those spots if you kind of removed all of the other ideas just for now. If you just docked them for now.

Amanda: 100%.

Becca: What comes up for you when you think about docking group and courses, just for a little bit, while you build your clientele and practice coaching and practice selling one-on-one?

Amanda: What’s really funny is as soon as you said that I was like excited. I was like excited and felt like almost relieved. Like, I don’t have to think about all these things. That was a story I was telling myself. I don’t have to think of all those things at one time. I can do one thing and get really good at that one thing. I’m already really good at coaching. It’s just like let’s get really good at having the clients and taking care of them.

Becca: Yes.

Amanda: Getting clear on everything.

Becca: Every offer that you have and every offer that you just allow to live in your brain is its own business. The type of audience that wants one-on-one is different than the type of audience that wants group and that’s different than people that just want to purchase a course.

So in your mind you’re like owning three businesses, and you’re planning for three businesses, and you’re thinking about these three different things with different audiences, different marketing, different ads, like different language, different verbiage that you would be using with them. So not only is it not working, it’s hindering you from growing the one-on-one completely.

Now, with that being said, one-on-one does have a cap. You will get into a situation where you’re completely maxed out, and you can’t take on any more clients. Then, of course, like, you would want to consider going into group or selling a program. So you don’t have to remove that from your life forever.

But how beautiful would it be to grow an audience, sell out your one-on-one, and doing it for the purpose not only of helping those people, but doing it so that you can get really good at selling coaching, talking about what it is. Get really good at coaching, even better than you already are. To the point where when you do group, you have all these people that like know, love, and trust you so much.

Amanda: That sounds great.

Becca: Yeah. Doesn’t it feel lighter?

Amanda: Yes, it does. It does. It makes me just more joyful. I did listen to your podcast that you had yesterday. One of your most recent podcasts. You said that, and it clicked to me so much. I was like, whoa, I’m spreading my energy so thin. I’m such a person that I want to conserve my energy for the things and the priorities that matter. I’m kind of like wasting it not intentionally but being more intentional about let’s just work on one of your businesses first.

Becca: Yeah. Sometimes we like need permission, someone to tell us to like put things away. Just dock it for now and focus on this one thing over here. You’ll have an abundant amount of energy as you move forward with just this one thing.

Amanda: Well, that was simple.

Becca: But yeah. Whenever you are focusing on just one-on-one, it’s going to allow your brain to work so much more clearer, so much better. There will be so much room to have groups and to have programs in the future. But also like it’s going to feel really good to be capable of just docking everything, thinking just about the one-on-one and going ahead and getting that maxed out. Like you’re gonna be doing $150,000 a year just by maxing out your 12 session packages, right.

I would really highly suggest doing once a week sessions, regardless of what you think or what you think that they’re thinking. If you have a client—I want you to think about your best clients, not just your worst clients. Not the clients that are like, “Hey, I paid for this thing. I don’t really want to come to the calls. I don’t really want to show up. It just seems really hard.”

I want you to think about the people that are like, “Okay, I need an advocate for myself. I’ve been not putting myself first. I need the reminder. I want this person in my life.” Like that client. That client that wants to come to the calls, that wants all of the attention and love that they can get. I want to see you advocate for that person. Not advocate, not build your business around the person that has told you in the past that they find it really hard to get coaching. When you find that authority too, you’re only going to help your clients more.

Amanda: Oh 100%.

Becca: Like you find the authority to be like no, this is literally—I mean you’re literally targeting people that don’t put themselves first. So, of course, they’re going to be like, “I can’t make it to the call today. I have to go to gymnastics and my kid’s baseball games. I’m going to be able to do it. It’s just too hard.” Like you being that person that says no, you are going to come to the call today. This is exactly what we’re doing. You are going to put yourself first and not going to let it slide.

Amanda: Dang. Very true. Very true. I think there’s this balance between I want to I want to give people grace and allow them to give themselves grace. Like things can happen, but also holding yourself to that standard of no, my priorities and where I’m going and the vision that I have is worth doing these things now.

Becca: Yeah. Well and what if the strongest message you can teach them about grace is showing up for themselves as much as humanly possible? Like maybe grace for yourself doesn’t look like just letting yourself off the hook all the time. It doesn’t look like canceling plans that you want to do. Canceling your Thursday night book club because your kids miss you. Like there is room for that, of course, but what if you were capable of teaching them an entirely new level of showing up for themselves, and they learned grace through that?

Amanda: That would feel even more empowering. Because, you know, reading yourself and being able to be an inspiration to others is like.

Becca: Yeah. I’m a big believer too that when you coach a lot of people one-on-one. When I say a lot, like I think coaches should go around 15 to 20 people per week and hold that maxed out schedule for like a solid year before they move on to group and onto program.

Because to me like that’s where you learn like what your clients really need. Like what the same patterns, the same things that keep coming up, the same problems that keep coming up. They’re going to start really rearing their head, and it’s going to give you ideas on how you’re going to be—Like what curriculum you’re going to put into your program, what is absolutely necessary? What’s not necessary? Like removing any of the fluff too.

Amanda: Yeah, that that makes a lot of sense.

Becca: Also, anytime that—So I’m a big believer, this is something that my coach taught me, but it’s what I teach all my clients as well. Like the offer that you want to give to people is good enough. A lot of times people will have an offer, and then it’s not going so well.

So they start thinking it’s the offer’s fault, right? They’re like well, people just don’t want one-on-one. So I should do group. Group will be easier to sell. Or programs will be easier to sell because it’s going to be a smaller price point. I see this happen all the time. They start blaming the offer. They’re like, well, I’ll just switch the offer. I’ll just change the offer.

But the problem with that is that it’s never the offer. The offer is right. There is no changing your offer to make it right. It is only making the offer that you already have right. It is learning how to sell the offer that you already have. Because I promise you what people are always surprised by is they say, “Hey, one-on-one is too difficult to sell. I haven’t been able to sell it very well. So I’m going to do group now.” Then they build this whole group curriculum, and then what they realize is that their sales skills just transfer right over to the next offer. The sales skills don’t change.

So like do your one-on-one. Keep your offer. For anybody who’s listening, like whatever your offer is, your offer doesn’t need to change. Like you gotta learn. You got to learn how to sell it. You’ve got to learn how to change with it, right. So when you make yourself the common denominator, when it comes to all of your results, every result you have in your life is not based on the offer that you have or the audience that you have. It is always based on you. It’s based on what you know, what you know how to do, how you know how to sell it.

It actually makes it a lot easier and a lot simpler. Because it’s like oh, now I can just go into problem solving mode. You can change circumstances all the time. You can change the offer and then be like it’s not the offer. It’s because I’m using Instagram, and I should be on LinkedIn. So then you change over to LinkedIn. You’re like well, it’s not this. It’s the fact that my audience is too young. So I’m gonna start targeting older people, right?

Like, you can go for a year changing the circumstances and not get anywhere. But when you have the discipline to stick with one offer and to learn how to sell it no matter what, high tide, low tide, stormy days, sunny days, you are learning how to sell that one offer. You will be successful. But changing it is like starting over.

Amanda: My next question would be for you, the decisiveness. I very much have maybe surrounded myself with more people who are feelers, and they’re much more listen to your intuition, which that’s totally my jam. However, there also does need to be some of that more masculine energy that I want to tap more into. That says like, “Okay. Be decisive. Get clear.” Those types of things. So do you have a certain way that you are decisive about what you do? Or do you just stick with one thing, and you’re like, “I’m going to do it until I bang it out.”

Becca: Yeah, I try to think about what I want. Then I think about what my clients need, right?

Amanda: Okay.

Becca: So like a perfect example is a lot of times clients will be like, “Well, I don’t want to meet once a week. That seems like a lot. I want to stretch it out and make my dollar stretch, double. Like if I take this 12 session package and I stretch it out across 24 weeks, then it’ll go a lot longer.” To them they might think that that’s something that they’re looking for when I know that they need the accountability once a week, right. So I’m the one that makes that decision. Every way that my offer is given is a decision based on what is best for them, and also what I want as well, right.

So like I did one-on-one coaching up until I was completely maxed out. I raised my prices several times. I got to the point where it was $25,000 to work with me for six months. I was completely booked out at that. Then I went into group coaching and online courses and was surprised at how much more difficult it was because I had learned how to sell one-on-one coaching so well.

It doesn’t necessarily translate over, right. So it was like relearning an entirely new business model. It felt like it went from one-on-one coaching to like course creator, community leader. Like something that I had never done before, right?

The last thing you want to do, you don’t want to be that politician that like stands up in front of a bunch of people and says, “Hey, do you guys think that I should be Republican or Democratic? Hey, do you guys think I should be prolife or prochoice?” Like you don’t want your politician to ask you what they should stand for, right?

Just like when you start a business, you don’t want to be the person that is asking them. Like they’re coming to you for help. They’re like, “Please fucking help, right? I’m dying.” Then can you imagine the message that it’s sending when you’re like, “Well, you can come once a week, but if you don’t like that, we can switch it to every other week. If you don’t like one-on-one, then I have this group thing over here. If you don’t like that then I am building a program at some point in the future.” Right?

It’s like no. Like, you’re gonna come once a week. This is what we’re gonna work on. I’m gonna hold you accountable. This is exactly what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna go ahead and book out the next 12 sessions. We’ll have a date before the end of this call for each day. We’re gonna hammer it out. We start on May, May 1st, right?

Like, that is what people are looking for so desperately. They’re looking for what you’re describing, which is you’re saying it’s masculine. I think it’s just more authoritative. They’re looking for someone to help them. They’re looking for someone to be an authoritative figure that can step in and tell them what to do.

Amanda: Right. Right. That’s what  they’re looking for you anyway.

Becca: Yeah. I think that that’s the key to retention as well. Like, this is what I teach at Massage Strong also. Like people will come in, and they’ll have 20 years of back pain. They will do anything to get out of back pain, right.

So the last thing we want to do is for the massage therapists to get their own thoughts about money like wrapped up in this. Because I’ve had massage therapists say, “Well, I know that he needs to come in twice a week for the next six weeks, but that’s too expensive. Like, I’m not going to tell him that, right.” Then they’re taking away his authority to make a life changing decision for himself. Someone that’s been in back pain for 20 years is willing to throw down whatever. He’s just looking for help. Anyone that is willing to help. Right?

So like this goes in the coaching industry. This goes in every industry. If you are willing to step into the authoritative position that says, “Hey, I can help you, but this is how we’re going to do it. This is how my rules are laid out.” People eat that up because it’s all they want. They want someone to help them.

It’d be like going to the doctor’s office and being like, “Hey, my throat hurts.” And your doctor is like, “What do you want to do about it?” You’d be like I don’t fucking know.

Amanda: I’m sorry. I didn’t go to school for this. Come on.

Becca: Yeah.

Amanda: Yeah, that’s a good word.

Becca: Yeah, girl. So what are you thinking? You’re gonna go straight in on one-on-one coaching, grow the hell out of it, and just not worry about anything else until then.

Amanda: Exactly. Exactly. I mean I have a whole new refresh perspective about my businessman. I can be a little indecisive because I have ADHD. So I try to rein that in as much as possible. Then it’s almost like you go in the spiral and you’re like more ideas, more ideas, more. I’m like no, focus on one. This is exactly what I needed.

Becca: Yep, I love it. Make yourself a plan. When we get off here, write down like what am I going to do when I have more million dollar ideas? Because you will. I have an ADHD brain too. I know what’s up. I know what’s gonna happen. You’re gonna get off this call, and you’re gonna be like group coaching here I come. I’m gonna sell all the shit.

Amanda: Yeah, all of it.

Becca: So when you get off here, make a plan. Like, what am I going to actually do? Like, what are the steps I’m going to take? Maybe it’s really listening to this podcast episode, right? Maybe it is just allowing yourself this idea. Like, this idea isn’t off limits. This is what I do.

So I’ll have this million dollar idea. I’ll be like I know that I could sell that shit and just make a good amount of money, but I don’t want to because I want to stay focused. I want to learn how to sell this over here first, right? But just the allowance of allowing myself to say hey, I can do that. I’m gonna do that. I’m gonna do it later though. It’s not off the table. It’s not gone forever. I can like reward myself with executing that once I’ve fully executed this over here.

Amanda: There you go. I like it.

Becca: Yeah.

Amanda: I like that verbiage too. I can reward myself with executing it when I’m finished with this one.

Becca: Yeah.

Amanda: Not finished but executed that well. That’s good.

Becca: Well, I am excited for you. I’m excited you gained a little bit of clarity today. That’s awesome. I know that that feels really good. Little bit of permission to just hunker down and get shit done. Can you tell my audience where they can find you if they’re interested in your services?

Amanda: Absolutely. So on Instagram and pretty much everything else. It’s Amanda Woods Hall.

Becca: Awesome. I love it. Quick and Simple. All right. Thank you for being on today, and I will talk to you soon. Bye.

Amanda: Sounds good. Bye.

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