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🎄The Holidays are HERE!🎄

One of the biggest mistakes I see my business owner clients make is taking their petals off the gas during the holidays. They think people aren’t wanting to be “bothered” with sales emails or shout-outs during the holidays…or they believe their audience is spending all their money elsewhere, but my friends this is 100% not the case.

January through October should’ve just been your warm-up. The holidays should be your GRAND FINALE.

Last year, 65% of all the money I earned was in the final quarter.

November and December can and should be your MOST profitable months, year to date.

  • It’s when people are wired to spend and buy and gifts.
  • It’s when people are wired to support small businesses.
  • It’s when people are eating up gift cards left and right.

November and December have been my highest grossing months in both my brick-and-mortar and online for years now.

But, if I had to say exactly why it is, it’s because *I* am one of the few business owners that choose to BELIEVE that people want to buy my stuff during the holidays.

I choose to NOT take my foot off the gas. I don’t hole up into my holiday cave. I continue to inspire and speak to my audience, and follow the process I teach in my organic sales class, Three More.

You see, our beliefs control our actions. And our actions control our results.

So, when you THINK no one will buy, then you will take inaction. And when you take inaction (aka: stop your sales emails, stop selling, stop inspiring, take a step back) then the results are going to be fewer sales or no sales.

But, when you THINK that people are excited to spend, excited to support small businesses, just eagerly waiting to be inspired by a gift….then your actions are going to be to show up, talk about your products, inspire people, talk to the masses, and your results will be THE MOST PROFITABLE MONTHS OF THE YEAR.

Do not take your foot off the gas. The holidays will rain on your business if you just get out of your own way.


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