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When you have a problem in your business or in your life, if you take extreme ownership of it, you are going to solve it really quickly.

It’s going to get fixed.

If you have a victim mentality — you blame someone else for causing the problem, or you feel like your problems are unique to you and no one else faces them, or think it’s the fault of a circumstance, nothing is going to happen.

So, the first step to solving problems is always understanding that everything in your life is within your control if you choose to take ownership of it.

Even if you own a business and your staff members aren’t showing up. That’s your problem.

If you have a problem with your nanny not showing up, it is still your fault that you are not at work. You’re the leader. You’re the one in charge.

This applies to your fitness, your health, your relationships. Every single thing.

When you take on the role of leader, take ownership of the problem, and learn that your growth is dependent on you solving it. You will find a solution to the problem. And, it may not be the original solution you thought you needed.

So, ask yourself today, what’s your excuse? How can you take ownership of what is going on?

And then go out and fix it.

Let’s do this! Love,


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