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What you should be the most afraid of missing out on, is your future.

The Fear of Missing Out (AKA FOMO) is a social anxiety that stems from the belief that others might be having fun or enjoying themselves while the person experiencing the anxiety is not present.

We are very good at experiencing and feeling FOMO in the moment or in the current situation.

But what if we leveraged the power of FOMO for our benefit, and instead of causing anxiety, it provided motivation.

Let’s call this FOMO-OYF, or the fear of missing out on your future.

Imagine your (best version) future self five years down the road. What are you doing? Is the person enjoying life? Are they having fun?

What if you could be that person?

The good news is that you are that person; you just haven’t gotten there yet.

The bad news is that you won’t get to be that person unless you take action quickly.

When feeling unmotivated or unsure of what to do next, think about your future self and how much fun they are having.

Think about how awesome it will be when you get to join that party. Think about how cool it will be to be that person.

What is a small thing you can do today to get closer to joining the party your future self is hosting?

Each morning write a new “one small thing.” Each day do a new “one small thing.”

Pretty soon, you won’t be feeling that FOMO. You’ll be living the life you’ve been dreaming about.

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